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Model Y: Tesla targets November 2019 for start of Model Y production

Ok so we have Elon ON RECORD GUARANTEEING that they will be producing 5,000 Model Y's per week starting November 1st, 2019.

There, I said it ! Now everyone going forward can quote me here as proof that Tesla will have missed all their Model Y production goals if they don't achieve that. :)

So begins the litany of posts from all the glass half full types WRT Model Y: 1) missed deadlines, 2) pushed back initial deliveries, 3) lowered part orders from suppliers, 4) rumors of Lithium shortages, 5) general FUD, 6) 200 more thread pages, lather, rinse, repeat...

Take my money, Elon.
Here's hoping for a full price deposit payment option when they start taking reservations (as with Roadster 2), as a way to jump the line.
Model 3 is a stop-gap for my wife, who loves being higher and therefore in an SUV.
It's going to be a longggg ~two years.

That is why Tesla will not need a capital raise this year - they will just collect 500,000 reservations × $40,000 = $20 billion!
Exclusive: Tesla targets November 2019 for start of Model Y production

I believe Elon Musk will follow the Model 3 formula:
If it ain't broke, then don't fix it!

500,000 possible reservations @ $1000 = $500,000,000 (Half Billion Dollars)

if Elon increases the deposit from $1,000 to $2,000, then Tesla Motors receives ONE BILLION DOLLARS.
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Now that my S is nearing the end of warranty, and like a vampire in the night, that scares the hell out of me... and with the realization that I really like my wife's 3... (WOW what awesomeness for the money)...

... I want a Y.

so.. it better be:

1. No stupid ass doors
2. AWD
3. approx 5k more than a 3
4. black headliner
5. i want a sunroof.

now... tesla... SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY.
I'm out of bumper 2 bumper March 2019. And I have another car... so... sell the Tesla and drive it until I can get into a Y?

When is the Y reveal? If it's ugly.... I'mma buy a AWD3... so... hurry up w/the reveal so I know which car to buy already.
I think they will get at least 500K deposits. Many existing Tesla owners will order one.

Tesla will definitely get to 500,000 reservations world-wide if the deposits will remain at $1000 down

The whole automotive landscape is a-changin with the ever increasing SUV/CUV market penetration
Ford Motors recently announced that they will be phasing out ALL car manufacturing

Focus dead: March 2018
Taurus dead: May 2019
Fiesta dead: March 2020

Ford to phase out passenger cars as it focuses on trucks and electric vehicles

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