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Slacker Accounts Controllable Via Profiles?

Hi guys,

I'm picking up my Model S on Saturday! My wife has a question and perhaps one of you could help answer. I've read how you can set your own credentials with Slacker Radio (Settings -> Apps -> Media App), but is it possible to have multiple Slacker accounts that are controlled through Tesla's user profiles feature? Or is it just one account that my wife and I would have to share?

Thanks in advance!
Sadly no. There is one account that is stored for all user profiles. There is nothing stopping you from logging out and logging in with different Slacker accounts, but I'd imagine you'll find it's not worth the hassle.

Many of us do wish they tied user profiles to Slacker and TuneIn accounts among other things. It seems like a missed opportunity to provide a unique experience to each user profile, but I think they choose simplicity over functionality at this point.

Here's hoping this gets addressed in future releases and they add more online services to choose from.