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  1. fsb1

    Remove tax and fees from loan?

    I ordered a MYLR and am using a Tesla loan to finance a chunk of the price. I want to pay all taxes and fees upfront and not include them in the loan amount (I have the money and don't want to pay interest on those items). On previous car purchases I could do this during the sales process...
  2. V

    How to escalate an issue to the executive team regarding my refund

    I purchased model Y Performance on 31st March 2023, due to some financial issue (from the Tesla side) I had to return the car after multiple follow-ups. I have been following up over email with the finance team (at the Fremont location), however, the team is not at all responding, I might have...
  3. C

    Can’t get title because missing “lien Document” from lender

    Trying to get a title in Louisiana. Took delivery 2 weeks ago from Mississippi and received the packet with needed documents a few days later. I show up today at the OMV and they say I can’t get a title without a lien document or security agreement from Wells Fargo. After calling Wells Fargo...
  4. B

    Unable to get financed and can't pay for Tesla. What happens now?

    So I ordered a Model Y set to delivery December 2022 but it's November now and due to many unfortunate circumstances, I most likely won't be able to finance my vehicle. What happens now? Do I just cancel the Model Y order or just wait for it to be made? I've read that once the vehicle receives a...
  5. T

    Canceling model y after putting down payment?

    due to some unforeseen circumstances, I might have to cancel my model y. I already put down the down payment but didn't accept delivery of the car yet. Can I cancel and get my down payment money back since I didn't accept delivery? I am not talking about the $250 fee but the actual down payment...
  6. C

    Problems getting our money back

    We ordered a new Model X and was leasing a 2018 Model X. Because of the delays in delivery we decided to just buy it at the end of the extended lease. However, the very next day Tesla informed us that our new Model X will be ready to be delivered the next week (originally scheduled 4 months...
  7. O

    Model Y lease take over (or finance)

    Greetings all, First time buyer looking to take over a lease for a Model Y (or X) or buy via financing. I’m located in Massachusetts but willing to travel to pick it up or pay for delivery. I would like something with a monthly payment between 400-650, 2+ years remaining on the lease, and $10k+...
  8. W

    Financing question

    Hello everybody, So I’m slated to take delivery of my M3P soon and had a question about financing. Would I be able to add a co-signer if I went with Tesla financing or would I have go through outside financing?
  9. T

    Issues with Tesla Finance

    I'm trying to submit the finance application for Model 3 order, but every time it just says "error submitting application". I chatted to somebody from the local dealership (Manchester Trafford Centre) via text message and a phone call, they said the system probably doesn't like my address. Best...
  10. T

    First time buyer, confused about what to do now?

    Hi all, Sorry for asking some stupid questions here. I am first time Tesla buyer with absolute 0 previous experience. I placed an order on MSLR back in Jan 3rd. At that time, the EDD is 2nd half of 2022 and I wasn't in hurry anyway. I checked tesla app occasionally in the past and the EDD...
  11. N

    With delivery date not until end of May at earliest, can I just wait to apply for financing?

    Hey all - I ordered a Model 3 last week and my delivery date isn’t until late May/June. The online profile wants me to accept the trade in and apply for financing now, but with my delivery date out so far, I know I’d have to reapply. Does it matter if I just wait to fill out the finance...
  12. C

    Payment Method Issue [resolved]

    Hey all, I ordered my Model 3 on 10th Jan (Australia) and have been sorting the finance. Have got approval on the finance now but for some reason I only see the following message (been like that for about 4 days now): We are experiencing technical issues loading your payment details. Please...
  13. K

    Model Y Tesla direct Personal Contract Hire going to be available and good?

    I'm on the verge of hitting the final order button for my reserved Model Y, but I'm kind of wondering if I should wait and see what the personal contract hire option direct from Tesla is? On the Model 3 you can do it straight with them and not go to a 3rd party and I'd hoped to do this for my...
  14. S

    DCU - Anyone Have Multiple Loans With Them?

    Happy New Year TMC Fam! Have any of you taken 2+ loans with DCU? If so, did they match the initial 1.24% rate for the second loan? TYIA!
  15. C

    Finance options before delivery

    Hi all, My first post - and perhaps a bit of an odd question. I placed an order for M3SR on the 14th October and have my RN number. When I placed my order I applied for a Tesla leasing which went through fine and my account was showing the standard ‘drawing up your contract message…’ After...
  16. turrmoil

    Tesla Financing with the lowest rates

    Hello Tesla family - looking for the elusive 0.99% financing for 60months rate. It was a thing this summer and now there’s very few that are actually offering this rate and eligibility is a pain because many credit unions want you to have a 6month history on that. Any thoughts, suggestions and...
  17. A

    Financing Model X options?

