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  1. K

    Laptop via bluetooth

    Whenever I try connecting my laptop through Bluetooth, I get really bad glitching audio, its almost pitched down. Then going back to my primary device which is my iphone I get glitching audio although not as bad. This happens with all Bluetooth audio until I restart the car. Has anyone been...
  2. K

    15.5V AMD M3 - Subwoofer Install w/no 2nd battery?

    Hi guys, I’ve scoured through all of the threads of sub installs on my car and I’ve gathered tons of information so far and the verdict seems that with the new 15.5v system that you must use a second battery. Another thing I’ve noticed is that most people are running into issues with higher...
  3. D

    Audio bug craziness

    2022 model S with 2022.44.25.3 installed. I'm going nuts. Had the car a little over a week and I keep loosing bass in the audio (only front speakers) no voice control, ANC not available. is it only me or is anyone else suffering with this? It's happened around 15 times now. Two scroll wheel...
  4. N

    Model Y P High End Audio Options

    Thanks in advance. I love my MYP but to be quite honest the sound system is slightly lacking. I’m used to subwoofers under my butt in my M5, and I am really big on just wow audio systems. Has anyone here updated all of the speakers or put in a new subwoofer? Anyone install sound proofing in...
  5. Y

    MY Audio settings

    De audio van de Model Y is niet slecht. De vorm van het interieur speelt de kwaliteit wel parten, denk ik. Het glazen dak en de grote koffer hebben hun invloed. Vandaag heb ik even de tijd genomen om wat met de audio instellingen te spelen. Ik heb de MYP met hoedenplank. Dit kan wel wat invloed...
  6. M

    Reus or other audio upgrades?

    Does anyone in the Denver area have experience with audio upgrades to the Tesla audio MS or MX? I’m looking to upgrade my 2018 MX UHFS and would love to hear any insights (or even how the system sounds in person). Thanks!
  7. J

    Missing independent subwoofer control

    I just noticed today that my m3 no longer has the independent subwoofer control. It’s back to the way it originally was. I didn’t see anything in any software update. Anyone else notice this?
  8. A

    Program Audio Cutoff Early By Advertising Audio on TuneIn Channels?

    All: For about a year, I've noticed that the audio on cable news shows such as those on MSNBC and CNN are consistently cut off a few seconds early by advertising when using the Tune In versions of these? Typically, it's enough to cut off the final sentence of the speaker or program host before...
  9. Crafty flower

    Dash cam audio

    wish dash cam would record audio… is this something that can be changed in settings or it is illegal? I would love to have audio along with the dash cam footage
  10. Cripps

    V11 - how to disable/hide audio sources

    In the previous v10 there was a recent-ish update that gave the user the ability to choose which audio sources to use. I can’t find a way to do this in v11 - and I would like to turn off some audio sources when searching for music. The old manual : “Use the icons across the bottom of Media...
  11. X

    Music randomly blares from speakers at full volume

    Sometimes when I enter my model 3 and I press play on my music that comes from my phone, the car's audio will be turned up to max volume which gives me a heart attack and hurts my ears every time. My phones volume is completely independent from the displayed car volume so that's not the issue...
  12. D

    Speaker on A pillar either extremely quiet or not working

    I have had my Tesla Model 3 AWD (with premium interior) for a week and I'm a little concerned about the speakers on the A pillars. If I use the radio on there's no sound at all that comes from them (even with my ear jammed up against it) however if I use Spotify (either streaming via the car...
  13. M

    Awesome Model 3 subwoofer boost install

    Just had my Tesla Model 3 upgraded with subwoofer and loving it! Even though I already had the Premium sound system, I can now feel the lows and the system is tuned such that the touchscreen EQ kicks the sub level up/down. If you are in the Minneapolis region, the installer was Innovative...
  14. Red Rocket IV

    Model 3 Light Harmonic speakers

    Model 3 Light Harmonic speaker set New in box Never used. Complete set - $500 plus shipping
  15. Red Rocket IV

    Sold Model and cleaning out the Garage

    Several items for sale for Model 3 TSportline Executive CF wing - $300. - New in Box Light Harmonic speaker upgrade; new in box never installed. - $600 Abstract Ocean CF Center Console vinyl - 25 Abstract Ocean CF Steering Wheel Vinyl - $10 Sub Floor Trunk Organizer - $90 Tesla...
  16. K

    Subwoofer Options for Model S (standard Audio)

    What are all of the common options for a relatively cheap and relatively simple (at least once an amp/crossover is installed) for adding a Subwoofer to a pre-2016 non-Premium audio system? I like how the audio sounds just would like more oomph while avoiding a huge cost. I've been Googling and...
  17. matt_in_ca

    Audio installation recommendations in either LA or SF Bay Area?

    I'm looking to have an (NVX, Sound Qubed, or similar) amp and subwoofer installed in my Model S and was wondering if anyone has an installer they'd recommend? Mobile installation would be ideal, but quality and value come first Thanks in advance for any thoughts
  18. G

    Spotify update - where is my songs list?

