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PRX-21 -- The Pre-Refresh 2021 Model X Thread


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Is this a viable idea? A thread for people who knowingly or unknowingly ordered a pre-refresh Model X just before or just after the January 27, 2021 refresh announcement.

Place to discuss, seek help on, commiserate about:
  • The unintended ordering of a PRX-21. ("I should have waited!")
  • Versus, why the purposeful decision to avoid a refreshed car? ("But I like stalks!")
  • Interesting efforts to find and secure a PRX-21 inventory car somewhere else (e.g., far away in another state or territory).
  • Versus efforts to cancel or update an original order so as to eventually get desirable refresh features.
  • The post-refresh delivery period for a PRX-21 car being shipped to you--differences (if any) between ordering already-built/have-to-be-shipped versus have-to-be-built cars; problems; frustrations; anticipation; and shared information.
  • Anything special about inspection for an inventory car? (Same as always, correct?)
  • Share stories.
  • Information exchange, especially for first-time buyers.
One obvious difference: an already-built inventory car may arrive with parts (e.g., wheels) you immediately want to change. I had questions about that:
Suppose you put a deposit on a new, already-built inventory car. And say it comes with wheels you'd like to change...

For example, if you are a first time buyer, how do you order parts from Tesla for a car you don't yet legally own? (Possible answer: You can't.)
Model X - 2021
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Simple, knowing they were likely to complete an interior refresh to "standardize" screen layout was my biggest decision. I prefer and love the portrait screen orientation!

I am not a fan of the "airwave" system nor am I a fan of the new console layout. I love the wood trim in my PRX-21 and not that sterile "Walnut Décor" - gasp. The automatic trunk is interesting as long as doesn't use that horrible "foot kick" proximity but I don't mind using my remote now.

I am not sorry I paid less as I don't need the car to have a "gaming rig" nor do I need to be the "beta early adopter" who gets to sort out the new steering features and other "gadgets" that certainly will be buggy right at delivery!

I belive us PRX-21 owners will have a "sought after" status as being the last stable version of that model configuration made.

No regrets whatsoever here because nothing in the refresh is "earth shattering" and worth the bump in price! Plus, I didn't have to shell out $10k for FSD to boot and mine was only $7k thanks to an offer right before the price increase and before the VIN was issued.
I can totally understand waiting to get the new features. The new computer system and (video) security features sound awesome.

But for me the decision to get a PRX-21 was mostly about these refresh features:
  • Stalk-less steering column (specifically no obvious Forward-Reverse control)
  • Yoke (even Max Verstappen would have difficulties)
  • Horizontal touch-screen (I too prefer the vertical orientation)
  • Spartan, minimalist decor (perhaps I would like a Steam-Punk, Victorian-era-themed cockpit?)
  • Emphasis on gaming (Mr. Musk better get FSD going sooner rather than later)
  • Rear screen (which would never be used in my car; the Super Mario Bros. would get lonely back there)
  • Price increase (who wants that?)
  • (minor) Decline in (M-X LR) range (temporary step in the wrong direction)
  • Lack of new batteries
That said, based on reports about what I guess is a revamped skateboard design, I suspect that Model X versions will "eventually" get new batteries (in late 2021 or 2022?). That will be great for buyers then. Technology marches on, God bless it.

I personally think increased range is one of the most important features, both for what it gives to drivers immediately, and for what it communicates (i.e., confidence) to the general (still skeptical) public . Ranges of 400 to 500 miles will mark the beginning of the end for ICE cars. The yet-to-be released Model S Plaid+ will be amazing if it delivers the promised range. (Seems to be stealing the 2022 Roadster's thunder, but that is another story.) In the same way that upcoming electric pickup truck rivalries will be, a little Lucid-Tesla-Porsche luxury-sport sedan battle should prove to be a real shot-in-the-arm for the electric car industry as a whole (even if most customers can't afford the high-priced models). Increased range will eventually filter down to the more affordable models.
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Got my PRX-21 by design. Need it for 2020 tax season. Knew refresh is coming (also knowing that it was mostly interior change). Like others, I like the vertical orientation of the screen. More useful during driving part. Horizontal screen is great for entertainment when parked.
It was the best version of the 1st gen design. Glad I got it. No regrets. Will probably trade in my '16 for the newer 4680 X when it hits.

