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I traded in my Model S for a Prius Prime

Hi all, figured I’d provide my unsolicited rationale on what some will think is a controversial decision. I’ve owned 4 Teslas and truly appreciate Tesla’s tech and drive—it’s really unmatched. However, I dumped my ‘16 Model S (facelift) in favor of a Prius Prime. Here are my reasons:

- Prius Prime is actually a nice car. Build quality, driving dynamics, and practicality is impressive for the price.
- Speaking of price, Prius Primes are dirt cheap right now (tremendous incentives) and they qualify for the $4500 tax credit. You can get a prime for ~$20k.
- Tesla depreciation is abhorrent. Tesla MS and MX lose $10-20k/year for the first few years.
- Quality and reliability on early MS and MX are abysmal
- Tesla customer service is embarrassing, period
- *Trigger warning* For many, the Prius Prime is more efficient, cheaper to operate, and has a smaller life-cycle carbon footprint.
- Toyota has Apple and Android CarPlay; sorry Tesla, its just better
- Insurance on Tesla is getting more and more out of control; Tesla repair times and costs are still unacceptable

All that said, I downgraded in styling, safety, and driving dynamics. The Prius looks like an inbred fish. That’s actually worse than the MX “beluga whale” or the frog-like appearance of both the M3 and MY. The MS is just plain gorgeous, so I can’t hit that. Nobody notices a Prius Prime, and I don’t mind that. The Prius drives ok. The first few generations drive like vacuums cleaners, but the Prius Prime drives more like an EV.

I will go back to Tesla when they mature and get their act together. Wife still loves her MY, but the quality difference between the MY and Prius is astounding. As much as Tesla has improved, they are still no match for a $20k Toyota.

off soapbox
It does not surprise me that someone would have soured on their Tesla experience be happier with different car; so far it seems like Lexus/Toyota is the go-to from Tesla owners who are tired of bad customer service and/or high repair costs out of warranty. I've always been a person who keeps vehicles for a long time and so far I've never owned a car that has given me regrets. I know this will be controversial to some, but I don't believe our Model S is the ultimate car.

It's great for road-tripping when time is not a factor, otherwise my old VW Golf TDI can cruise 700 miles before needing refueling. It's also a great freeway commuter with its enormous passing power, but I prefer to drive our tiny Fiat 500e for local errands in our crowded beach town. Driving the Tesla in a tight and crowded parking lot is about as much as driving our big ole Chevy Duramax.

Anyways, I'm sure we all hope Tesla improves the customer experience by improving reliability and the service center...I recently wrote about a tiresome experience dealing with an obtuse service agent who just failed to understand basic logic.
I know someone who has 728,000 miles on their Prius. I've owned several including a couple of plugins. Fantastic car! That said, I'm really enjoying my ultra cheap MS and since I don't drive much it should last me a long time. It's a shame Tesla forgot that service is important.
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Hmm that honda clarity is not so bad. I might consider one. Was considering a model y but I really need the range to hit 400 on it before getting one. So your saying I can get one for 20k! Probably wont lose much in value either
Yep... just call any of the California dealers with them on the lot. They'll give you around $7K off MSRP and then you still have the $7500 Federal Tax Credit on top of that and then maybe more if your state has any other incentives. It's a killer deal on the Honda Clarity. The only sad thing is the rear fender ugliness of that car. Otherwise, interior is fantastic and the price is a killer deal.