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No Loaners at Tesla Service "Bring back the LOANER CARS!!!!"


Petrol Head turned EV Enthusiast
Apr 1, 2014
Philadelphia, PA
I remember getting a top of the line model s loaner
I asked about upgrading and they said the loaners were not for sale
I referred them to the Elon Musk quote and got the same reply, loaners not for sale.

It’s astounding how many times the CEO of the company would announce something and the employees and upper management not know anything about it.
That’s why I hate when Elon announces something on twitter before notifying all the employees, no one is ever on the same page at Tesla.

I haven't seen the tweet for a while, but from what I recall, my interpretation was that Elon wanted you to have a higher-end loaner so that you would upgrade next time you were buying a new car. I never thought he meant to sell you the actual loaner car.


No Roads
Jan 18, 2014
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Rogue Synapse

Feb 9, 2019
Asheville, NC
I had a service appointment at the Charlotte, NC service center today (front louvers not working and they wouldn’t schedule mobile for some reason). I was nervous about being able to get a loaner or a rental because I live over 2 hrs away.

They gave me a loaner right as I checked in! In my past experience with Lexus and Mercedes dealerships, they tended to reserve the loaners for repairs that they knew would take more than one day. Turns out they finished in time today for me to drive my own car home (they had to replace both louvers), so I didn’t even need the loaner. It was a 2016 P90D. I did actually use it to drive to get lunch while I was waiting. There were 2 other Model Ss with dealer tags (a P85D and an 85) parked next to this loaner that I assume were also loaners. I was quite surprised at how readily available they were. The SC seemed quite busy, too.

I was pleasantly surprised at the service experience today. I will say that I felt like I was in a minimally appointed warehouse that had been rented on the cheap last month, and had a Keurig thrown into a room with some nice chairs to make a waiting room. The Lexus/Mercedes service experience is much more gourmet. But I was expecting pain, misery, and miscommunication at Tesla based on reading all the horror stories here, and I did not get that.
Mar 25, 2013
Key West, FL
Back in 2013 with my first Tesla, I had a Roadster for a loaner :) A couple weeks ago I had an enterprise 75D. I had an urgent fix since my door wouldn't open from outside so was a drop in appointment. Since it was mid-day , enterprise ran out of Teslas so offered a Miata. lol Since I work close to the SC, I opted for Uber credit to office and then came back before closing to get one of the returned loaner cars since my car wouldn't be fixed until the next day. The kicker with the loaner was no AP so I had to actually drive the car for a couple days... real world problems.;)

Nice! One of my all time favorite car. I hope it was with a manual transmission.


Jan 8, 2017
Cranberry Township. PA USA
I just had my 2016 Model S in for a steering issue (turned out I needed a I-shaft lower, non-isolator replacement) and they not only gave me a same day appointment but also a loaner for the 2 days it took to get the part, install it and hand wash my car. . My guess this is specific to your service center. Maybe they are short on loaners.


Sep 8, 2011
The hard part is not knowing in advance if a loaner is available. At a recent appointment I decided if they did not have a loaner, I would not be able to leave my car. The did provide a loaner, it worked out fine. They only problem was it took an hour to drop off my model S.

We purchased a model S in December 2012 so we have seen all the changes. For a couple of years they had a porter drive to our office with a loaner and drive our car back to the service center. Then at the end of a quarter, they sold all the loaners and had the porters pick me up in a service pick up.

There definitely is a different attitude at service centers now.


Nov 4, 2013
Definitely varies by location. I have never had a problem getting a loaner, except 2 weeks ago when all the loaners were out. I came back 2 days later and they gave me a Model X loaner. The first time was partially my fault because I didn't specify that I needed a loaner, Just assumed that they realized a 5 day repair would require one. They did offer me an Uber which I declined. They also said they no longer have an agreement with Enterprise. They promised that if I came back 2 days later, they would have a loaner for me, and they did.

As an aside, a few months ago when they still had an arrangement with Enterprise, I got a Maserati. Hated it, by the way. I'll take my MX any time.
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Jun 4, 2014
Looks like service centers varies depending on ones area and service quality may be a hit or miss. This should not be the case for a brand like Tesla. My initial experience in 2013 was the gold standard, I had the valet service wherein they sent someone to pick-up my car and drop off a loaner.

Fast forward 2019, had to personally dropped off my car, no loaners only Uber credits. Service center forgot to put in new tires so had to leave my car over the weekend. Went to pick up my car after 3 days and found my car covered in dirt and dry water spots from I believe sprinklers nearby. Had to stop by a carwash to get my car cleaned when I had just had it washed a few days before dropping off at service center. Overall major unnecessary inconvenience. There is no argument that Tesla's service maintenance had taken a huge dive to almost non-existent standard. I was going to be a lifetime Tesla car owner but this new service experience has me thinking not anymore.

Big Ike

Supporting Member
Jan 12, 2019
I would love to return the filthy loaner - now bright and shiny on my dime. Was scheduled to get my MX half shafts replaced on Thursday and they haven't started the work yet. I know I'm lucky to even get a loaner, but, with proper planning from the Tempe, AZ Tesla service center, I wouldn't need one.

Regardless, I love my ride! I'll put up with the crappy service until a better option arrives.


Jul 1, 2016
New Jersey
It does seem location dependent. Having multiple warnings on my brand new Raven S, (upset about that but that’s different topic), scheduled appt 2 weeks out. On a whim, came to service 1 week early to see if they can expedite. They said unlikely as very swamped, but immediately took the car in and gave me a loaner, for at least a week. Granted it’s a 60D with no autopilot, but it’s well maintained.

