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  1. K

    2017 Model S 90D for sale

    2017 Tesla Model S 90D, 25,900 miles, all options available at the time including air adjustable ride height and full glass retractable panoramic sunroof. Great car and would love to keep but moving to MT and not much charging/service available. No accidents, clean title. price: $52k obo...
  2. rshields89

    ISO/WTB Model S 75D or 90D w/ FSD or EAP enabled

    I posted earlier this week wanting a Model 3, but after test driving a few today here in Austin, Texas I am set on wanting a Model S. I am looking to purchase ideally a 90D w/ FSD or EAP enabled, but would settle for a 75D w/ FSD or EAP...Bigger bonus if they have the 21” wheels! I’m totally...
  3. J

    An amazing 2016 Tesla Model X $52,900 39K miles

    My Model Y is ready, so we have a 2016 Tesla Model X for sale with 39,519 miles. It is a six seater and has all the options except the premium sound. It also has Maxspider mats. We are the second owner and it came with some scratches on the passenger side where you can see in the photos. The...
  4. Y

    Considering a used 2017 MS90D

    Hello all! I am about to purchase a Tesla and would like to hear your suggestions! My wife will start a new job soon which involves in 150 mile round-trip commute for at least 3 days a week. So we are considering buying her a car that's less stressful to drive in southern California traffic. We...
  5. L

    Maximum Charge of 40kW from 3 different SC's

    I tried charging at 3 different SC locations and 6 different charging stations (less than 55% battery charge starting out) and the maximum I could get was 40kW. Any suggestions? I rebooted the system on two occaisions. A couple of weeks ago, I charged at 13 SC geographic locations with an 88...
  6. S

    Buying used model S, 90D vs P85D

    Hi all. I currently have on order a used 2016 Model S 90D, 78k miles. Has the bells and whistles as far as upgrades go. But I saw a 2015 P85D with 32k miles, also has all the upgrades, but it’s $5k more. My questions for you are, is it worth the extra money for a performance S with far less...
  7. B

    2015 Tesla Model S 90D

    $45,000 Excellent condition. Has always been garaged. No smoking & no pets. No accidents. Includes car cover, charging cord & adapters. Vehicle Configuration: Model S 90D Dual Motor All Wheel Drive Solid Black Paint All Glass Panoramic Roof 19" Wheels Black Textile Seats Piano Black...
  8. S

    Searching for S90D FL used driver seat second Generation

    Hi, I am looking for a used Driver seat for an S90D FL from 2017. I checked the Internet sources like ebay, etc. but to find a used Driver Seat Generation 2 is really difficult. Why? May be there are some dealer outside which have a seat from a crash etc. and these are in a good state. My...
  9. I


    $70,000 A Beautiful 2016 Tesla Model X 90D V1 1 Owner No smoking No Pets Parked in the Garage for the life of the vehicle Active Autopilot Smart Air Suspension Premium 22' Turbine Wheels Premium Upgrade Package Ultra Black Leather Seats Six Seat Option Alcantara Headliner Ambient Lighting HePa...
  10. I


    A Beautiful Tesla Model X 90D 1 Owner No smoking No Pets Parked in the Garage for the life of the vehicle Active Autopilot Smart Air Suspension Premium 22' Turbine Wheels Premium Upgrade Package Ultra Black Leather Seats Six Seat Option Alcantara Headliner Ambient Lighting HePa Air Filter Carbon...
  11. C

    2016 Model X 90D with Bike & Ski Rack

    Love my Model X - having to sell it as I am moving out of the country ($69,500) 38,860 Miles, Excellent condition Tow Package with Yakima FullSwing (Hitch Mount 4 Bike Rack) & Yakima HitchSki (Dual-Function Hitch Rack and Ski/Snowboard Carrier) 20" Silver Wheels, Dual Motor All Wheel Drive...
  12. D

    2016 Model S for sale self-driving and free super charging 17k miles $65K

    I just purchased my certified Model S direct from Tesla but am now being given a company car. This car is in absolute perfect condition. It is a unicorn in terms of its rarity as a used Tesla. This vehicle has the upgraded self driving capable software ($6,000) as well as free supercharging...
  13. jjvan