I bought the latest "pre-refresh" model X because I was worried they were going to go with the boxier, horizontal gaming screen interior.
I couldnt care less about games and not hung up that netflix is a smaller screen when viewed on vertical screen.

I prefer the vertical screen layout,...its not high up and prevents glare, more centered and not in the way while looking out the window.

I do like the yoke and rear screen to control climate in the back. But with FSD package , you are looking at a 10k dollar extra jump compared to the FSD package last year. (I bought my car in April 2020)

What I'm worried about is the future FSD software updates....are we pre refresh cars X and S now gonna lag behind because now all the teslas are on horizontal screens? I purchassed the car and invested in the FSD hoping that my car will perform FSD similar to the newer cars, assuming the sensors and camera count stays the same. I'm also under the impression by purchasing FSD my car would get HW/ MCU chip updates in the future. I totally understand if newer cars come out with better sensors or camera count...that cant be helped.

Thank god the newer refresh to my knowledge has the same amount of exterior sensors and cameras,...the I would be very upset.

For FSD potential yes I know, not for a while....Please tell me these updates will not go away if any newer cars come out with lets say HW 3.5 or 4.0 for the FSD,...and MCU 3 or higher for the graphics incoordination with FSD

...worried they were going to go with the boxier, horizontal gaming screen interior...I couldnt care less about games...prefer the vertical screen layout,...

Roger that.

I do like the yoke...

By chance, are you a pilot? I wonder if a larger percentage of professional/amateur pilots prefer the yoke?

...looking at a 10k dollar extra jump...

I know. More money for less, in some instances--like the M-X LR range. I suspect that Models X and S will get improvements when the new batteries come out. But that doesn't help current buyers.

...worried about...FSD software updates....

Yes. Having PRX-21 cars lag behind on updates is definitely a valid concern.
By chance, are you a pilot? I wonder if a larger percentage of professional/amateur pilots prefer the yoke?

I have done some flying, about 1700 hours in piston singles and twins. As much as I like the yoke in planes, I think it may be less useful in a car. You don't do 3 point turns in reverse under power parking a plane.
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Hey there

no, I’m not a pilot. like that the yoke let’s you see the front hud screen better and also no stalks.
However, probably clumsy with 3 point turns or just situational awareness when you need to maneuver big time, like avoiding an accident, etc.

also like the entire steering wheel when using the heated wheel,...larger surface area to snuggle on with.

It does look cool though,...doubt it could be put in older models? Would need screen controls I guess.

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Hello, 1st time EV owner here. I received my 2021 X Performance on 12/19/20. I did not know about the upcoming refresh and really don’t care- I got exactly the car I ordered and I love it. If the refresh used newer batteries or something I might feel different, but this is what I wanted.
I only briefly looked at a Y in the showroom and didn’t care for the horizontal screen. If the yoke had been standard I would have paid extra for a wheel. I’ve never used a yoke, just happy with a wheel.
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I received my Dual motor/Performance X in dec -20.
Ordered before new interior was known.
Attracted by:

· The increased range announced in the end of 2020 in Europe and special compared to actual range in my 90D -16 it´s what I need during winter and with towing.

· FSD as it was with auto lane change, my X 90D compared with my model 3 both with FSD. I wanted auto lane change in my X and hope of more FSD that not was possible in my 90D.

· The Performance version has the same new price as my 90D from -16 and the difference up to performance was less than 2016.

