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Supercharger support: Total fail


2022 Model S
Jun 6, 2013
So Cal
Once again, Tesla’s horrific customer service has demonstrated itself. Such a shame, given how exemplary there were when they first launched.

I took a road trip this past weekend. About 2 hours after my 2nd supercharger stop, I received an alert, both on my IC screen and the main screen that Supercharging is unavailable until I update my payment method. Fortunately, I had destination charging. I checked with my credit card company, and they said they only received the first charge for $7, but not the second for about $13. Nothing was declined by them. I logged into my account and saw the overdue amount. I hit the “pay now” button using the existing credit card info on file, and it processed immediately. There was no need for me to update anything. Go figure.

Two days later, my car still had the warning message. I had a 300+ mile return trip planned for the following day, a Sunday. I called Tesla support, and they said that there is nothing they can do until Monday, when their Supercharging support team is back. I asked them what should I do if I get stuck. They told me they can arrange for a tow, but I should leave a day later on a Monday. WTF??? Like I really need to get a hotel, miss a day of work, and reschedule 20+ patients just because they can’t process a f***ing credit card? Worse, they actually did process my payment.

Fortunately, the warning suddenly went away later that day. I was able to get home safely. This is just stupid though. They had my credit card info, they neglected to process payment for no clear reason, then tell me I need to update it, when I did not need to do anything, then tell me they cannot fix the warning on a weekend. Morons.

I hope SpaceX does better on their customer service. “Sorry to hear that your oxygen is running low, but our support team is off weekdays 5pm. We recommend that you reschedule your reentry for a weekday. Is there anything else I can help you with? If not, have a nice day.”