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HW4 confirmed for Australian Model Y's

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Model Y is now better than ever. Model Y has been updated with 3 new paint options including a Model Y exclusive option; Quicksilver. We have also introduced a new wheel cover design for the 19in Gemini Wheels and our latest Autopilot hardware. In addition, we are pleased to advise that the base price of Model Y in Australia has been updated.

We have identified that your order has a configuration option that has changed, please visit your Tesla Account to update your order.

If you do not wish to update your order, you may cancel your order in your Tesla Account to receive a full refund of your order fee and any payments you've made towards the vehicle. If no action is taken before 18 April 2024, your order will be cancelled automatically.

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I don't think the the colour options are expensive enough.... I mean people love spending $5000-6000 on paint, its trendy, $2300-$2600 is little poverty sounding. Seriously, I guess even more white cars in the future, because this giving me vibes browsing the Porsche configurator.

The new blacked out wheels look great, but seriously cannot understand why they haven't deployed the new RGB dash strip like the Chinese version, its not even to my tastes, but I would have though it would be one less part they have to deploy in the factory.... weird. Perhaps its a web site bug or they think its needed as a selling feature for the eventual Juniper refresh.
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Because it's a gimmick?

Didn't I say its not to my tastes anyway? My point is why bother having 2 parts in the same factory that serve the same function, a dash with an RGB strip and one without. Some people are obviously impressed by RGB strips, hence the reason there is one in the Model 3. Regardless of it being a stupid gimmick or not, its in the refreshed Model 3.

Well I'm sure of you want to donate more $$$ to the Rocketman you are quite welcome to. It's a mass produced car built at the cheapest possible cost.

Hence the reason I said the colour choices expensive and you'll see more white cars. The cheapest possible cost would also include one type of dash component, and not removing perfectly working stalks with a fancy touch steering wheel, a backup shifting upper console, replacement column cowl and the RD that went into designing it.

On the main points, you agree with me yet are trying to create an disagreement even though we agree.
Without sounding like a country bumpkin....What is USS?
There are no silly questions here, brothers and sisters, just answers and friendship.

The new models rely solely on the teslavision cameras and hardware, which are significantly improved on the upgrades model as they are on the highland.

The older models have the physical sensors which are without a doubt superior to teslavision, but it is improving with every update
The older models have the physical sensors which are without a doubt superior to teslavision, but it is improving with every update
Depends on who you ask lol.

The new system is very good and picks up a lot of things that USS can't such as curbs, lines, small poles etc that aren't lined up with a sensor. I'd take the new system over USS any day.

I often have to reverse through VERY tight spots and the vision system works perfectly letting me know where everything is around me.
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Tesla Perth have just called me, trying to clear their (admittedly very limited) inventory stock. The triple black models are now about $2000 less.

We’re now looking right at the end of the financial year for the new models to hit the country which is understandable. I made the not very difficult decision to wait. Wasn’t a hard decision at all.