Very attentive and texting me update, and still hoping it might be looked at earlier. Aside for not wanting to have issues in the first place, and I didn’t in 3 years of previous S, I can’t complain about service response so far.

In and out in 15-20 minutes. While waiting I saw multiple people were given Uber credits. In those cases, it seems that their car will be ready today. One guy got Uber to go to diner a mile away instead of waiting 1 hour in service.

Seems almost above and beyond. Maybe just my location.


Apr 23, 2015
I have only had to take my X in a few times in the three years I have had it but every time I have been offered a loaner. This includes getting one earlier this month. I agree with others who point out that it is probably highly variable by location. San Rafael is my service center fortunately.


Sep 4, 2017
I just dropped off my S for the yellow border screen fix and was provided a Model S loaner at the Bellevue location. Clearly dependent on location and availability. I have never been offered Uber. Always a loaner or Enterprise rental.


Mar 22, 2015
I've had 3 different experiences in the one year that I've been an owner. This is at the Northern Virginia location, which is very busy. At the end of 2018, I had a loaner (a 2014 Model S, which was fine). In early 2019, I had a rental from Enterprise (my choice of a newish Model X or S, base models w/ no Autopilot). Now they have no loaners at all (I asked on both recent occasions and was given Uber credits instead). It's ridiculous.

Don't they realize/care how other dealerships treat their customers? Tesla also doesn't even offer to wash your car anymore (I know that Lexus washes *and* vacuums your car any time you bring it in). And don't give me this nonsense about how the service centers are not a profit center. Their hourly rate is $195 and they charge something ridiculous like $600 for an annual service. To do what? Rotate your tires and change the battery in your key fob?
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New Member
Sep 2, 2017
Santa Clarita
First no car washes, and now no loaners, thats ridiculous when you own a $100k car. Now Elon is offering insurance for Teslas, that's nice but how about fixing the service fiasco first, so not sure why one would trust the insurance service, given the service track record.

Cape Coddess

Working 2 ROTHS - hold and swing
Aug 18, 2019
Cape Cod
I'm driving a lovely 2015 MS 85d loaner now from Dedham, Massachusetts and have been watching the progress on my car via my app. Plus I received an update phone call from them today. I've only had wonderful experiences with Dedham. I think if Tesla did monthly or annual outstanding service center awards Dedham would win hands down.
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New Member
Jul 31, 2019
I have owned a Tesla Roadster since 2011. Today, I was appalled at the lack of service and/or help. For the 1st 6 months we owned my car, it was in my husband’s name. Since then, the car/vin/registration has been in my name. THREE times I’ve had to bring in my registration, insurance, etc. to prove the car is ‘mine’. Then, today, I tried to schedule service in Palo Alto (I’m in Monterey and Tesla no longer will service MY car here, so I now have to drive it up). When I was finally able to connect with someone (LONG story on that one), I had to give the last 6 of my VIN to schedule service. And, it is STILL in my husband’s name at THAT service station. And, when I commented on my inability to get online via their app (probably because they don’t list me as the owner), the fellow basically said, “Not my problem” and didn’t help any further. I don’t expect to go back to the days when I could: 1. Get a free charge 2. Get my car towed to Palo Alto for service 3. Have a ‘Roadster’ specialist come to Monterey, but I would like to get to a day where I could GET SOMEONE on the PHONE and/or Be able to open up the Tesla app in MY name. I had been thinking of getting an ‘X’ or possibly waiting for the ‘Y’, but I am DONE with Tesla. In fact, I am now wanting to sell my Roadster so that I can get a car that has some semblance of SERVICE available. Way to destroy the company Elon.


Active Member
Apr 25, 2019
I'm not sure where I stand on this one. Before my Tesla (model 3) I had a BMW, Infiniti and Audi, and all would offer free loaner cars when the car was being serviced. Now, is the Tesla model 3 in that same league, or is it an aspiring Toyota "electric car for everyone" (or both) ?

-- Certainly it's in the BMW/Audi price range; my dual motor M3 cost me more than a well equipped Audi A4 or BMW 330i. Based on that, would I expect comparable service? Perhaps.
-- And Tesla seem more than happy that many (most?) comparison reviews do indeed compare the Model 3 to the BMW 3 series or Audi A4.

So yes, maybe I'd expect something similar from Tesla to the free loaners from the likes of Audi.

But now the real world kicks in. I'm not certain, but I suspect Tesla make less profit per car than BMW or Audi, who can therefore more easily afford to underwrite expenses such as service loaner cars. But there is something else going on as well. For ICE cars, the service department of a dealership is a major profit center; and all ICE cars, as we know, have a very different service profile. In general, the cars are reliable enough that most service appointments are non-warranty regular maintenance .. i.e. profit. But for Tesla, there are no regular profit-making regular services. Which leaves them with the loss-making warranty repairs alone.

So from a customer service standpoint, then yes I'd say Tesla should be offering loaners. But the fact is Tesla is blazing a new trail, they arent just another car maker, and part of that is changing the economics of car ownership .. including the approach to service.

Perhaps they should just loan out Toyotas so we can all be reminded of how bad it is to go back to an ICE car after driving a Tesla ? (j/k)



New Member
Dec 18, 2016
Los Angeles, CA
I purchased my MX new in Dec 2016. After a month, they had my car for a month. I take it in for problems 2-3 times a year when I have a list of things (window not closing, window squeaking, door making weird sound when closing, etc.) When I bought the car, I was told they would bring a loaner to me and take my car away. That was a nice touch for a $100+K car. Then, I had to go in to a service center, but still a loaner car. Now, well, you're on your own.

Does anyone else feel cheated and think this bate and switch should be looked at more severely?
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