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Model 3 Cheaper by 4K across the range now


TSLA Investor ; Model 3 Perf - 2021
Apr 14, 2021
Melbourne, Australia
Model 3 is now cheaper across the range by 4k. Will this price be given to those who have orders in place but not yet delivered or do we need to cancel the order and create a new one to get this price?

Very happy as I am waiting on a delivery of the LR Model 3. Telsa sent me a text message to inform me of the price drop and that I don't have to do anything, the invoice will be for the lower amount automatically.
"Tesla Update: Exciting news!
Your Model 3 has become more affordable with a recent pricing update on our website. Your order will automatically update in the coming week to reflect the new pricing and no further action is needed. Thank you for supporting a transition to sustainable energy....
I know in the USA the Powerwalls went up in price yesterday, i'm looking at our pricing and it's $13,300 before install compared to the $10,210 I paid which was fully installed by Tesla. So at least I did well on that if not on the car.
I wonder if @Chuq will get the SR+ now it’s within his budget
Funnily enough, I got my reservation deposit refunded a few months ago because I figured it's not going to happen for while and being in a queue isn't going to help me... and there are so many other EV options in the $40-50k range now compared to 5 years ago...
.. but I just put the numbers into the loan calculator on the Tesla website and it gave me a monthly number that I could afford.. over a 7 year loan. It would be a big chunk of my available income (after expenses) and a long payback period but I *could* do it.
It wouldn't be a smart financial decision but plodding along with a 9 year old Leaf as my only car is very limiting...
I'm thinking about it...
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Take the amount you calculated and pay that regularly into an offset account against your mortgage.
Do that for a few months and you can then determine if that is indeed affordable for you and the accumulating money will save you interest on your mortgage.
If you find it affordable you can then place an order with more confidence, but don't forget to include the higher insurance premiums.
That's what we did for 8 years to put us into a position to buy our Tesla.
Just double check those banking details before you make a payment 👀
Yes indeed. I had heard about “intercepted banking details / fake invoice” scams before, so when I bought my Model 3, I transferred $100 to the account on the invoice first and then rang Tesla 2 days later to confirm they had received the money before transferring the balance.

Always, always check BSB and account details before transferring any sum of money you are not prepared to lose outright.

For the more internet literate / paranoid - check the SMTP headers and routing details inside the email to verify it has been sent from the claimed sender and that the sender address hasn’t been spoofed.
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Wonderful news about the price drop, no doubt thanks to consistently high AUD. Bodes well for Model S (if it ever arrives on our shores again).
@Chuq the only time money is a problem is if it affects relationships. If you and your nearest and dearest are up for the adventure then go for it. If it's going put a strain on things the shiny toy is not worth it.
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Great to see people reconsidering the Model 3 after the price drop. Im a little bummed about not knowing the corp discount but overall I think its the right decision. This car will replace my MB so I won't be paying anything I am not used to. Looking forward to it.

Has anyone installed the power frunk to 2021 Model 3? I've seen videos being done on the older models but haven't seen anything for 2021 yet. Teslapower and hansshow seem to be the popular ones..