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charge cable

  1. MrNik

    3rd party Charging Port Cover Remote Control reviews

    Product link: https://amzn.eu/d/5yChow4 I saw this product online (available on Amazon and eBay). It’s basically used to open the charging flap and used on a non-Tesla charging cable to open the flap. Has anybody used this or a very similar device ? I also wanted to check - does this remote...
  2. E

    Charge cable release in app?

    Hi all. Only had my Model 3 for a week. Wondered if I can release charge cable without getting in the car first? Can this be done on the app? Thanks in advance
  3. C

    MY Adaptors needed

    For a 2022-2023 MY. If I were to charge at say an Ampol DC fast charger with a CCS/SAE head. Do I need an adaptor that converts the CCS/SAE head? Also, what type of socket does a 2022-2023 MY have anyways? Thanks!
  4. mtbwalt

    Bicycle repair stand as a satisfactory charging cord organizer

    So I had a Park Tools bicycle repair stand sitting in my garage and it remains unoccupied by my bikes 99.99% of the time. Turns out it makes a fine cord organizer for my Tesla Wall Connector cable. I run the cable up the pole of the repair stand, gentle clamp it in the stand grip, and leave...
  5. D

    Trading in car in 2 days…Mobile Connector won’t fully plug-in to Model 3

    Anyone run into this before? Having an issue where my mobile charger won’t fully plug into my Model 3’s port. Charger only seems to go about half way in and not far enough for car to recognize it. I’ve unplugged and re-plugged the mobile connector to its 240v outlet, and the Tesla lights on...
  6. P

    Choosing an extension cord: 400V or 230V?

    I'm looking to buy a 2.5mm² extension chord to use with my Gen 2 UMC, but I'm torn between these two options: 1. CEE rubber extension cable H07RN-F 5G 2.5 mm² 400 V 16 A 2. CEE extension cable angled coupling camping cable caravan cable H07RN-F 3G 2.5 mm² Though I live in Romania, which has...
  7. D

    My wall connector is too exposed during winter storms; looking for a solution

    I live in Maine with intense winter storms, and my wall connector and shed happen to be under a very large pine tree. I wasn't able to get a rugged cover installed for the car before the cold and frozen ground have arrived. There is too much risk to keep the car there during big winds, storms...
  8. B

    Supercharger Shell

    Just wondering what someone would pay if I "hypothetically" happened to have a supercharger shell or two laying around:) They look great in a garage.
  9. B

    Mobile Connector OEM For Sale

    Spare charging cable I have two both are Gen 1 with bags $200 each pickup Fort Lauderdale - shipping not included
  10. B

    Sold CHAdeMO Adapter OEM For Sale

    Like New $300. OBO. - New $400 Enjoy the most charging options of any EV owner on the road with the CHAdeMO adapter. Compatible with third-party DC fast charging networks such as Electrify America and EVgo, the CHAdeMO adapter supports charging speeds up to 50kW and works with all Tesla...
  11. 2

    Wall Connector Location and Tips for House with Kids

    This is my first post and upon a search I did not see this covered, if I’m wrong please point me there. With a Model 3 on order I am looking at tips on where to put a wall charger. I’ve seen many pictures of installations with cables draped along the ground and with kids I am looking to avoid...
  12. jjs357

    Using a Prius Prime custom cable setup with my MY -- temporary

    I traded in a 2020 Prius Prime Limited for a Model Y. I had a Prius forum member make a custom cable pigtail that plugged into my NEMA 14-50 50A 240V receptacle and ended in a 5-15 socket. The two blades in the plug were wired to the two sides of the socket providing 240V. This worked because...
  13. RareJ

    Charge cable wont stay locked in after charging completed

    2019 SR+. The charge wand will lock into place perfectly and stay locked while the car is charging. Full amps, no issue. Then when the charging is completed the wand lock releases and anyone can simply walk up and pull out the charge wand without even pushing the button. Has anyone else...
  14. T

    Model 3 Charging Questions. *Looking at purchasing*

    Hello, I am a long time Tesla fan (as I am sure most of us are). I am looking into buying my first Tesla within the next few months however I do have a few concerns with charging. The house I am renting right now only has standard outlets in the garage (no washer/dryer plugs) which means I...
  15. A

    Distributed Charge: Real Time Machine to Machine Micropayments Over The Bitcoin Lightning Network

    I've modified my tesla model 3 and wall connector to make bitcoin payments for electrical energy using the existing data communication wires inside the charge cable. Payments are made for each 25 W*hour of energy over the bitcoin lightning network. This results in a payment being made every 16...
  16. Jeff Wa

    Generation 1 or European Mobile charger for Model Y

    Hey folks... I’ve been looking on eBay and have seen a number of generation 1 and Europe spec mobile connectors. Can generation 1 or Europe spec mobile connectors, with a NEMA 14-50 plug attached, charge a Model Y? While they are not much cheaper it does increase the pool available to bid on...
  17. A

    Distributed Charge: Real Time Machine to Machine Micropayments Over The Bitcoin Lightning Network

    Andy Schroder - Distributed Charge [alpha]
  18. suegie

    WTB: HPWC Gen 1 or Signature Gen 2 or Gen 3

    Looking for a replacement HPWC. Need the 80amp charge, not the 48amp. Also need the portable charging cable Gen 1 and NEMA 1450 adapter.
  19. C

    Model X does not recognize charge cable

    Have been charging my new X/LR at home in Vt, on my 48AMP CCS charger (using J1772 adapter) since getting delivery 12/27. Today, at zero Fahrenheit, I got home, inserted the charge cable, and - nothing. The pale blue ring light went out, then no lights at all; phone app showed not connected...
  20. P

    Charge Cord Extension & Y Splitter

    When I first bought my Model 3 I charged it by tying into my electric dryer connector (NEMA 14-30). Rather than unplug/plug my dryer cord each time, I bought a heavy duty Y-splitter so that the dryer and a 10 foot extension cord that reached my car could always be powered. After living with...
  21. C

    Tesla Model 3, another charger recommendations

    I want to get another charger installed at my Mum's house for when i visit - I currently have the official Tesla charger at home. I would like to get a different charger for my Mum's so i can use the grant Can anyone give some advise on charger good/bad etc etc Also looking at a cable to...
  22. T

    Teach me how to charge!

