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What is difference between the two types of autopilot

There seems to be two types of navigation on autopilot. One with the single blue line coming from the centre of the car in front, and one with two blue lines outlining the edges of the lane you are in. What is the difference? I've tried both and can't tell any differences.
Navigate on Autopilot on roads where it can will give you the single line and offer overtake opportunities that you have to trigger to use. That mode will also do the off/on ramp changes on M-ways (and on a good day might not kill you doing it)
Autosteer with traffic awareness is the two lines where you can request auto overtake (you can on NOA as well)

I'm not having a dig at you as such but it's well worth studying the manual. I think Id read it several times beore even going to look at the S I bought. It does change with updates and there's a lot one forgets.
The one with the single blue line in the middle is Navigate on Autopilot. In this version, the car can initiate lane changes on its own.

The one with two blue lines (one on each side of your lane) is the regular Autopilot. In this version, you need to use the turn signal to initiate an Autopilot lane change. You are responsible to make sure the target lane is clear.