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USB-C Quick Connection Phone Dock

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Brett - The Nerdy Engineer
Sep 22, 2016
Has anyone found a good USB-C cable to use with the Quick Connection Phone Dock? I'm getting a new phone soon, and it is going to have USB-C. I know Tesla still doesn't offer their own USB-C cable for the phone dock, but I'm hoping that there's a decent aftermarket cable I can use with it.
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So you'll basically want it to look like this. Notice that the elbow is well below the top of the mount. This is because the adapter is in place (also pictured below). You may need to dremel the hole slightly bigger to get the adapter to slide up in there. Then use a tiny dab of hot glue if it's not a tight fit.

download (1).jpg

Here is the same idea adjusting the height of the plug using an iPhone cable. Same exact idea. It helps to take out the mount insert, put the cable through, plug the phone (with case) in and let it rest on the mount. Then adjust the height so it just right before you hot glue it in place.
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I am working on the same project but to allow me to keep an OtterBox case on my iPhone. I don't have the 7+ yet but with my 6 and current Tesla phone dock, the connection was just too short.

Not sure if everyone has a case or not but raising the plug a bit should let you do this and still prevent your phone from leaning left or right.

Maybe make a mark on the plug to show how high you need it to be so the phone and case rest evenly on the mount.
I'm not going to remove both screws to show you the underside, but here is the final look (although I snapped a couple of the plastic pieces to keep in flat under the rubber, it still sits nicely) using the cable purchased on Amazon (linked above). Good luck!


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I wanted fast charging for my phone, so after a lot of searching around I finally found this USB-C to USB-C connector with two right-angled connectors: Angled USB Type-C to Angled USB Type-C Cable (50cm, Right Angle, 90-deg, USB 3.1 / USB-C) : USBFever.com - the accessory shop for all your handheld Electronics!

I'm using it in combination with this charger to get full quick charging speeds: https://smile.amazon.com/dp/B014F2NQ36

I had to use a Dremel on one of the connectors to resize it, but that turned out to be pretty easy and it's working quite well. Granted it's not quite as clean as the OEM cables, but the quick charging is worth it.
I put together a short video showing how to modify your Quick Connection Dock to use USB-C. Thanks to everyone on this thread that shared their tips. Hopefully this video is able to help more people. I'm not sure why Tesla still doesn't offer a USB-C option.

Because Elon uses an iPhone. And thank you for the video, top notch.
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