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What would you do? 2019 Perf vs 2021 LR


Feb 2, 2021
So I stumbled into a dilemma & I'd like some feedback. Curious what others would do, or what additional info I should seek out to make the decision.

Option #1: 2021 MS, LR, FSD, 19" tempest wheels

Option #2: 2019 MS, Perf, 10k miles, Ludicrous Mode, FSD, 21" twin turbine, chrome delete wrap, full tint

Identical interior/exterior colors & pricing within +/- 1000 USD.

What would you do?
How many miles on option #1?

Option #1 is straight from Elon’s place to mine.

Ordered 1/23 in anticipation of the refresh, now waiting for production to ramp & get my VIN. Slightly concerned about production quality post-refresh & one of the things I liked about going option 2 is easier inspection & knowing the car is super clean.
What's your use case?

Road trips or only in town? The range is incredibly nice when going long distance.

Also... Is the '19 a Raven? That makes a big difference.

Mostly commuter around town. Road trips will be about 4-5 per year that are 200 miles each way and then maybe 1-2 per year at 350 miles each way.

Estimated range at full charge for option #2 is displaying as 300 miles.

How do I confirm if it’s a Raven or not?
Flip a coin. I will say you will very rarely use the true performance acceleration but you’ll likely enjoy the extra miles since you need to whack about 20% off whatever it says you’ll be getting for normal conditions. I have a P90DX and if I could do it again, I would have gotten more range. There is no such thing as a slow Tesla.
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I would get the new one. It’s got lots of new things, and probably ones were not even aware of yet. I imagine resale will also be better a few years down the road. Plus you’ll get the full warranty. New one does 3.1 0-60, 2019 P does 2.3 0-60 which is AWESOME but 3.1 is still very quick. Worth the 0.8 sec hit for a new one to me.
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Small but not zero possibility of $7k difference in price. (Possible tax credit retro to 1/1 or in effect when you take delivery)
When I first read the post, I assumed you meant pre-refresh. I think it is a no brainer that the refresh is better - at least that is what I would choose.
But, there are some that will stomp on it every day and giggle like a school girl. I stomp every day but I have a slow Tesla. I think under 3.5, I probably would hold back. Also - performance number is with a roll out and (presumably?) the refresh is not. So the difference is more like .4 sec. Someone more up to date on this - please correct me if wrong.
Has anyone seen insurance costs for the new post-refresh 2021 Model S? I thought we needed VIN #s to get those quotes.

The 2021 LR should be the same as the 2020, but my point is some have been billed a premium for the "performance" version. I talked to one fellow at a Supercharger who said buying the P100D doubled his premium.

Here is what I am getting at: Non-Performance insurance quoted for performance?

Might sway your decision
The refresh of course, no brainer. Besides the things we already know about it, you can be sure there will be more updates you want. And it will for sure be worth considerable more when you want to sell or trade next time.