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What did you own before your Model Y?

Several years ago, I had the opportunity to ride in a P85D, and I was blown away! And, I've owned several fast performance cars in my life. However, I didn't pay much attention to anything other than the 0-60 time, including how well I fit in the car.

I'm a tall/big guy (6'8"/350 lbs.), so I typically daily drive full size trucks for the extra room. I absolutely love my F-150 Raptor, but I am still drawn to Teslas, especially now that I have Tesla solar/Powerwalls. My solar is expected to produce an excess of 7,000 to 8,000 kWh annually, so it should be good for 20,000 miles of EV use per year, which is just about what I drive.

I'm considering all Tesla vehicles, but the Model Y seems to be the current best bang for the buck, especially when it comes to having the newest tech (fastest charging, phone as key, etc.). Has anyone come from a full size truck or SUV, or high performance full size truck or SUV (Raptor, Trackhawk, etc.)? Any regrets?

Honestly, I think will prefer a try motor Cybertruck over the MYP, and I am debating of just keeping the Raptor until the Cybertruck is available, or purchasing a MYP to hold me over. Anyone have input as to what vehicle (2020 Raptor, MYP) will hold its value until the Cybertruck is available?
Honestly, if you love your raptor then you would probably prefer the cybertruck over the Y and would make sense to wait. Especially if you think the Y would just be a temporary hold over until the cybertruck is available.

also, financially speaking it probably would make more sense to go from raptor to cybertruck than raptor to the Y then the cybertruck.

enjoy your raptor as much as possible for the next year or 2 while you wait for the cybertruck to be available. The good thing is you currently enjoy your ride so you aren’t necessarily in a rush to make a decision. Nothing wrong with waiting.
So I have a cyber on order and the Y I got is my hold over. It's also going to be my learning Tesla vehicle. If all goes well, I'll sell it when my cybertruck comes in. If not, then I will sell it and get something different. So far, really happy with my Y. It's going to be hard driving or owning a gas or diesel vehicle ever again for me. Even though my Y should have been here 6 or 7 months ago so today it seems like this could be a short time vehicle. I still believe everything works out for a reason. And waiting, I got some upgrades that I wouldn't have gotten in July and dealing with only one car since June of last year made this purchase a little easier on the wallet too.

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