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Poll: How Actively Are You Promoting Your Referral Code?

How Actively Are You Promoting Your Referral Code?

  • Not a Model S owner; not participating

    Votes: 9 4.9%
  • Owner; but not participating

    Votes: 68 37.4%
  • Owner; told some friends/family, that's it

    Votes: 78 42.9%
  • Owner: Shared code on social media

    Votes: 22 12.1%
  • Owner: Actively promiting online and offline!

    Votes: 5 2.7%

  • Total voters
  • Poll closed .
Already the poll results are interesting. Now I wanna know, of the owners not participating or who've only shared referral to friends/family, why?

• Too busy?
• Don't want to show off, don't want to be conspicuous?
• Tend to downplay Tesla ownership because it's so expensive a car?
• Don't believe in the referral program?
• Have already made tons of referrals with no incentive, and this referral $ has a bad taste?
We love our Tesla, we've told friends and family about it since day 1, even talked about it before we owned one. So we shared the link on Social Media but not actively pushing it. If someone out there can save $1,000 or it enables them to upgrade then great for them. Nothing I'd like to see more than more Teslas on the road.
If possible I would suggest dropping Option A. That way the poll would be about how effective Tesla's promotion is and the participation level among those who were sent codes. Including a group that doesn't have codes messes up the percentages.
We also love the Tesla. As the owner of a CPO car I did not get a referral code. That is OK with me I still actively promote the car to anyone that asks about it.
I already actively promote at hot rod shows, ev events, and cars and coffee events, at least once a week. This program gives me a more purposeful goal. I am out actively trying to sell cars not just spreading my code around, offering discounts and bribes.
I show off my car about once a week. Could be at a supercharger, could be some relative or neighbor has a friend that wants to check it out.

I love showing off what Tesla has. It is like opening a window on the future. Most people have never noticed the window, and when they look through, it is "WOW", every time.

These people are not interested so much in buying a Tesla right now. They have heard rumors, but don't know really what it is. Sure, it's electric, but what's this about amazing speed, no maintenance, free power?

They didn't know it's the safest car made. They didn't know how gorgeous is it. And all controlled by a huge central screen! But it must be very expensive, and so it's a non idea. They only think in terms of used Toyotas or Volvos. So they just want to see, like looking at a Lamborghini. Until they hear more.

You can see the light go on in their eyes. Then you know, somewhere down the road, they will get one. They have to check out the web site, talk to other owners, think out loud to their wives or husbands. It may be a month, or a year, but it will happen.

But I don't sell the car.

I just open the window.

There's no referral for that, but it's priceless.
If possible I would suggest dropping Option A. That way the poll would be about how effective Tesla's promotion is and the participation level among those who were sent codes. Including a group that doesn't have codes messes up the percentages.

Good point @Matteo. Not sure I can edit the poll at this point, but yeah.

It's not possible to edit the answers to a poll question after they have been entered.
Well, 88 participants in poll. Results a surprise to me at least. I expected a few more % actively participating. Me, I'm in the "meh" group... have been promoting the car for 2 years, including at all-day Tesla events where they recruited owners to show off their cars. And *now* they introduce this program...
I just got my link yesterday. I sent it to one person...a family member who I visited last week and as one of our activities I scheduled a test drive for him at the local store. I just don't hang with people who spend money on cars. Now, I know a Model S is more than a car, but my circle will have to come to that realization on their own.
I have a big social media following, more than half a million followers. I haven't shared it there yet. Mostly because my followers aren't exactly the target audience. But I will. Kind of a no-brainer really. Even if only one persons ends up doing it, it's free money for me.
I just got the email today. I was surprised that they sent me one as the car I have is a CPO car not new one.

This program to me looks like a great way to boost sales in states like Utah where the Tesla stores are out lawed by those in charge. You would think that with the air pollution as bad as it is, they would welcome cars without exhaust pipes, but that is not the case.

If I get the chance to refer someone, I will do so. No hesitation here. Most of the people that I have talked to recently are waiting for the Model 3 to hit.
I did mention it to a couple of friends when we were talking about Tesla, but so far that's been it. If I do an event where I'm talking to potential owners, I would mention it if I met somebody that sounded serious about buying, but I haven't done any events since the announcement.

I've been an enthusiastic Tesla owner for 6 years now, and the 10% sales tax waiver just disappeared from my state a month ago. If THOSE didn't already convince friends and family to buy a Tesla, $1,000 off (well, $2,000, because I'd give my share to the buyer - wouldn't feel comfortable keeping it for myself) isn't going to do it. I think it's a worthy program to try, but it doesn't change how I approach talking about Tesla.

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