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  1. ikarusk

    Done with Tesla Model Y Performance after 2000km

    Hi all, sorry for the bad English sometimes... I speak Dutch. I have my Model Y Performance for 35 days now and driven it 2000km in Belgium (Europe). I like to give you my honest opinion of this car coming from multiple BMW's, and why I want to switch to BMW again. Probably already a zillion...
  2. W

    First time Car buyer

    Hi Community member, it’s my first time buying a car and I placed the order for model y last year in Nov. it has been a grueling wait since then. As a first time car buyer what are your thoughts , should one go for ice vehicle or electric , also I don’t have home charging since my apartment does...
  3. D

    My 1 week review with the M3LR, compared to the BMW M135i

    So I’ve had my Model 3 LR for a week now and I’ve done a few miles in it, so I thought I'd share my initial thoughts compared to my F40 BMW M135i that I part-ex’d. Just to note, this is the first Tesla I've ever owned. So yeah, those are my early thoughts on the car. Will see how I get on...
  4. J

    2009 BMW 328i xdrive Station Wagon 3 series

    2009 BMW 328i xdrive station wagon 3 series Clean car, title in hand, no accidents, non smoking, no pets , no dash warning lights, no mechanical problems, currently my daily driver Pick up in Cleveland, Ohio 44133 188,000 miles New tires just installed Heated seats Heated steering wheel...
  5. G

    2013 BMW M3 - Competition Package w/ DCT

    Looking to sell my M3 and then get into a Model S. So up for sale here, as well as up for trade if you have a Model S and are interested in getting an M3. It’s a 2013 E92 Competition Package M3 w/ DCT, sitting on a square set of 19x10” ZCP wheels with SportCup 2’s. SilverStone II with Fox Red...
  6. spotlightres

    Vendor Exclusive Automotive Research Event

    To whom it may concern, I am reaching on behalf of Spotlight Market Research. We are a market research firm looking for hand selected individuals to take part in a unique research event on behalf of a major automotive manufacturer. For this specific event we are looking to hear your thoughts...
  7. spotlightres

    Vendor Exclusive Automotive Research Event

    To whom it may concern, I am reaching on behalf of Spotlight Market Research. We are a market research firm looking for hand selected individuals to take part in a unique research event on behalf of a major automotive manufacturer. For this specific event we are looking to hear your thoughts...
  8. C

    Lease Transfer 2018 BMW 540i MSport San Francisco Bay Area

    Year, Make, Model, and Trim: 2018 BMW 540i M Sport Location: South San Francisco MSRP: $67095 Monthly payment (pre-tax): $536.68 + $52.33 tax (North CA) Effective monthly payment: $589.01 Current mileage: 15500 Maturity mileage: 30000 Effective miles per month: 1035 Maturity date: 12/26/2020...
  9. Zcd1

    Model 3 wins Motor Trend comparison test with BMW 3 series and Genesis G70

    Sure to be only the first of many such wins, but nice to see! New Cars - New Car Prices & Research - Motortrend - MotorTrend
  10. Zcd1

    Top Gear Magazine: Model 3 Performance is faster around a track than the BMW M3!

    Not really a surprise to most of us, I suppose, but it's nice to see it verified by an independent resource: Tesla Model 3 Performance Crushes Fossil BMW M3 Around Race Track | CleanTechnica Tesla Model 3 vs BMW M3: new issue of TG magazine out now! BMW M3's acceleration is "glacial" by...
  11. TMC Staff

    BMW i2 (i3 Replacement) For Under $34,000 Hinted At For 2024

    The i2 would be totally different from the i3 According to German Manager Magazine, Klaus Fröhlich, a member of the Board of Management of BMW AG, Development, hinted at a potential new BMW i model — the i2, which could be launched on the market in 2024 at prices of under €30,000 ($34,000). The...
  12. cpobuyer

    2016 Model S 85 vs other sports Sedans

    First of all, a huge thanks to this community for all the great information I have received. I am considering getting a used 2016 S 85, and am comparing with other mid size spots sedans in the same price range (~$45k). My experience test driving all these vehicle: - BMW and Merc (C43) are...
  13. M

    Model 3 Performance vs. BMW M3 (F80)

    Just a little exterior comparison video of my parked cars, before the BMW transfers to another owner. Please subscribe, if you like. Thanks!
  14. mspohr


    German carmakers face EU anti-trust inquiry over emissions German carmakers face EU anti-trust inquiry over emissions As many had suspected, VW was just the stupid tip of the iceberg.
  15. mspohr