· Charge speed, my 90D was/is limited to 90 kW. A new X/S in Europe is possible to charge with 140 kW with CCS adapter. (Maybe 2020.48.37 will change that for my 90D -16)

What to do when the new refresh that now is planed for deliver in September in Europe was known?

I could take it for granted that Europe receive a full CCS connection with out adapter to get 250 kW. It´s not official confirmed, and it is a discussion if some sales representative guess or know about it.

The upgraded terminal management for the battery is quite interesting, could give shorter charging times and durability for heavy towing.

Games does not matter for me, not interested. But maybe the new screen will get FSD functions earlier.

Depreciation. Will PRX-21 lose more or lose less value the first years compared to the coming new?
+ Some people will like the old interior and don´t want the higher price.
- Some people want more charge speed if we get it in Europe, and they also like the new interior.

What was my decision?

I order a new Plaid X for delivery in September and my PRX-21 is for sale through a car dealer.
If I haven´t sold my PRX-21 when it´s time for payment? That´s a later question.
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I knew the refresh was coming and took delivery anyway. If the thing burned to the ground tomorrow I'd go looking for a Raven pre-refresh to replace it with the insurance money; though having many vehicles at home to choose from I would probably just drive those while we wait to see the new interior in the flesh first. I'll tell you what I'm not sad about and that's not paying 12% more money for the car when there are a lot of features I'm not stoked about. I was really expecting the base price to hold the line with additional features, and hoping for a Standard Range ~285-mile model to make another appearance at around a $70k start. That, I would trade my '21 LR+ 7-seater for tomorrow, and pocket the extra money. I don't need my family wagon to do a 12-second 1/4 mile, but I do like money.

I'm sure they'll ride the new-hotness wave for a while and the prices will drop again. They can't really afford to cede market share with no other utility vehicle product on the horizon anytime soon except Cybertruk which is in the same vaporware category for me as everything else until they actually start rolling out of the factory
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...If the refresh used newer batteries or something I might feel different...yoke...

I received my Dual motor/Performance X in dec -20...

I knew the refresh was coming and took delivery anyway...

2021 will be an interesting year, for several reasons.
  • Will the World finally get a handle on Covid-19 and its disturbing mutations?
  • After a bullish Stock Market run, will the bears run amok later this year?
  • How will the Models S and X Refresh play out?
As someone said, we aren't really going to know (about that last bullet point) until refreshed cars start delivery. From recent "spy" reports it appears (but is still not definite) that Elon has been having a little fun with us about the "yoke." What else hasn't he been 100% truthful about? (Maybe the car deciding which direction it will go in?)

Picking up on speculations by others, I believe that Models S and X will eventually get the new batteries that will allegedly power the Model S Plaid+. The key question is when? If I took delivery of the (more expensive) Model X Long Range in, say, May 2021 and the range of later cars dramatically increased in November, I'd be more than a little annoyed. Will buyers in early 2021 have an affordable option to replace their battery pack? Who knows?

But speculations aside, I agree with several of the commenters here: my decision to go non-refresh was due to:
  1. Too many added features I didn't need/want.
  2. Too many missing features I did want.
For example,
  • I wanted more range (in Model X LR). I got less range.
  • I wanted some sort of powered frunk-hood closing device. AFAIK, such a feature is not included, right?
  • I wanted Apple CarPlay. I got,...no ACP. (Although I am coming around to the idea that this is a good thing.)
But in no way do I begrudge or downplay the wisdom of people electing to get refresh models. The new computer and security features are attractive. We do not even know all the features the refresh models will offer. Hopefully, we will all be happy.
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This thread is exactly how I found the TMC forum, so I would say it's a viable idea. I am also uniquely qualified to answer most of these. My wife bought a M3 in 2018 right before we got married, so I was pretty involved in the sight-unseen ordering process.

I've flip-flopped a few times, but I feel like I did more than enough research to be happy with my decision, but it's a long story.

