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Pedestrian speaker 2021

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I do have it as my car makes the back-up sound. I don't believe it does it going forward, however, although I haven't driven with the front windows open to check. My car actually came with Boombox at delivery (and heated wheel) which surprised me a bit. Have had fun with the horn 'fart' sound. Neighborhood kids like it.... Just got first update today (2021.4.12).
I took delivery on May 5th and it has the Boombox in the toy box. A collection of sounds for the horn and a set of sounds that play when driving. It even will allow current internal media sound so you could record any sound on your iphone and send that to your speaker outside. It's not real loud from what I have tested so far.
No pedestrian warning sign in drive under 25 mph. Yes, the external speaker works: back up sound works fine. My husband monkeyed around with fart sounds so, again, we know the external speaker works.
Is this a "contact Tesla" problem? (I thought it was illegal to not have a PWS going forward.)
The law keeps getting extensions for full compliance. PWS now has to be included in all EV's that were manufactured after March 1, 2021. The sound must be heard by pedestrians passing in front of a car moving at 18.6mph or less. I think the strange speed was a calculation based on 30KMH. The new target date is a compromise extension by lobbyists. They asked for a one year but only got 6 months.

I haven't seen anything that applies to older EV's

My Model Y mfg in April has it and it works fine.
My car has the forward PWS sound, but frankly, it's very hard to hear. It's kind of like a white noise sound, and I had to be walking right next to the speaker while my wife drove down the street to be able to hear it. You definitely cannot hear it inside the car, unlike the reverse sound.