    I’ve had my M3 for a week (delivered to my house when I was away so I never got a dealer run through) and all the videos just show plugging it in. That didn’t work. I called and they sent a service guy out who said my cable was broken and switched it out. Then he said I have to squeeze the...
  23. D

    Underground driveway charger?

    Has anyone had any luck with a decent underground driveway charging unit? There's no obvious point on my house where I'd want to stick the charger with giant cable, due to aesthetic reasons. Having it tucked up underground seems a tidier solution, PROVIDING it's easily accessible and the long...
  24. E

    Want to lend or lease your Chademo adapter near Montreal?

    Hello everyone, I have a trip coming soon (from Aug 30 to Sept 8) to Eastern QC and a Chademo adapter would be really helpful. I ordered one from the Tesla shop on Aug 3rd, but it hasn't shipped yet, so I'm concerned I don't receive it on time. I know that Tesla Quebec have 4 that you can...
  25. Lx2m3

    Type 2 charging cable

    Can someone tell me with accuracy the actual length of the charging lead supplied in UK with a model 3. I’m having a charging point installed next week, so want to be sure the location will be ok. Many thanks.
  26. ishareit

    WTB - model 3 lightening cables

    Want to buy lightening cables to charge iPhones for my model 3. They didn’t come with my car. Thanks
  27. B

    Wall charger cable management ideas/solutions?

    Hi, I'm thinking about my upcoming wall charger install. Unfortunately it needs to be positioned on the house wall in a carport. Problem is that this is a pathway for kids, bikes, prams and whatever (not happy about having all of them passing next to the car!), they walk between the car and...
  28. L

    Hint: HPWC cable from indoors to outdoors

    Hi. I sometimes charge inside and sometimes outside my garage. I also MUCH prefer a simple look outside without a lot of stuff. So I mounted my HPWC inside and drilled a 2" hole through my wall. I passed 2" ABS pipe through and out collars on the inside and outside to trap the "conduit". And...
  29. E

    Change generic EVSE to use a Tesla Plug?

    I previously had a BMW i3 and got a JuiceBox EVSE for home charging. I've been using the same charger for my S with the J1772 adapter, but would like to use just a plug. We have two cars in the garage and the adapter + J1772 creates a tight space for the other car to pass when my car is...
  30. chibi_kurochan

    Silver HPWC for sale, Bay Area, $400

    Silver Wall Connector I got this a while back but never installed because i'm expecting the signature one from Tesla. Brand new, never opened. Available to pick up around San Jose area (Silicon Valley/South bay). Cash or Paypal or Zelle. No shipping. Thank you, Eric
  31. E

    How-to: Changing the IEC 62196/Type 2 Charging Cable of Tesla Wall Connector

    First of all, please forgive me any spelling mistakes as English is a second language to me. I want to give you my impressions on the Tesla Wall Connector and the possibility to change it's charging cable. I translated this from German. Also, I wrote more about my motivations and experiences...
  32. dhrivnak

    Towing extension cable

    For those of you who tow, I would LOVE to buy an extension charging cable so I do not have to unhook the trailer to charge. I have seen a few SuperCharger stations with a charger that could work for towing but they seen to be in the majority. A cable about 15' long would allow us to nose in...
  33. R

    Might run out of juice!

    Hello. I lent my model X to my mother to go visit an old friend in Elliot Lake Ontario. She last supercharged in Sudbury to 99percent and made it to her destination in Elliot Lake with 265kms left. It is 180kms back to Sudbury but I am worried with the cold weather and with the car sitting there...
  34. teddytoons

    Mobile charger cable strain relief

    So, I’m sure, like many folks, the mobile charging cable gets used a lot. I use mine every day. After about a year and a half, I noticed that cable getting intermittent. It finally gave up the ghost a couple of weeks later. I noticed by manipulating the cable where it exits the charging module...
  35. D

    Power charging cable extension cable

    Just got my model 3 and am trying to figure out how best to plug in the AR without having to back it in to get close enough to my outlet and the Tesla cable. Can anyone recommend an power extension extension cord? Keep hearing concerns about overheating, no shutoff for amperage the goes too...
  36. tizio

    Tool Balancer: My new favorite home charger hack

    You know how gas pumps have that retracting cord that keeps the hose off the ground? I bought a tool balancer and made the same thing for my wall charger. I'm really happy with the results would definitely recommend this to anyone who wants a more organized charger area or needs to charge more...
  37. linuxkidd

    WTB: Tesla Charge Cable

    Looking for a failed tesla charge adapter, or more specifically, the cord and attached charge plug which would plug into a Model S or X. As long as the cord and Tesla plug end are in usable shape, that's all I need. Shipping (or local pickup) in/around the Las Vegas, NV area (zip: 89139)...