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Model X Tally

With reliance in part on the integrity of what the company is telling me it unfortunately is. When I first saw the car I was able to see the bows in the 2 roof panels and at that time a service tech noted the glove box wouldn't open, I didn't actually try to open the glove box. The mirror issue was the first item shared with me during a phone call, never to be mentioned again, and the seat post was shared by the regional manager subsequent to my visit. Yesterday I returned to the service center and met with the service manager. I was told that all parts had been received, the roof panel had been replaced, and the only item remaining was a problem with one of the falcon doors closing. He stated that an engineer was working on it and was confident it was just a calibration issue and the car should be ready today. I noted that this was the first time I was hearing about a door problem and asked if it was similar to a friends X that was returned for service over the weekend with a door issue. He stated that my issue was with the door closing, my friends issue was with the sensor interrupting his door from opening. I questioned his reference to the panel (singular) on the roof being replaced asking if he meant both panels had been replaced. He said he was only aware of one bow. I reminded him that there was also a bow in the center panel. He said he would look at it.

Today I left a message for my DS, he responded in a voicemail "Hey Bill I got your voicemail from this morning I'm back in the office as you can see I checked with my manager of service you met a couple times and this morning he did tell me that the part he's waiting for has not arrived yet, he said that the transport seems to be back ahh initiated today as far as things coming from the factory so he's expecting it hopefully in the next day tomorrow to be exact but it had not arrived between yesterday when things got kind of back started and today so we're still waiting on it- he said to expect it by tomorrow and I'll be in touch with you about but you can give me a call back I'm back in the office you have my number and extension look forward to hearing from you". After hearing the voicemail I called the service manager, he stated he was waiting on parts and didn't have any specific information on them. I reminded him that he told me yesterday that the door issue was a calibration issue, he stated that he told me it was an issue with both doors, one not closing and the other not opening-I respectfully disagreed. I asked what parts specifically he was waiting for, he said an ultrasonic sensor, I asked once the part arrives how long it takes to install it-he said maybe 2-3 hours. I noted that every time I call I'm told of a new issue, first a mirror was broken, then 2 glass panels were bowed, then the glove box wouldn't open, then the rear seat post was inoperable, then one door wouldn't close and now today one door won't close and the other won't open. I noted my frustration that the car doesn't seem to be getting an overall review and noted I'd like to come see the car-he said he would not be able to show it to me. I asked if the doors were the last item on his punch list, he said they were. I then asked if he looked into the center roof panel that we discussed the day before. He noted that he did and he had to order a new roof panel and that this panel was urethaned in and would have to be cut out to be replaced. I asked if that part is delayed will they allow the car to be delivered with a due bill-he said that was up to someone else. Needless to say another frustrating experience.
Clearly a very frustrating experience. The problem with doing final inspection and quality control at the SC is that now the customer is exposed to the process much more closely and that this introduces shipping delays into the process - oh, and of course it exposes the different skill and communication levels of the SC personel to the customer.
I wonder if long term this will prove to be a viable direction to take for Tesla.
My heart goes out to you, Bill. I cannot imagine, given my excitement and anticipation, how awful this experience would feel if it happened to me. I hope you get your issues resolved to your satisfaction very quickly. Waiting for my X feels the same as looking forward to Xmas when I was a kid. This must feel like someone canceled Xmas (or Chanukah, or Diwali, or your gift receiving holiday of choice). Best wishes and best of luck!
This story would seem to validate Tesla's approach to keeping everything under wraps until the vehicle is ready. I've heard of some customer's vehicle taking 2-3 weeks at the Service Station before they're notified of it being ready. I think a surprise call that your vehicle is ready is much preferable to the anxiety that Pilot65 had to endure. In general, it's probably best for Tesla to be overly secretive until the vehicle is ready to drive off the lot. At least until they get they get things sorted and ramped up.
That's impressive. They're on track for 1,000 in the first week at this rate. I'm hoping they have a hit on their hands like I think the Model S will be.

^^^ above posted 2012-02-10. Today it doesn't look as impressive any more.

Should I sell something for $110,000 and take a $70,000 tax hit, and have $40,000 left over to get a used Model S? Sigh. Might as well not sell it.
I'm in the same boat (almost). VIN 47XX and picking-up on Tuesday. It depends on the issue. For me, if it's just cosmetic and not likely to be blamed on me after the fact (scratch, etc.) I'll take the car home and go back after a few weeks. That will give me time to find other potential issues that I might miss at delivery. If it is mechanical, especially drive train or suspension-related, I won't accept delivery until it is fixed.

Unfortunately, I won't be a 2-Tesla family until Model 3. I'm selling my 60kWh to make room in my budget for the X. I can't afford both right now.
Picked up my Wife's Model X 90D (VIN 11XXX) Yesterday, 10/26 (2 Tesla Family Now. No More Gas!!!). It was an inventory car (2 weeks from confirmation to delivery). Plus it was discounted $8000 ;)


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