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Tesla, TSLA & the Investment World: the Perpetual Investors' Roundtable


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Mar 24, 2013
MOD: All Moderators have been given instructions to apply 10-day timeouts for any participant who cannot keep his political opinions to himself. For the moment, this applies strictly to US politics, and loosely to European or other locations. Why? Because our non-US members have, in general, been a little bit less prone to such verbal diarrhea.

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May 15, 2016
San Diego, CA
Not sure in what way you think Germany is fighting Tesla. The German government at national and local levels is actually very supportive of Tesla. The people that are 'fighting' Tesla in Germany are small environmental groups whose views are not shared by the Greens that are now part of the German government.

If you want to throw stones, they might be better directed at the attitude of the US government. Perhaps you could explain how they are embracing Tesla as a manufacturing powerhouse?

Go back and read my posts.

My point was there appears to be FAR MORE RED TAPE that a small group, such as what we see in Germany right now, can use to obstruct the majority and slow down a worthwhile project. We don't see that kind of leverage in Austin.


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Feb 3, 2015
EDIT: My wife and I drove an original 1986 Hyundai Pony until our early 30s. It had a manual choke like our lawn mower at the time. I never could figure it out and my wife always had to get it started for me. I can only remember we had a lot of fun in that car. The list price for the Pony was $4,999 (Canadian dollars) brand spanking new.
In 1977 I used to work so often in Kuwait that we figured it would be cheaper to own a car. The cheapest car sold in Kuwait at the time was the Hyundai Pony, their first designed car.It looked nice, designed by Guigiaro at the time. I thought it might work since Hyundai Construction had built the building I lived in in Bahrain, in ten months, and it was nice. So I spent roughly US$3500 and it kept working until I moved to another job. Were it to have been more recent I'd probably try to find a used Nissan Leaf.

Much of the world is desperately eager for that China designed entry level car from Tesla. I would buy several of them for relatives.
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Aug 18, 2012
FUD? There is no need or expectation that the bed should be Aluminum.

Thanks again to everyone who contributed! If you haven't submitted yet, please go complete the TMC investors survey now. For those who have submitted and want to view the automatic summary, please go to the TMC investors survey summary (please first complete the survey if you haven't already, but do not complete a 2nd time).

Here are some analytics I pulled together from the raw data.

Note bene:
  • To preserve people's privacy, only ranges were requested instead of asking for exact # of shares, exact age, etc. Therefore the results lack granularity, which is why the bubbles line up unnaturally. But hopefully insights are still possible
  • A few people (~10 or 3%) clearly submitted twice without knowing how to view the results. I have omitted duplicates from the statistics
  • 12 members (3.9%) choose not to indicate how many shares they own (sorry I didn't have this option available in the beginning)
  • The average shareholder age is 52.2 (± 4 years)
  • The largest share bracket (35.8% of respondents) is of those owning between 1,000 and 3,000 shares (for all age brackets except for 20-30)
  • The average number of shares owned is 5,600 (± 25%)
  • Almost 3/4 (72%) of us are Teslanaires (owning at least $1,000,000 in TSLA) (thank you, Elon!)
  • There are at least 12 members (3.9%) with more than 25,000 shares ($25 M), two of whom are in their 40s (12 also chose not to indicate their # of shares)
  • Almost half (45.9%) trade options. I'm sorry I didn't have better questions to profile this group. Suggestions welcome.
View attachment 738330
  • I don't know for sure, but since Tesla is a young, technical company, it seems the distribution of shareholders by age group represents younger demographics more than older stocks might, say GE
View attachment 738345
  • 251 (82.6%) own both TSLA and a Tesla:
    • 146 (58.2%) bought TSLA shares before they purchased a Tesla
    • 65 (25.9%) bought TSLA shares the same year they bought a Tesla
    • 40 (15.9%) purchased a Tesla before they bought TSLA shares
  • 38 (12.5%) do not own a Tesla vehicle (yet)
  • 12 (4%) currently have their first Tesla on order!
I hope this is informative. Happy weekend!

