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No issues with my 2018 Model 3

Don't fall for the "problem bias", or the "internet forums bias", or whatever the right name is for that. People that post are people that have issues, because they're looking for solutions to their problems. They represent a big percentage of posts, but they don't represent a big percentage of the users of a product. In fact, most of the users are not on the forums :)
My 2018 LR AWD has 42K miles. I just got it a couple months ago so I have to go by what the previous owner said. All he had to replace was:

1. Front windshield due to rock.
2. Back windshield cracked on a really cold day in Chicago.
3. Charger port communication pins had to be replaced.

No issues on my end so far. :)
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M3 SR+ March 2020 18k km. Filled the washer bottle up a few times. Not a single issue to date. Love it still. I also find any old lame excuse to drive it. I’ve found it to be a great getaway treat from Cov19 and often go for an aimless bit of motoring around in the early hours on deserted roads. Has performed well down to minus 30 (centigrade) here in Finland. Have tended to keep it in chill mode over the snowy icy winter here (with studded tyres, heavy foot and only RWD) but composed performance and handling nonetheless. Best car I’ve ever owned. I was shocked by the minimal depreciation so far (yes, I’m thinking of getting the LR or P 2021).
I bought my M3 LR AWD in September of 2020. Thanks to the pandemic it has just under 3000 miles on it. But those miles have been a joy - especially on snowy/icy roads where the car handles at least as well as two Grand Cherokees I used to own. I have had only one issue with the car. It was a defective cable connecting the camera on the left front quarter to the car's computer. A mobile ranger replaced it in about 15 minutes. As I watched the price of gas go from $1.99 per gallon in September to $2.77 per gallon yesterday, it just made my smile brighter. I look forward to the day when we can all travel freely and maskless again. That's when I'll take a cross country trip to L.A.
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50K miles on my 2018 LRD (VIN 541XX), including two 10K mile cross country road trips.

Only real problem I had was a "Passenger seat restraint system fault" which was repaired by mobile service (service bulletin repair). While mobile service was at my house (3 hrs away from service center), he also replaced some pins in my charge port, gave me my "Dual Motor" badge, and adjusted a minor fender-to-hood panel gaps issue.
Before taking my second cross country road trip last December, I replaced my 12VDC battery as a precaution, but original was still working fine.

I've never had such a reliable car, and Sentry mode help catch the asshole who keyed my car.