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Tracking P85D delivery thread


Roadster#433, Model S#S37
Feb 27, 2009
Took delivery today!!!! :wink: :smile: :biggrin:

I agree with most of what has been reported here. Here are a few additional observations that have not been reported or not reported much:

  1. The seats don't go as low. I am 6'0", but have a longer torso, and shorter legs than average. When adjusting the performance (not nextgen) seats as low as possible, there was a noticeable difference in height in the P85D. My head was closer to the pano roof. Not uncomfortable, but not as low; I prefer the P85 here.
  2. Speed warnings are great! Set it to 5 mph over and it worked like a charm. On some side streets, the little speedo line stayed at 0 until I went past a speed limit sign, then the little line went to 5 over the speed limit. On major streets, the GPS database just starts there.
  3. Lane assist is pretty good. It really does a pretty good job of creating a virtual rumble strip when you drift or change lanes without using the blinker. When the human can's see lane lines, it does not work. In high contrast situations, there are times when the human can see the lines but the lane assist can't; for example when a shadow line is running close to the lane lines. If you are a pilot, it works like a stick shaker; nice interface.
  4. Insane acceleration is a blast! On my P85, there is noticeable tire slip with all season 19s when flooring the accelerator pedal. In the P85D, I had no perceptible tire slip. I tried using a accelerometer logging app on the iPhone, MotionLogger, run by my passenger. It logs raw X,Y, Z accelerometer data from the iPhone sensors. I have it set at 60 Hz logging. With 19 All Seasons on dry pavement at 35˚ F. temps, I am getting average off the line acceleration of 0.99g and a peak of 1.15g. The peak only lasts for a single sample at a time (~17ms) and then goes back to the average. It seems like the traction control on dry pavement is sensing the breakaway traction on a time scale that I cannot, and gives the appearance of no slipping.
  5. Too early to analyze "sane" highway driving range. Stevezzzz and I hope to do some parallel driving in the next week or so of my P85 and the P85D to see if we can come up with some quantifiable comparisons. Both of us have driven MS's for over 2 years and by driving carefully on the same route, with similar styles, at the same time, with the same starting conditions, and swapping rides, we hope to gather some pretty good data.
  6. Cruise control does not seem to include radar info to slow down behind another car.
  7. Love my color choices, Grey exterior, Tan Seats, Black headliner!

First Supercharge at Lone Tree, CO:
P85D Park Meadows.JPG


Active Member
Feb 28, 2013
Something just doesn't seem right. The rear motor is the same as the P85. If the front motor is completely disabled, the range should be similar to the P85 (except for the added weight). Hopefully it's just software that can be improved.

interesting. How would that work w/o mechanical disconnect?


Aug 23, 2013
Los Gatos, CA
Seems like a useful thing to have communicated during delivery, no?

If my memory serves me (it's been shaken and stirred with the P85D Insane Launches I've been doing)... He said in the D event there were 3 modes Normal Sport and Insane, we only have 2 modes Sport and Insane now, so this update likely is the "Normal" mode he referred to.


Active Member
May 23, 2013
interesting. How would that work w/o mechanical disconnect?

There's no mechanical connection between the rotor and the stator in the motor. When you "idle" the motor, the rotor spins freely.

There's still some parasitic drag from the half-shafts and the transmission, presumably, but I imagine it's not huge.

I assume that it's the rear motor that gets idled at highway speed?


Senior Tinkerer
Feb 23, 2014
Hickory, NC, USA
So, got P64184 this morning.

Car came with front next-gen seats, but no next gen rear seats. No heated steering wheel options. This was a "black hole" car.

Traded in my P85. Since it was immaculate they gave me ~$3k more than my original trade in estimate... which was already pretty good.

Drove out of the parking lot, stopped in the middle of the street, and launched it. Yep....

So far, I've only seen the power meter at just under 480kW. However I didn't remember to really look at it until after I was already below 80% charge, but, I'll check again tomorrow.