    WTB Model S 85D or 90D

    Hello. I'm looking for a 2015 or 2016 Model S 85D or 90D or better. My only hard requirements are: -must have a pano sunroof (to accept a roof rack) -have AWD My budget is $41k max. I'm on the lookout on the Tesla used site as well. I know Tesla has sold 41 used 85D/90D cars with warranty...
  14. D

    2015 Model S 90D battery degradation - ~ 20% (no new software related)

    I seem to have a battery issue. I recently purchased my 2015 Model S 90d from the NJ Tesla CPO (april 2019) with ~34,000 miles on it. Upon pickup the car was charged to ~80% and showed 205 mile range. I have 48,500 miles on it now, when I charge to 90% (81Kw) and drive to and from work...
  15. J

    2017 S 90D Supercharging Weird

    Hi there, New to the forum, but was wondering if anybody has experienced weird supercharging where it oscillates between ranges. This past weekend my supercharging was terrible as it bounced between. 0kw and 40kw. I tried 4 different chargers and I was the only car charging. I've contacted the...
  16. P

    Wtb: 2015-2016 Black Model S 75d/85d/90d/70d With Sas.

    As the title says. I'm looking to buy a 2015-2016 Black Model S 75D/85D/90D/70D with Smart Air Suspension. I like both pre- and post-facelift cars. Interior doesn't matter too much, as 90% of the interior configurations are pretty sweet. I'm slightly less interested in the 70D than the other...
  17. A

    WTB: 2016-2017 Red Model S 90D

    looking for a red Model S with facelift and AP2-AP3. I’m in VA, but willing to have it shipped. Prices I’ve seen are between 60k - 68k fully loaded.
  18. BeardedBro

    Model X 90D, 6-seater with EAP, FSD Paid For, $70,000

    December 2016 Model X 90D, 6-seater, EAP active, FSD Paid For $70,000 asking price, will of course consider all reasonable offers - please PM me - thanks! 2016 Model X 90D Mileage: 45,600 Color: Pearl white Interior: Ultra white VIN: 5YJXCBE24GF030075 Vehicle design confirmed 11/16/2016...
  19. K


    It is time that I am interested in purchasing a Tesla Model X. However, due to pricing, I am looking for a used vehicle in the California or Nevada area. I have been doing some research for the past month and I still get confused about what version is what, so I am asking people on the forum to...
  20. G

    S75D better than 85D for road trips?

    Hi all, Looking to purchase a used Tesla mainly looking at S75D/85D/90D w AP1 as that most fits my budget. Performance-wise I understand all 3 are about the same with range being the only difference. My daily commute is 40 miles each way with charging at work so even in the worst conditions I'm...
  21. A

    WTB: Model X 75D/90D, Five Seats, $60k, MD area

    Looking for a Model X 75D or 90D with five seat configuration for around $60k. The following are my preferences, but I will consider other options: Black/Grey exterior with white interior Enhanced Autopilot Smart Air Suspension Premium Interior Package Ultra Hi-Fi Sound Subzero 20" wheels...
  22. J

    2016 Model X - 90D for Sale

    Selling my 2016 Tesla Model X 90D - 29,600 miles in great condition in New York area (45 minutes north of New York City). Midnight Silver Metallic with free supercharger included. New tires in the past 90 days. Additional pictures available - available in New York area All Wheel Drive...
  23. I

    MX used vs new

    Hi Folks, I'm debating between an used 2016 MX 90D vs a new display model 2018 MX 75D. The 2018 cost about 10k more, but while I'm leaning towards getting the new MX, I wanted to pick your brains on the following. 1- Resale value difference. If I sell either MX 5 years down the line, would the...
  24. N

    Fully Loaded, Custom Ordered 2017 90D for Sale - $82,000

    HIGHLY spec'd, custom ordered Tesla Model S 90D. Original MSRP of $110,000! Custom configured online to my spec's and delivered to me with 7 miles on the clock I am the ONLY owner of this car. My commute is less than 5 miles and in 2 years the car has under 11,000 miles. Condition is like NEW...
  25. J