    Title says it all. I updated to the latest version and the spotify app is much improved. However, i can't seem to find a place to play all my "liked" songs. I generally just shuffle play through my library for the most part. Did the ability to do that disappear? Thanks for the help.
  19. bbk3e

    Group Buy: Hansshow Premium Audio Upgrade Interest?

    I have had some conversation with Cici at Hansshow and they have indicated that they would be willing to offer a discount on their Premium Audio Upgrade packages. Please take a look at the poll I posted and respond with your interest. Please also reply with a post as well. Thanks! Group Buy -...
  20. M

    SR+ Hansshow Audio Upgrade

    There is discussion elsewhere about a range of audio upgrade options by Hansshow. Hansshow Audio Upgrade? (SR+) I will be interested to read of any experiences that Canadians might have with this, especially the full US$899 Professional version. Model 3 SR Premium Audio Upgrade |...
  21. 907XCP

    Sounds Quality compared to Model 3

    Hello All, We sold our Model 3 and currently waiting for our Y to be shipped to Alaska. I am curious for any of you who have had the Model 3 and currently have the Y, how does the sound quality compare to the 3? Do we know how many speakers/sub-woofers/tweeters the Y has compared to 3? We...
  22. AdamMacDon

    Model 3 SR+ Premium Sound System Upgrade Video

    Hi everyone, a few weeks ago I completed the premium sound system upgrade for my Model 3. I recorded a video detailing the steps, but unfortunately I couldn't record while I was doing the work since it was dark and I needed both hands most of the time. However, I go step by step and try to...
  23. S

    Issues with TuneIn playback

    I've had problems before with TuneIn...most are minor. However the most recent couple of "upgrades" add some new features as well as bugs. The new features include being able to playback at 1.25, 1.5 and 2x normal speed. Youtube has been able to smoothly change these speeds for years. But I...
  24. blecchus_rex

    incremental premium audio upgrades?

    I've premium audio in my Model 3 but would like to conduct incremental upgrades to the audio system w/o too much complexity, dissassembly or cost involved (e.g ideally wouldn't require addition of amps, crossovers, et cetera). Has anyone simply replaced the factory speakers (or a subset of...
  25. J

    Only Default Stations Showing in Tunein

    I am a total newb when it comes to Tunein. I am tired of paying the exorbitant fees to Sirius for the 2-4 stations that I ever listen to in the car (Model X, 2017). Saw the Tunein option on the Tesla menu and decided to look into it. On PC, registered for free Tunein account, and saw the...
  26. Seth2020

    Dumb Question: To supress explicit lyrics, do I switch the "Explicit Content" switch on or ff?

    OK, I do NOT want to hear explicit content (being the delicate flower that I am.... and I have kids). So... There is a switch labelled "Explicit Content" I think if I turn it off then I will not receive any explicit content But maybe Turning it on is enabling the explicit content filter...
  27. S

    Audio Behavior Change since 2019.40.50.1

    In the past, when you would open the door to get in or out, the audio volume would automatically lower. Recently I've noticed that it's not doing that anymore. Has anyone else experienced this?
  28. Spelly88

    Slacker and Spotify Observations

    I've had a hard time finding Slacker and Spotify details so I'm going to post some observations I've made in the hopes that it might help someone. If anyone wants to add on to this list, please do so. To start, let me say that since v10, for me at least, voice commands will no longer directly...
  29. eXntrc

    Model 3 Sound Project

    Model 3 Sound Project After months of effort, days of writing, and countless hours researching, I'm finally ready to share the Model 3 Sound Project. From the project overview: These posts are my way of documenting my journey, a journey I didn't make alone. I'd like to thank all of the...
  30. S

    Tesla's Premium Interior Audio and the upcoming YouTube/Netflix access

    Saw this article on Techau today about the premium audio in some of our Model 3 versions. Hadn't really thought about the future ability to watch movies in a car having a great sound system, which the article points out will be coming soon. The article might make some people reconsider what...
  31. D

    The first true aftermarket audio guide

    Tesla Model 3 Aftermarket Stereo Installation : teslamotors The real breakdown of the electrical system and connections that will let you install anything you want on your own terms. The only real difference vs a normal car is that Tesla puts itself and the 12v battery to sleep. When it comes...
  32. Max Headroom

    Audio quality after 19.16.2 update?

    Has anyone else experienced a degradation of audio quality after the 16.2 update along with reduced bass and a nearly ineffective bass equalizer slider? My "premium sound system" is compromised yet again after a software upgrade and it's especially noticeable when playing "classic rock" songs.
  33. lmorda

    Subwoofer installation on Model 3 SR+

    Hello TMC. Brand new Tesla owner! Just got my Model 3 SR+. Unfortunately I am completely useless unless I am in front of a computer screen (im a software engineer). I have no hope of installing a subwoofer myself. I'd like to find a company here in San Diego to do the install. Is this an...
  34. GolanB

    Audio and Camera Prioritzation Delays in 2019.12.x?

