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LTE upgrade & lose all connectivity!

I upgraded to LTE from 3G last week. It worked for a few days and was faster for navigation and traffic remapping. But now it will not connect to LTE, 3G, or Edge.
It shows four or five bars of signal but no LTE, 3G or Edge connection. I have tried the steering wheel buttons reset, but that doesn't work. I talked to the service center and was told other people who have upgraded are having the same problem and I will have to wait until software 7.0 comes out in a few weeks. Really??? Why would they upgrade me to lose all mobile connectivity for weeks? Anyone else having this problem?
I'm having the same problem. I picked up my car end of June (LTE) enabled. I tried the "hold both scroll wheels to reset approach x3, while driving, parked, held until "T" appeared on screen, long enough for both dash and console reset" and no luck.

I found the post below on how to fix, but I wanted to have the service center confirm the steps and the process. I scheduled an appointment (they told me to plan on 2 hour window to fix), and then my LTE started to work. I cancelled, and 2 days later it was out again. So I drove the car to the service center. I talked with mechanic, he was very helpful and polite. It only took 15 minutes from start to finish and looks simple. He followed the procedure below, so i know it is safe.. If this is going to be a re-occuring issue, I think Tesla needs to provide a good old fashion $.25 on/off switch to perform the reset.

I was told by SC this is clearly this is an issue with software updates. The mother ship fixes some bugs and breaking other items. Argh!

Good luck.

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Here is what I got from SC that fixed the issue. SC suspect that it is the latest firmware related and have been at least 2. I did not want to drive to SC so they walked me through over the phone. It required pulling the fuse for the MCU.

1) open the fuse box in the frunk on the passenger side. You see a bunch of colorful fuses in the red box.
2) The yellow 20amp fuse for MCU is in the top row (closest to the windshielf), 4th column counting from the right side (you are facing it, so the right side is toward the middle of the car). It is yellow color. Below it is a green 30amp. On its right is a green 30amp, and on its left is a brown 5amp. Make sure you identify the right one.
3) use a pliers to pull it out
4) leave it for at least 3 minutes --- make sure over 3 minutes
5) push it back, and the MCU will reset itself
I had a similar problem and it was diagnosed by the techs in California. It turned out that a USB device was the issue. Once I removed it and then rebooted it magically started working. It's worth a try if you have a usb device plugged in.
Yes, rebooting with or without the USB flash drive will restore the 3G. But the problem reappears even without USB flash drive. YMMV. Is it possible that 3G and LTE loss of connectivity are both related to software issue?
Next time the LTE is loss without USB flash drive, hope not, you will know if the USB is the culprit or not.
I had LTE drop out on me for a few minutes the other day in an area where I figured there would be service. It showed 5 bars, but no LTE. A reboot of the center screen fixed the issue.

This happened to me after parking underground, however it cleared itself in a couple of minutes without user interaction. With 3G it took about 20 minutes to clear.