    2017 Model X 90D 13,000 Miles FOR SALE IN CHICAGO

    I have a 2017 Midnight Silver Metallic Model X 90D with 13,000 miles. I am leaving the country and need to sell it. $82,000 priced to sell. All Black Interior, 6 seat, Enhanced Autopilot, Premium Interior and Premium Sound Packages.
  26. T

    Tesla Trip Data vs. Range Metrics

    Hi everyone! I have been reading tonight about something that has been bothering me. I noticed when looking at my Wh/mi and kWh used for my daily commute (based on the Trip menu) do not match the significant Range drop I'm seeing. I use about 320-360 Wh/mi depending on air temp/heating, see...
  27. cpobuyer

    Difference between 2015 85D vs 90D

    Hello everyone, I am looking at CPO model S in Tesla website and not able to find any difference between 85D and 90D for 2015 build. Could someone clarify if there is any difference in terms of EPA and 0-60 times? Thanks
  28. D

    Pre-Facelift 90D Performance

    Hi all - Does anyone have information about pre-facelift 2016 90D performance numbers ? I'm seeing some conflicting information about whether the acceleration and range of the 90D was always 0-60 in 4.2s and 294 miles, or if that higher performance only came into being with the mid-2016...
  29. Rdr4evr69

    WTB ASAP...RED or Gray 75D or P85D 90D Loaded

    Must have leather pano roof that opens, Subzero, air suspension… All the goodies. Sold mine!
  30. AmpedInAustin

    Immaculate 2016 AP2 P90 Model S for Sale (22K miles)

    As you can tell by the pictures, immaculately maintained 2016 90D Model S. Texas driven car, always hand washed using Ammo NYC professional cleaning products. Accident free, always kept in a garage at home and at work. Always charged at no more than 80% to help preserve battery life. Clear...
  31. jessedh

    2017 Model S 90D w/Full Xpel Stealth Wrap, 21" Arachnid wheels & Escort 9500ci

    Looking to sell my 90D as I am trading up to a X. I listed it on eBay - open to private offers too 2017 Tesla Model S 90D | eBay 20180627_102358 by jessedh posted Jul 13, 2018 at 3:37 PM 20180618_063450 by jessedh posted Jul 13, 2018 at 3:37 PM
  32. zambono

    I think 90D is no longer supercharger limited

    i noticed higher charge rates for myself 2 weeks ago and right now I am at 106KW when before at times it would hover around 60.
  33. S

    I think my car is lying to me...

    So try to follow along with this napkin math. I'm going to define some well known facts to start: A. 90D pre-refresh nominal capacity 85.8kwh B. 90D pre-refresh usable capacity 81.8kwh C. 4kwh brick protection, cannot use (A minus B) D. Watts per mile used to calculate EPA rated range for...
  34. V

    90D Vacation from 190 to 40 in 7 days unplugged parked . Normal?

    So went on Vacation for 7 days. Charged it to about 190 before we left. When we came back it was 40. Is this normal. Car was unplugged and parked in garage. Also 90 is 219 and 100 is 236. Is that normal also? Car is exactly 20k driven to this point.
  35. prash

    2017 90D Model S 12,200miles-$78,200

    Considering Selling my Model S 90D to upgrade. Osbidian black with Tan Interior Purchased Aug 2017. 12,200miles. Fully loaded except premium sound.Garaged and well maintained. Free supercharging not transferable. Buyer shall get 400kwh annual credit. Window sticker attached. Last time I charged...
  36. gjunky

    Antelope Canyon - From Flagstaff

    I am planning a short trip from Flagstaff to Antelope Canyon near Page next weekend. I ran the trip throug the Tesla, EVTripPlanner, EVTripping and ABetterRoutePlanner (yes, OCD kicked in). I get wildly different numbers from all those, especially for the return trip (Antelope to Flagstaff). I...
  37. E

    2016 Model S 90D - Black on Black

    I am the original non-smoking owner and have taken really good care of this car. It has the post-face lift design and include Black Solid Paint, Body Color Roof, 19 in. Wheels, Black Next Generation Leather Seats, Dark Ash Wood Décor, Black Alcantara Headliner, Autopilot 1.0, and the Premium...
  38. Happy Kappy

