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What architecture would you like to see for the Model 3?

With Elon stating that the M3 will be sedan - which style would you prefer?

  • Fastback hatch- similar to the MS

    Votes: 67 89.3%
  • Fastback with a trunk/boot

    Votes: 2 2.7%
  • Notchback (3-box) with a trunk/boot (BMW et al style)

    Votes: 4 5.3%
  • Other style/shape - give suggestions

    Votes: 2 2.7%

  • Total voters
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With Elon stating that the M3 will be sedan and all the apparent options this still throws up, which of the following styles would you prefer?

1 - Fastback hatch similar to the MS
2 - Fastback with a separate trunk/boot
3 - Notchback (3-box) with trunk/boot (BMW et al style)
4 - Other format - give suggestions
I suppose I am wondering whether Elon's comment about the M3 being a 'sedan' wasn't just a throw-away tweet and all he actually meant was that it would be a 'normal' 4-door family car and NOT an SUV/CUV/crossover/wagon or whatever.

Mr Musk could spoil all the fun and about 250 posts by just reading this and clarifying the situation but I suspect he enjoys the speculation and confusion so we'll have to wait until the unveiling in March (or is that Elon-time? So June or July - 2016?)
Of the three, hatchback like the Model S is best.

Er... I count four.

Elon like to push envelopes. The S has been all about showcasing the capabilities of the electric drivetrain. The X (although the jury is still out on this) is about pushing the interior functionality and ingress/egress. With Model 3, it's likely to be more of - "okay it's electric - so what? What else can it do better than anything else?"

Although it fills me with a certain apprehension, I think we'll see something different from the S/X style. No idea what that implies and there's no point in linking to the usual online concept car pipedreams.

Looking forward to next March - or possibly June in Tesla-time.:wink:
Hmmm - so far it seems that it is a no-brainer for Tesla as to what 'shape' is preferred.......

But I am wondering why so few people seem to care what the format of the M3 is going to be? Maybe shape/looks/layout etc are not that important for many people as long as it is not offensive and it is a great car.

What is the reason most people pick the MS design? Is it for extra interior space; the big hatch; for aero reasons; or purely for looks?
I'd never buy a car with a seperate trunk. They're extremely unpopular here in Norway. This is mostly because being able to fold the seats down and carrying large objects is something every car needs to do.

Maybe the US doesn't mind seperate trunks because pickup trucks are common, and they carry their large objects with these. But here, pickup truks are fairly unpopular, mostly because of the snow. So, we need to carry large objects in our cars.
You have so much more versatility with a hatchback design. People are constantly amazed at just how much stuff you can put in my 2nd-gen Prius (and the 3rd gen is even bigger!). Only once did I have to borrow a friend's truck to move something that the Prius couldn't fit (a barbecue that was bigger than my desk, FWIW). I haven't owned a traditional sedan for over 20 years, now -- the cargo flexibility is just that good.
A smaller version of the Model S would be perfect.

Other styles will follow.
It's no surprise to me how many people want the 3 to look like the S, just smaller. The S is a beautiful car. But what does surprise me is that Elon said it won't be the case. I don't know if he just wants the S to always stand out in a crowd, or if he has other reasoning for it. But there's only so much he can change and still keep the drag coefficient as low as it is (windows, lights, wheels).

BMW keeps the same overall design for the 3, 5, and 7 series, and from a distance you can't always tell which you're looking at. Maybe that's where he's coming from. From a distance, he wants people to know that they're looking at a $90K Tesla instead of a $35K Tesla.
Traditional sedans with a fixed back window (only the trunk lid opens up) are a complete turn off to me. Such a wasted opportunity to make it easy to load the trunk.

A previous generation of Mazda 6 had the fastback like a Model S and it was genius. Tesla did the right thing with Model S and I hope they carry it forward with Model 3.

I'd be perfectly happy with Model 3 looking like a smaller Model S.

I would like to see tesla release 3 versions of the model 3, all at the same time.

Have the drive train be the same (with lots of options for power, battery capacity and 2 or 4 wheel drive)

Then have 3 body variants to chose from: a full hatch, a fastback hatch sedan like the ms, and a crossover.

bring new meaning to "model 3".