    Since updating to 2019.12.x I've noted delays in both the rear camera display and interestingly in the audio volume adjustments. I plan on testing this next with the HVAC (specifically with fan speed) next. Today during my ride home, I noticed a delay of 10 seconds or more between setting the...
  35. B

    Android Problems With First Call

    So, this is odd. When I first get into my S and try to make a phone call using Bluetooth connecting to my Android, the first call I make has no audio. I cannot hear the call being made. I believe the person I call can hear me, but I cannot hear anything... no ringing, no talk. The call timer is...
  36. D

    Brackets to install Aftermarket Speakers in Model 3

    Hey all! I've been plotting upgrading my speakers since I got my car in December. Upgrading the 4" speakers might not require brackets to use 2 of the 3 holes, but I also want to do the woofers up front as well (probably with the 8" Focals), and mount all the speakers as well as possible, so...
  37. d.c.palmer

    Latest Software Update breaks "Folder View" (USB Audio)

    Having just installed the latest software update (2019.12.1.1), I find that the audio system is - once again - messed up. Specifically, this is when navigating by "Folder View" from a USB Stick. The files used to appear alphabetically, but no more! They're now randomly arranged - in fact...
  38. J

    Audio Controls While Navigating

    While listening to radio this AM while also navigating, I noticed that when the navigation lady is giving verbal instructions, the radio is not muted. Hence, much of the time, neither source is intelligible. Couple of questions: 1. Is the nav lady's volume independently controlled? (It...
  39. I

    I emailed Tesla about Spotify...spread the word!

    Screenshot attached of the conversation. Basically, we need to spam [email protected] with a Spotify Feature request for US vehicles. It is IMPORTANT to note that we are not requesting Tesla to pay for Premium Spotify accounts like they do for Slacker. We simply want the option to sign...
  40. EVS Motors

    Vendor For Sale: NVX Audio B.O.O.S.T Series Powered Bass Kit for Tesla Model S *NEW*

    B.O.O.S.T. Series Powered Bass Package At NVX, we feel that an amazing car deserves an equally thrilling sound system. The Tesla Model S is certainly no exception to our line of thinking, and that is why we are thrilled to introduce the PBK-TSLAS-VCW104 BOOST Series powered bass enclosure...
  41. EVS Motors

    Vendor NVX Subwoofer Kit Back in Stock

    Hi everyone, our batch of NVX Audio BOOST Subwoofer kit for the S should be coming in very soon. I know a lot of people were asking/talking about it these past few months while they were on a long back order. The sub in the Model S is pretty sub-par (pun attended), so this will really kick...
  42. C

    V9 audio glitches

    I'm on V9 (2018.39.7 9736c9b) and I've been experiencing intermittent audio glitches ever since. The entire audio stack cut out (usually with some static distortion as it cuts out -- think of someone pulling a 3.5mm out of a jack while actively playing off that input, that's sort of what it...
  43. 5_+JqckQttqck

    Audio Static with nothing playing / 0 volume - Right Passenger Side

    Hi everyone, Was snooping around the car (M3 VIN 29000's) at 1AM and connecting it to the new Wifi Router and I noticed a squeaking static in a pattern (car was plugged in) that repeated itself over the right side speaker. Like a ringing from electronics - the fridge except with static white...
  44. David29

    Network down again?

    About 12:30 Eastern, my streaming audio, internet radio, and voice commands (at least for the Bug report I was trying to make) all stopped working. Plus I could not reach the car from my mobile app. This is similar-sounding to what some people reported a few days ago when the servers...
  45. flashflooder

    Details / Specs on PUP audio system

    Ok, so I've had my car for a couple months... love it of course, but now I'm starting to get the itch to see what I can do to improve the already amazing stock (Premium) stereo. This made me realize that VERY LITTLE is known, in the way of actual specs / configuration. So I figured I'd start...
  46. S

    Feature request - recent audio sources list

    One of the most annoying parts of the model 3 audio system is the amount of steps it takes to switch from one audio source to another. It would be awesome if your default audio screen was a list of the past 5 (or more!) audio sources you've listened to, because one of those is likely what...
  47. LV85

    WTB NVX Sub Kit

    Looking for a NVX Sub Kit. Can't seem to find one now. Not sure if they stopped making them or what.
  48. RedModel3

    How to turn off audio/radio?

    I'm hoping someone can help me. I got my car yesterday and have been unable to find an answer to this. I don't always like to listen to radio or music when I drive. For the life of me, I have been unable to figure out how to turn the audio/radio off. The media system seems very unintuitive...
  49. David29

    New audio misbehavior with 2018.21.9?

    I have noticed what I think is a new form of misbehavior by the audio system since the installation of the latest software update (2018.21.9 75bdbc11) a few days ago. The misbehavior occurs with the audio system playing a particular channel of streaming music. The song ends. It cues up the next...
  50. T

    Can you use voice to change audio stations?

    Or turn on or off climate control?

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