    Selling Battery Modules from 2017 90D 3,600 miles

    I am selling off my pack from a 2017 90D with 3,600 miles on it. This was in a freshwater flood and had some condensation in it when I opened it up. Reads 387v out of 400v. It has not been charged for 6 months and you can see the voltage reading by module in attached picture. I will send...
  39. S

    Model S Supercharging: USA to Europe

    My family is looking to move from the US to Germany later this year. We would like to take our Model S (April 2016 build) with us. Does anyone know if this has been done in the past? Is there an adapter to allow us to use the European supercharging network? Thanks! -Sam
  40. EV Family

    2016 Model X 90D for sale (as seen on "LIKE TESLA")

    We're parting ways with our beloved 90D Model X to make room for a P100D Model X. Price: $77,500 Miles: 42,500 This car has been babied since day one, full body paint protection (by one of the top detailers in the country and of course documented on the youtube channel). Rarely charged...
  41. J

    2017 S90D AP2.5 1500 miles

    Hey folks, we have a black model S 90D. Essentially, we bought the car and then found out we have another child on the way and life will be hard with the S and four kids. The only option on the car is EAP but it is a post August build and has air suspension and AP2.5 hardware. I’m in the...
  42. B

    mid-2017 (AP2) S90D for sale (NOVA)

    Fully loaded Red S90D for sale with 6k miles. All options sans rear jump seat: Sunroof Premium sound Smart Air Suspension Premium Upgrade Package Black leather/Alcanterra All weather floor mats Upgraded Charger Sub-Zero Package Gauging interest more than ready to sell at this point. $113k new...
  43. E

    2016 Tesla Model S 90D Loaded with AP lease transfer $1090

    The color is Titanium metallic, great condition, never had any problem with the car. It's loaded with almost all upgrades. Took delivery in June 2016, it was a floor model with 3700 miles at the time. It has 18900 miles now. These are the official options for this car: Model S 90D All Wheel...
  44. kilocar

    Vendor Like-new 2017 Model S & Model Xs for sale or long-term rental/lease

    I checked out this website last night to see what inventory Teslas are available currently. Last week, there were only a few 90D inventory models left. As of now, there are 0 90Ds of either Model S or X in the system. I just wanted to let anyone know who may have been looking for one or waiting...
  45. kilocar

    Like-new 2017 Model X 90D for sale or long-term rental

    I recently purchased this Tesla. It was a Tesla showroom model at the time most of the miles originated. It comes fully loaded. I'll upload a window sticker and some pics here shortly. Also, it comes with free lifetime supercharging that transfers to the new owner, unlike the new program which...
  46. Freedom101

    Picked up our new 90D yesterday!

    Ordered this amazing machine on July 15th and was told it would take 6-8 weeks to arrive. Apparently Teslas don't often ship across the country from East to West. To literally everyones surprise, the X arrived on August 2nd and we took delivery yesterday after work. This must be some type of...
  47. H

    "new" member from Germany...

    Hi Folks, I just want to say hello from Germany and introduce myself ... I am 53 years old and a real petrolhead UNTIL the first Tesla was presented - after that only E-Vehicels matters ... ;) The Model S was my sneaking desire since the first time it was presented on the market - over all it...
  48. Freedom101

    Finally Pulled the Trigger - Blue 90D!

    Hi guys, I wanted to thank everyone for all the useful information I've found on here (I've been skulking for a while). Yesterday I finally pulled the trigger at the Vancouver (West 4th) Tesla store. Both Matt and Preston helped me with information / test drive and I wanted to thank them as...
  49. sauce

    Last minute 90D design studio orders please check in: Your delivery guidance?

    Hey folks, I've ordered my 90D on June 8th just before it was discontinued and for fiscal reasons in Quebec I opted to buy the 90D instead of the 100D, though I rushed somewhat ahead of my planned purchase timeline in order to take advantage of the government rebate that came with it. However...
  50. fasteddie7

    New 75d vs inventory 90d question

    I am a model s September 2016 75d owner trying to help out a friend and coworker decide on their first Tesla. They have the option to bulid a new 75d to spec or take an inventory 90d at a deep discount. Both vehicles are in the 90k range after all options are considered. Now that the new 75s...

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