    BMW says they can't mass produce EVs until 2020

    BMW says electric car mass production not viable until 2020 Looks like BMW is having second thoughts. They haven't figured out how to mass produce EVs at reasonable cost and are waiting for improvements in batteries, etc. Perhaps they should ask Tesla?
  16. S

    BMW iX3

    First spy shots of the fully electric BMW X3 crossover SUV prototype. Fully Electric BMW iX3, Plug-In Hybrid X3 Make Spy Photo Debut First Photos of Pure Electric BMW iX3 Crossover » AutoGuide.com News
  17. Adm

    Dieselgate aflevering 293: BMW

    Het Duitse televisieprogramma heeft een BMW 320d op de proefbank vastgesnoerd en wat blijkt: Boven de 3500 tpm en 200 Nm gaat de EGR klep vol open. Blijkbaar gaat het marktaandeel van de diesel nog niet hard genoeg naar beneden naar de zin van BMW. Hinweise auf Abschalteinrichtungen bei BMW
  18. ImEric

    "Tesla is a SCAM!!" - BMW Dealership

    My Fiance currently drives a 2014 BMW 328i on a 3 year lease. The Van Nuys BMW dealership, where we had it serviced once, has been calling her and mailing her stuff lately to try to get her into a new 2018 330i. She answered today and a woman started offering her all of these incentives to end...
  19. lux_cars

    Anybody go from an S-Class to Model X?

    Did anyone go from a Mercedes S-Class to the Model X? I'm debating between getting an S-Class (or maybe even the new 2018 Audi A8) or a Model X for myself but I'm so used to these big German barges I'm concerned I might not be happy with the interior, material quality, fit/finish, amenities and...
  20. T

    BMW Co-pilot at CES

    I saw this on CNET What to do while riding in a highly-automated BMW car - Roadshow I have to say after all the fiasco over "auto-pilot", I'm surprised BMW didn't introduce the iDriver instead of the "co-pilot". If this flies with media and governing bodies, then someone needs to remove the...
  21. C

    BMW vs Tesla (Battery Weight)

    The new 2017 BMW i3 will be using four M8994 E2 Samsung modules (8.38 kWh each). These modules, according to Samsung, will be > 60kg (>132 pounds) each. Assuming that BMW's modules will weigh 127 pounds (quite favorable), they would be 15.14 pounds per kWh...
  22. Tico


    Asking - $28,000 OBO. I picked up a used Model S last month and I'm trying to get rid of this car payment. There is a lien (USAA) on the vehicle so that would need to be paid off first. Still under factory warranty until February 2018 and maintenance is prepaid until 2019! I have a beautiful...
  23. nickbaum

    Possible Model 3 options based on Model S, BMW, and Audi

    Hi friends, I stood in line on the morning of the 31st to pre-order my Model 3, and I've been reading this forum since. Time for a first post! Since we've all got 2+ years of anticipation before we actually get our cars, I figured I'd pass the time by speculating about what options would be...
  24. mspohr

    BMW starting to get a clue?

    Interesting news item on Reuters about BMW vision for the future from the Geneva auto show. At 100, BMW sees radical new future in world of driverless cars http://www.reuters.com/article/autoshow-geneva-software-idUSKCN0W60HP "Days before BMW's 100th birthday, its board member for research and...
  25. IgorAntarov

    [Video] Tesla Model S with BMW interior for $30000 - project by Moscow Tesla Club

    Part 1: Moscow Tesla Club overview and impression of Model S interior tuning: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1NG0BRJn-aU Part 2: The interview with an owner: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DmH-S_3-rIk * The owner’s opinion may be different from our’s (Moscow Tesla Club team). The...
  26. P

    Thinking of ordering a model S - moving from a BMW 330

    Hi, I've currently got a BMW 330d msport touring, it's my 3rd one having moved up from a 320 & 325. I've grown quite attached to my BMWs and really went to try out the Tesla just to rule it out. Has anyone made a similar switch and what's your experience been like? What's the good points...
  27. roblab

    Consumer Reports reveals top oil burning cars

    Consumer Reports published its list of top oil burning cars this week. Of interest: Cars that are generally compared to Tesla as to acceleration and performance. BMW, Audi and Porsche are three of the worst brands, all burning enough oil to require having to add extra oil between oil...
  28. mudmutt

    BMW sells an i8, makes news. Makes Cadillac ELR relevelant?

    I honestly think Tesla was mentioned in the article to gain more interest in getting views. One of the quotes in the article sums it up if you don't have time to read the whole article: “They are far more interested in progressive brand statements then necessarily the quickest car on earth.”...