It started when I test drove the PRX-21 Model X in Sunnyvale mid-January. It took a couple of tries to get an appointment, as they called me one weekend to tell me there were no Model X's available...which seemed odd. The next week I was able to confirm a time and started playing with the configurator prior to my visit. I kept noticing the delivery dates were all 8 to 12 weeks away, and after hearing rumors of the refresh, I pressed the sales person. She was nice enough to engage my questions and basically confirmed everything I was asking about. At that point she was forecasting a late March delivery if I told them I would take it right away. I took the drive and she told me to put in my deposit, but to wait until February 1st to complete the purchase. I completed the application in the Tesla showroom and started this journey.

Sure enough, the announcement was made at the end of January (27th, I think) and she emailed me to offer the $2k discount on the new pricing, or to look at the existing inventory - which was virtually nothing, here in Nor Cal - before placing my order. Now that I look back, there were some great deals to be had on the pre-existing inventory in January (around $90k for configurations that weren't bone stock. At the time I didn't see anything I liked, so I decided to place the order for a LRX, White, 22", 6 Seater, Blk int, AP, which came out to around $112K when it was all said and done (taxes, fees, CA credit).

As the days went by, I kept looking at the renderings and feeling a bit remorseful about the color choice - what if I edited it, would I lose my spot in line? Do I even like the new 22" turbine wheels, compared to the PRX-21? As February became March, Tesla removed the estimated delivery date. It went from May/June to...we'll reach out to you.

Just by chance, a dealer down the street was selling a white 2019 P100 with ludicrous, FSD, 5 seats (eh...), those PRX-21 22" wheels I wanted, with under 7K miles. I went in to see it and it was pristine - PPF wrapped - and I was able to talk them down to $90K. I was moderately interested, but still hung up on the sub 300 mile range. Cargurus had the listing for over 60 days at that point, so I wasn't in a rush. The 2021 was estimating 340 miles with 22" wheels, and it was brand new. I didn't have to worry about a 3rd party Ford dealership not knowing how to properly condition the battery.

I never considered buying a Tesla from a 3rd party, but then I started noticing a lot of 2019's in great condition. After some more research, I learned the 2019 LR had a range of 325. Soon after, I found a Porsche dealer in Sacramento that had a white 2019 LR, FSD, 22" wheels, 5 seater with beige interior. 15K miles advertised for $82K. We made the last minute decision to take the 2 hour road trip (checkbook in hand) to check it out. Surely a Porsche dealership has a fair share of Tesla trade-ins, and knows a few things about them.

We pulled into the dealership around closing and saw...the saddest looking Model X I can remember. Chipped paint, weather striping literally flapping outside of the passenger door frame. After a test drive I discovered that 1.) FDS was actually EAP 2.) They only use the Supercharger down the street because the guy that traded it in didn't give them the charger. They nicely said they would knock off $250 for the cost of the charger. Thanks.

At that point, I didn't think I could trust a non-Tesla dealership. I was convinced I would have to see if fully charged before feeling comfortable about battery degradation. Soon after the P100 I saw earlier was sold. Even the sad one in Sacramento found a buyer. I still think about whoever bought it, hoping they knew all of the issues they were inheriting.

I kept checking the used inventory at Tesla, but then I also started to read about how they no longer offer 'certified pre-owned'. The basically give it an informal walk-through, wash it, and charge you for a delivery fee. I also read about the difficulty in getting pictures of the actual vehicle or getting the attention of a sales rep if you have any questions. Basically, trying their hardest to point you towards buying a new one.

So there I was, resigned to keeping my refresh order, when I randomly noticed listing on a site I had never heard of called TRED. It's affiliated with cars.com and is a peer-to-peer car selling site with a platform to broker communication for test drives, payment and registration. Pretty straightforward. The seller was an hour away in SF and was able to schedule a test drive the next day.

Here's the link: TRED

Two weeks later, it's sitting in my garage and I've never been happier.

