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MCU reboots while driving

I have a 2016 Model X on 2018.12 firmware and the MCU just rebooted while driving. Anybody else having this same issue ? I realize that until there's a software update or something, there's not much I can do about it but I'm a little concerned anyway. Is this a problem to be taken up with the service center or just waitlist for a firmware update ?
Thanks !
I had it happen several times in a matter of 2 weeks and each time I would call my service center and have them ‘look’ at my vehicle live.. then one morning the MCU just wouldn’t come on so I drove the car to the SC with no a/c or anything working. They couldn’t communicate with the car and had me leave it there overnight. As per the invoice, they had to do a hard reset and update from 18.12 firmware to 18.16.
In my experience calling and logging every time helps otherwise you could very easily get the ‘couldn’t duplicate issue’ runaround!!
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Our X is on 2018.12 and about a month ago it started restarting the MCU while driving every couple hundred miles. We finally got a firmware update alert this week so we're installing tonight and hopefully that will take care of it. Otherwise it's off to the service center we go.
Mine (MCU2) has only rebooted itself once, but the browser and the Slacker constantly freeze so I have to reboot almost every day...they say it's a known issue but have been through 3 updates with no fix...I actually think .19 made it worse...
We had our MCU replaced about a month ago. Starting yesterday the MCU screen reboots about halfway to work and home from work. It's between a 20-25 minute drive depending on traffic. I've submitted the voice bug report each time with the time stamp. I've informed the service center as they texted me yesterday about an issue we've been having (since the MCU replacement) where the Tesla app will not unlock our model X. It will do everything else from the app except unlock. I've also found that leaving a paper trail is very good. Currently on version 2018.50.6
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If you have lots of music on a thumb drive plugged in it will cause this. Also go to trips and reset current trips, trip a and trip b

What was causing our issue was apparently a 'corrupt' contact in my phone list. Ever since disconnecting my phone it hasn't happened since. Support mentioned connecting my phone but not synchronizing the contact list. I haven't done it yet because, well I just haven't yet.