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Pen that’s safe to keep in the car?

Had to go to Tempe, AZ in July for work. While renting a car at Hertz, they made us sign an agreement, that if we left an ink pen in the car and it exploded, we were responsible for all charges required to clean the car. According to Hertz, it happens more often than people think, due to the extreme summer heat. I just remember it was so hot I couldn't even touch the door handle on the outside and the steering wheel on the inside. The business I was at didn't have any trees, only cactus, which didn't provide any shade......
is this like the the old joke about how much money nasa spent working on a pen that would work in space.......and USSR just used a pencil.
You know that's just a joke? American astronauts and Russian cosmonauts used pencils for a period, but graphite is electrically conductive and broken pencil tips are a major hazard for electronics in space. Plus pencils are flammable! In reality, NASA did not pay for the development of the "space pen". They only paid to purchase pens in bulk, paying $2.89 a pen, the same price the Russians paid for the same pen.
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