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More old man wood - RPM Tesla centre console

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Just thought I'd share this...

I know probably most would love to delete the existing factory wood, and rather chop their legs off than actually add more, but I kinda like the wood and wanted more! :) So I just installed the RPM Tesla real wood veneer facelift centre console upgrade.


I personally love it! Adds a nice lift to the interior that looks like it could be OEM. Big improvement over the, imho, nasty grey plastic, and I prefer this to the other alternatives of carbon fibre, more alcantara, etc. The product itself seem very good quality, near-perfect match to the factory wood, easy to install, RPM good to deal with, and super quick shipping all the way to Norway. Also got their black 'dual motor' text to progress my exterior badge de-chroming, and that seems good too.
I really like the way these look. My car had that egregious glossy black fingerprint and dust magnet cover. One of the first mods I made was to add the RPM fake/vinyl woodgrain. Had it for a couple of years now, and I still really like it. No regerts.

is there any hangup on the console door opening or closing? I wanted to get this, but matching and the door hanging up with the added thickness concerned me. The smoothness of the closing is very satisfying to me.

No issues at all for me with the wood - door opens and closes just as smooth as ever. I imagine CF or vinyl is likely thinner so should also be fine. That said RPM Tesla do point out in their videos that some cars may have a manufacturing issue where there is a bur in the plastic frame that does rub and scratch these kind of covers. But they go through how to identify if you have that issue and fix it before scratching your nice wood, CF or vinyl.
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Inspired by this thread I ended up buying this kit too. It really is an upgrade. The thing about the grey cover (while I do prefer it to the black piano finish on my previous model 3) is it really feels out of place. The detailing and mostly finish are not like anything else in the car. So cladding this in the wood at least ties it to some other element. My wife got in the car am immediately noticed and liked it too. As you say - you cannot tell it’s not an OEM thing. Thanks for the idea.
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