Any analysis requests?

Interesting survey results! I'd like to add a few additional questions for my analysis.

Survey Part 2

1. How many shares do you own?

2. What is your trading account #?

3. What was your high school mascot?

4. What was the name of your first childhood pet?

5. What was the name of your first best friend?

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here is a dynamic I seldom see data about...
I now have 3x the amount of money I need to sustain my current lifestyle. Or another way of saying, I have 3x my goal. So in risk assessment My "risk point" is will the stock drop over 60% Because at that point I need to worry.
My "risk" is will it impact my lifestyle, not some form of King Midas' perception.
So evaluating risk? A numbers game, or impact on one's life. Two different realms.

Absolutely agree (ditto). The data we collected could only hint at this (i.e. low # of shares and high leverage is more risky than high # of shares and high leverage, since, as you say, in the latter I can afford to lose more dollars linearly).

Age is also relevant since I may have put up with more risk when I was younger, and - we all know has this has gone - my investment in TSLA means I no longer need to take as much risk now.

Anyway I'll see what I can do with our data.

PS OnTopic: how about the SP, eh??



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Dec 19, 2018


His cardinal virtue? An undamaged brain.
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Dec 19, 2018
You might think she did a good job, but obvious blatant lying does not inspire confidence in a person to me. Quite the opposite actually, and I would never invest in a company with an individual like that at the helm.

Did you really believe I was recommending an investment in GM? :rolleyes:

No doubt Mary Barra is between a rock and a hard place but she put herself there of her own doing and deserves whatever comes her way. Because she didn't take EV's seriously enough to develop more than one of them back when they planned the ugly, freakish-looking Bolt. And she didn't secure a battery supply. And... on and on. Basically, her strategy was to give lip service to EV's in a manner that would extend their ability to profit from ICE sales.

But to actually answer the questions honestly would have exposed all her failings. Her reputation is beyond salvage at this point, all she can do is get out with her golden parachute at some point before the entire house of cards comes crashing down. She has driven GM into the ground. Saying she has excellent natural talent at dodging questions is not a compliment or investment recommendation! Sorry if you misunderstood.
The Times article on GM can be found here: TIME100 Most Influential Companies 2021: General Motors
Of interest is within the article Tesla is mentioned six times and Elon Musk is either mentioned or referenced three times.
Eben Shapiro calls a spade a spade and opens the article with facts (copied below) and his questions to Mary Barra are very pointed and shows knowledge of GM's failed past. Eben asks all the right questions, most of which any here on TMC would ask Mary if they had the opportunity. I can't speak for Mary Barra's answers, however as noted by other posters, she skirts the questions well.
Kudos to Eben Shapiro and TIMES magazine. I think they did a balanced job of reporting.

APRIL 26, 2021 11:00 PM EDT
For more than a year, from her wood-paneled home office, Mary Barra has been leading General Motors on a quest that, if successful, will be one of the most consequential reinventions in corporate history. GM is playing serious catchup in the electric-vehicle game, and success is far from certain for the legacy carmaker that sold fewer than 21,000 EVs in the U.S. last year. Market leader Tesla accounted for an astonishing 79% of all U.S. EV registrations in 2020, according to Automotive News.(GM’s Bolt was the only non-Tesla model in the top five slots.)


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Feb 18, 2020
That's not very promising for the future of Nissan.

TSLA trading very flat today after it's initial runup. Eh, that's better than nosediving! :D
Yeah, TSLA diverged from the macro's about an hour ago. Could be Elon's planned sell for the day taking effect. We've seen this pattern on Mondays/Tuesday before over the past 2 weeks where the stock suddenly flat lines for a good part of the day. Will be interesting to see if it rebounds back higher in the last hour.


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Jul 25, 2016
Making fun of others' transportation choices based on their finances serves noone. There is currently no cheap EV option available, which keeps most people away from purchasing EV over ICE.
Was teasing is all. Wanna see my first car? Ford Cortina, and definitely just a thing to get from point A to point B. It's what $500 got you in BC back then.

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