Some first impressions and notes coming from and comparing to my loaded P85:
  • Definitely louder under full acceleration. Can hear the front motor. No balloon squeal though.
    • Not that it is loud compared to any ICE vehicle, but it is noticeably louder than single motor Teslas... No one would classify it as "loud."
  • Cabin is significantly quieter (less road noise) at cruising speeds. This was instantly noticeable. Road noise has been dampened quite a bit since P21636...
  • The alcantara dash is pretty nice.
  • Rear doors definitely open noticeably wider.
  • Frunk is pretty useless now. The pictures do not do the amount of space taken away justice. It is quite small now.
  • Frunk has a single latch instead of two... I found this odd. The latching mechanism appears partially electronic.
    • Frunk is notably more difficult to close as it feels like you have to hold it closed while the electronic latch engages, so a quick press doesn't seem to catch like it used to.
  • Charge port cord locking mechanism is silent...
    • at first I thought I didn't plug it in all the way, but it turns out it is just quieter now. Same with the opener, it is also silent.
  • I did not hear the "ticking issue" even while driving down a smooth road with no other sounds...
  • Radio sounds exactly the same
  • Charge door is... interesting. Cool that it auto closes. Seems less responsive to the cable handle button... could be wrong on that.
  • Next gen front seats are amazing. The most comfortable car seats I've ever sat in. Also took a few pretty sharp turns and they hold you nicely in place.
  • Rear seats I have are newer, but not next gen. The head rests are much higher. They obstruct the rear view substantially more than in my P85...
  • Sun visors are larger and useful now.
  • The rear view mirror plastic housing for the autopilot cam and such is larger... not sure how the dash cam install is going to look.
  • I miss my custom trunk lighting... frunk is useless now so, no point
  • Steering is different. Feels like a cross between "Standard" and "Sport" on my P85, but even more responsive.
  • Ride is a bit rougher and more solid. If I hadn't driven my fiance's with 21's, I would blame them, but it is rougher than hers. Can feel the road imperfections quite a bit... and this is in NJ. The seats help however.
  • Regen is significantly more aggressive at lower speeds. It still maxes out a bit above 60kW, but it will hold higher regen rates down to lower speeds. This seems like expected behavior for a dual motor setup.
  • Has an E-revision battery.
    • I removed the service cover in the frunk and tried to view the top of the pack but it is covered by the motor now.
    • On that note, the front motor assembly looks huge.
    • I did crawl under the car and try to view the pack, and I could not see any new connector. The service guy said he didn't believe there was a front connector.
  • Lane departure warning seems to work properly. It feels like the rumble strips on the side of highways. Pretty interesting. Noticeable to me and my front passenger, but not my rear ones.
  • Speed limit sign reader is interesting...
    • It didn't catch the electronic speed limit signs on the Deleware River bridges.
  • DS said autopilot stuff was slated for January. We'll see.
  • DS said replacement of my rear seat with next gen rear seat would likely be Q2 2015.
  • Steering mode setting is notably absent from settings.
  • Traction control setting is notably absent from settings.
  • I have an air ionizer now...
  • Performance wise
    • I wasn't expecting it to be this much faster than the P85... but it is. It really is notably faster.
    • Off the line is obviously insane.
    • From 70-90 feels quicker also.
    • Traction and handling is improved
    • The feeling of the car pulling through turns as others have noted is entirely accurate.
    • A full throttle launch from 0 without warning to passengers is unsafe. Warn your passengers...
  • Range on the dash at 95% charge was 230 miles. So, should show 242 at 100%. Will find out tomorrow.

More as I get some more miles in. Drove from 30 to 110 so far...

- - - Updated - - -

Overall happy with it so far.

Pics later

Going to add a few notes to this (guess I should make a thread...)

  • Supercharging is faster above 90%
    • At the Newark, DE supercharger the car continued to take over 20kW up to 98% SoC... took only about 15 minutes to do the last 10% on a 100% charge, which is way better than my P85 (nearly 30 minutes).
    • This is the only 100% supercharge I did so far
  • The alcantara headliner material also covers the center piece between the halves of the pano roof and it looks pretty nice
  • If the scale of the regen bar continues (where the section past 60kW is 60 to 120 kW) then the P85D maxes out around 90kW of regen because it hits the half-way mark in the section above 60kW
  • After 700 miles of driving or so, the regen is much more effective than the P85. It can maintain 60kW+ down to about 30MPH now...
    • The added weight must help too
  • The reversal of the cruise control and blinker controls compared to the P85 is screwing with my head...
  • Speed limit sensor screws up on HOV/express lane speed limit signs and digital speed limit signs.
  • Lane departure seems reasonably accurate even in crap weather.

Also did a thread on my trip today here: http://www.teslamotorsclub.com/showthread.php/39932-P85D-First-long-trip-range-data-etc


Active Member
Aug 17, 2014
Stouffville, ON Canada
Got the same call a few minutes ago. My Christmas day delivery of two cars is cancelled (after I got the bank draft and activated the insurance). I was assured that we were on track for a Christmas day delivery as late as 2pm today but alas.
We are planning to leave town on the 26th so the delivery is rescheduled for Jan 5th. Bummer.
Meanwhile, my 911 GT3 made it from Winnipeg to Toronto in 2 days. That is a WAY more difficult drive than from Detroit -> Toronto.

Oh well.

Worse here; dead silence, still in "production". Also have the bank draft ready and insurance arranged but delivery on the 28th would be a miracle.


Dec 8, 2014
Livermore CA
Worse here; dead silence, still in "production". Also have the bank draft ready and insurance arranged but delivery on the 28th would be a miracle.

I was at the factory today taking delivery of my P85D...there were 100s there being prepped for delivery. If you're waiting they are clearly trying hard to deliver. Most of them were P85Ds

also found out that they intend to use the cancelled orders as demo cars - so they are gonna be showing up sporadically too.


Oct 10, 2014
Orlando, FL
Can someone point me towards the thread that is covering the P85D Owner that had his front motor fail with less then 250 miles on the car?
I don't believe he started one. There was two posts in this thread, one with the pics from the failure, and another where he said "don't use my car's failure as a reason to not buy the car, it's awesome." or something to that effect.

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