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Tesla OEM Rear Door PPF damaged in packaging

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Has anyone had issues with the packaging of the Model Y Rear door PPF causing damage to the film? I’ve gotten 2 films (original, replacement) from Tesla. Both have come with the corner edges being smashed enough to cause some creasing and lifting of the corner of the film.

Is this normal? Will it affect its application to the car or will it be more prone to peeling? I’ve heard some owners recommend just trimming the corners if they’re lifting as they won’t stick as well.


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My packaging had the same issues. Haven’t installed yet and not sure I will. Hop the front mud flaps do the trick.
I believe the consensus is the mud flaps will do very little to protect the rear door flare from sand/grit/debris from damaging the paint. This issue is similar to many cars on the road, which have PPF installed, either at the dealer, or at the factory.

I highly recommend installing the PPF.
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Just got my PPF from Tesla with the same packaging damage. Trying to determine what I'll do. I've got Amazon Mud Flaps installed.

yeah it’s a little frustrating how they package and send the film. Last time when I contacted them about what to do, they just sent me a RMA to return it for replacement. They didn’t really respond to my inquiry, just sent the authorization.
IMO, the fragile area in front of the rear wheel wells needs to be covered from day one. I wouldn't hesitate. Returns/exchanges take time.

If the damage is minor, can you possibly just trim the mangled corner in a manner that would match the curve of the PPF? That's what I'd do.
After seeing this video I am considering ordering the PPF from the Tesla store and taking it with me on the plane when I fly up to pick up my MY LR (when ever they actually say I can have it) to avoid getting any paint issues on the drive home before I get more extensive paint protection done.

Does anywhere sell full car PPF kits that are model specific? With pre-cut pieces I feel confident that I could do the job myself on a brand new car that doesn't have jacked up paint from driving around unprotected. I couldn't detail a car nicely to save my life, but I feel that I can wash a car that isn't already jacked up well enough to do pre-cut PPF :)