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Silver & Green Colors.


May 12, 2014
Hillsborough, NC
Green is a risky option, but I believe silver was one of the most popular one. I still love the green though :)

Yeah, I'm very happy with my green. Only color I liked more was the sig red which, of course, wasn't available to non sigs. Here is a rare splash of color at the Hamilton Marketplace, NJ supercharger. My green with a sig red, mc red, and white (don't know if the white is mc)



Still in love after all these miles
Jun 24, 2014
Santa Cruz Mountains, USA
I can see how green might not sell well, though it looks great. I am shocked they dropped silver. I believe it is the most popular high-end car color. White is the most popular in the US when looking at all cars.

Mr X

Future Martian
Jan 18, 2013
Simi Valley, CA
The problem with Tesla is their color selection. All their colors are super bland and boring.

Only one that isn't is MC Red.... and Pearl White is decent, but every car is white. They need to offer more vibrant colors.


Well-Known Member
Sep 21, 2013
West Vancouver, British Columbia
Does anyone know why they dropped Silver and Green from color alternatives. I loved the green. Will they be restored in the future?
no one outside of Tesla management knows if those colors will be brought back, though personally I expect some shade of silver will return.
Colors were likely dropped because they weren't popular -- the dark green, dark brown, dark blue, original medium grey, and silver -- compared to the more popular colors; black, white, red. The new "midnight metallic grey" seems very popular. I don't see very many of the new medium metallic blue or the titanium metallic, and where I live I see a lot of Teslas.

Chris TX

Active Member
Sep 30, 2013
Dallas, TX
I think the members of the Tesla Green Car Alliance miss it, too. Most people are disappointed after they see my car and find out they can't order it.


Cyclonic Member ((.oO))
Jan 12, 2015
Charlotte, NC
I love the Titanium in pics. But I have yet to see one in real life. I may have gone with it.

I've seen a couple in person and sat in them. Absolutely LOVE the color. I love my Dolphin Gray (old Gray) and if I had to replace my car with a newer color, it would be very hard to decide between the new Gray or the Titanium. I actively dislike the Black and the MC Red is gorgeous when I'm not behind the wheel (too flashy for my tastes). Given I dislike black, the Titanium may be a better fit. Ironically, I adore my mother's Lexus in Graphite Mica (very similar to current Tesla Gray).


Nov 30, 2012
I have repeated told the folks at my local SC that I will not be upgrading until there is a new green option. I may have my Sequoia green car for a looooong time.


Jun 10, 2014
I don' t think Tesla would lose out profits if they had the green and silver options available. Silver was one of the most popular choices, and green was exotic. you could see how good green is from pictures above.


Supporting Member
Supporting Member
Aug 1, 2015
Seems to me I saw some stats that showed the green, brown and silver were indeed the least popular colors. Probably elsewhere on this forum, not sure.
I was also terribly disappointed the silver was dropped. It would have been my choice.
One reason for my preference: I visited a service center on a cloudy/drizzly day to see a variety of colors and decide which ones I liked. All the dark colors looked the same from a distance -- blue, gray, black. I had to get quite close to distinguish the colors. Not sure if there were any green or brown there at the time. (But I have also seen green and brown in parking garages, and they also are hard to distinguish from black in low light.) The one car that still looked sharp in the dreary weather was silver, it was a standout.
Unlike in large parts of CA where this is little rain and lots of sun, we get lots of cloudy and inclement weather here, so I did not want a car whose color would "disappear" on a cloudy day. So it came down to red, white, or the missing silver. Waited too long to order silver, so I picked red.


Active Member
Sep 16, 2013
Bay Area, CA
Seems to me I saw some stats that showed the green, brown and silver were indeed the least popular colors.
They were. If Tesla was going to discontinue colors, they didn't make any shocking selections. They picked the colors that customers ordered the least and booted those. Silver is (or at least was) an extremely popular color on luxury vehicles, but it was never a very popular color on the Model S. I actually thought the car looked pretty good in that brown, but presumably like many others, decided they didn't want a brown car even if it did look pretty nice.

When I ordered Tesla offered essentially 8 shades of grey (Yes!! I can tell my joke again!! It was available in white, white, grey, lighter grey, black, basically black, basically black, basically black, and red). So I went with the red. I do love the red, though. Very deep, complex color.

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