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Hello from London!

Hey all, just signed up, excitement is building after ordering my first Tesla, a nice white Model S 100D. Had three test-rides and been blown away with the experience being every bit as good as I'd imagined it would be.

Hardest decision I had to make was wheels to choose. I went with the 19" Carbon Sonics in the end. Unfortunately, the roads are so bad round here that ride quality has to win out over looks, which is a real shame as the 21" wheels look soooo good!

Have been a long-time admirer of Tesla, just read the Elon Musk biography, just missing the t-shirt now :)


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Thanks all, I have used a referral code (this is not a particularly fun part of the forum, people pushing their codes).

I asked my wife (who did the last test-drive) to intentionally drive over our local potholes and the ride quality was much better than on our BMW 340i. I'm surprised for such a heavy car that doesn't have adaptive damping suspension - talking of which, it's such a shame it doesn't have adaptive damping! I'd have gone for the 21" wheels if I could dial the damping down to a Comfort setting. I understand this is a limitation of air suspension though.