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Two Lane Autopilot Performance Across Software Versions

I drive a 2017 Model X (bought in July 2017) It is an MCU1 and AP2.0 vehicle.

I live in Northern Virginia and frequently use Autopilot on two lane hilly roads. I have noticed that the car's ability to navigate these roads varies widely across software versions, and that newer versions do not always improve the performance of the Autopilot.

I particular, the first three versions of V10 software 2019.32.11 -- 2019.32.12.1 had frequent phantom braking and Autopilot failures on these roads.

Version 2019.32.12.2 seems to be a major improvement over the previous V10 releases.

I'd like to know if other forum members have experienced similar results, and to begin to track those releases that have the best two lane performance.
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I have not posted about an intervening releases because they have not provided any improvement in phantom breaking or unusual road marking behavior.

However, i purchased a new Model X in mid December and the new hardware coupled with release 2019.40.50.7 have shown dramatic improvement. The new hardware along did not show any real improvement over the 2017 Model X. I have not experienced any phantom braking or strange behavior on my local hilly roads with the new release.