A few things to note that was happy to learn when purchasing from a 3rd party:

1. When adding the '3rd Party Vehicle', the Tesla app asks you for the VIN, which then prompts you to name the vehicle a temporary name provided by Tesla. The Bluetooth recognizes you immediately and you're done. The car is now yours.
2. Because I had a Tesla account for the refresh order and paid the deposit, my credit card was on file and I was able to Supercharge immediately
3. I was able to take over the rest of the one year of complimentary Premium Connectivity (through October). As of today, used cars at Telsa.com only get 30 days.
4. Cancelling the order could not be easier, basically like submitting a return on Amazon. You cancel, give a reason (if you want to) and the $100 is charged back to your card within a business day or so. I've read about some apprehension on this message board of people asking if they should just go ahead and put the $100 down. Who cares? And not in a way that $100 is meaningless, it's fully (and easily) refundable. I did get a text from the sales rep a few days later asking why I canceled. If that bothers some people, you can ignore it. I gave her the link to my new 2020 and I told her I got what I wanted. I also said the lack of communication about delivery didn't help keep me interested either.

Here's where I get back to the flip-flopping. When I first read this thread and my order was still active, I thought this was a place for people to feel better about (what I thought was) missing out on the refresh. Basically *sugar* talking the new features. Then I started to reconsider. What makes it $10k better? We've had the M3 for almost 3 years, and the interior looks great. Is the refresh just a bigger M3? Is Tesla making them more similar to cut down on production costs? If so, why is it more expensive?

At the end of day, some people like to be early adopters or have a video game set up in the backseat. Some people have had a MX for years and want something new. Choose whatever you'd like. I will say, if you want a 2020, I only came across a handful of them during the month I looked - and that's in CA. If you want to get into first year economics - this was a case of all 3 types of scarcity: demand-induced, supply-induced and structural.

After having been through the pomp and circumstance when we picked up the M3 in 2018, it was fun. At that time in Fremont, Tesla took over a couple closed car dealerships to handle all of the deliveries and processing. About a dozen people per hour showing up in Ubers, doing their paperwork, sales reps taking photos for people...while others walked around looking for panel gaps, naturally. This time, I took an Uber, swapped license plates and was on my way home in 5 minutes.

My parting words - I love the M3, I love the PRX-21, and I love that they are different. Why anyone would buy a Model Y is beyond me...
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I still have no doubt that people waiting for a refreshed Model X will (eventually) get a fantastic car. Perhaps it will even have the greater range (w/new batteries?) I had hoped for. But if this report is valid and true, it appears I definitely made the right choice (for me) to find a PRX-21 on January 29th, 2021. I would definitely have needed a new car in late May (when I had to return my leased 2017 Honda Clarity fuel cell car). It would have been a hassle (and possibly expensive) to find a used (probably ICE) car. And I am loving the PRX-21.
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I still have no doubt that people waiting for a refreshed Model X will (eventually) get a fantastic car. Perhaps it will even have the greater range (w/new batteries?) I had hoped for. But if this report is valid and true, it appears I definitely made the right choice (for me) to find a PRX-21 on January 29th, 2021. I would definitely have needed a new car in late May (when I had to return my leased 2017 Honda Clarity fuel cell car). It would have been a hassle (and possibly expensive) to find a used (probably ICE) car. And I am loving the PRX-21.
I also love my PRX 21 performance. I have it out for sale in hope someone can´t wait for the refresh.
But now when it is not impossible that the refresh performance arrives to Europe Q1 2022, what to do?
I considering take a brake in sale of my PRX 21.

Trade-in price from Tesla is ridiculous. -20% in 5 months. Maybe they don´t want it in stock and the order stock of the Refresh is long enough?
Maybe Corona make a long ride in Europe not so good this summer so I can be without a newer X a couple of months.

Why Refresh? Some interesting new features and I think model 20 and PRX 21 lose more value when Refresh is on the market.