    So im planning to finance a model X with 10K down payment and get a loan for the rest. My credit score is 740 and salary is 130K. 1-Can I finance the rest? 2-If so what is my best option? I can put down up to 50K down in payment but I rather put only 10K down and use the other 40K for property...
  18. Kirill

    Order Question

    Two weeks ago I was about to pick up a demo model 3 but Tesla did not approve the loan as I was not able to provide 3 months of personal income statements. I kept all my income in the business bank account. Which for some reason Tesla does not consider that as income and only provides consumer...
  19. H

    Leasing and Direct Debit payments

    I have a PCH deal. Tesla told me that the first (partial) payment would be due 10 days after collection. In the event, it was 18 days before the payment was taken. No biggie. The first full payment was due on 10th Jan, but didn't come off till yesterday, 18th. Again, no biggie, consistently...
  20. P

    Looking for model Y

    Hello, I'm looking for a Model Y or X to takeover from someone who no longer wants the car. I'm open to White or black with black interior only.
  21. J

    Made a change with car config, and had redo finance

    Very strange. I placed an order for a white/Black 19' AWD LR Y on 2/2/20. By the end of March, I completed the loan application (financed by US Bank, rate 2.75%), and was waiting for the contract to be drafted. Couple of weeks ago, I made a change and added FSD, and it was added to the financed...
  22. M

    Tesla Solar now available with Loan option instead of Purchase

    Tesla updated their site again, and now you can do a loan (at 5.99% - OUCH) with any of the sizes, including adding a Powerwall (or however many they require at each level) to the loan.. Eeep, 5.99%, though, that's a bit much... About to refinance the house at 2.875 (too high M2V for 2.75)...
  23. J

    Anyone purchase used from Tesla site?

    We are thinking about a used Model X and browsing on the tesla site from time to time. Wondering if there is anyone on this forum who has purchased used from tesla.com? If so: 1. what was the term and rates? 2. was a test drive possible? 3. what was overall timeline? Thanks in advance!
  24. J

    Model 3 financing

    I want to get an M3, I make about $88k a year, but the problem is I have bad credit.....I can afford the tesla but I am not sure if I am going to get approved for financing. Any advice?? TIA!!
  25. B

    Money Needed at Signing

    Hello all! Will be a Tesla Model 3 owner here in the next few months. I am going to be financing a LR AWD version. I am trying to understand all the money that is needed from me at signing. I am looking to put 10% down and finance the rest. From what Ive been reading, I will need the down...
  26. F

    Documents Required for Financing (Pepper)

    Hi all, first post here. I've got my eyes on the Model Y. I think the price is going to be around 150k AUD for the options I want. Question to those of you who have financed your Tesla through Pepper, especially as a business. What documents do they require? Has anyone been knocked back?
  27. Brother T

    My A-Z Guide to Model 3

    I am a happy owner of Model 3 Stealth Performance. I found out about the "silent but deadly" nature of EV cars through the movie Stuber. After a little research, I came across Tesla Model 3 and instantly loved it. So, I ordered it on Oct 31, 2019. However, going from order day to the day after...
  28. KAnder04

    Long-term owners, any issues, problems selling the vehicle, etc?

    The lease on my current car runs out in May, and I’m seriously considering making the switch to EV and going with a Tesla. Probably going with the Model 3 Performance, but I posted this on this board because I’m curious if anyone that bought a Model S a few years ago (4+) has had any long-term...
  29. M

    trouble with Tesla finance

    Hey guys, My finance has been approved for about a month (never got any notification or anything until I asked my sales adviser). I had no trouble for any of the process next to that i'm basically begging them to sell me the car since it seem like no one even cared to update any information for...
  30. P

    Buy cash before July 1st to get tax credit, then take out reverse auto loan

    Hey guys, TLDR is it reasonable to pay cash for a model 3 to take advantage of the tax credit, then get a reverse auto loan once I start my job? I'm completely new to buying cars - I lived in San Francisco before this. So sorry if this is obviously dumb. I am starting a job soon, and my first...
  31. Jellus

    Energy Savings Trust loan for Model 3

    Hello, I'm new here. I live in Scotland. I have ordered a Model 3 (LR AWD + tow hitch), paid £3k so far to place the order. My order is at the "drafting up your contract" stage. The documents I have available in my Tesla account are the Order Agreement, confirming the total price and vehicle...
  32. Choochoosparky

    "Used" Purchase fees

    Hello everyone. I am ready to pull the trigger and purchase a used MS. I've been searching and saving for months and finally am ready to buy one. I've been going back and forth to calculate what payments would be and have tried searching but could not find an actual answer as to what the fees...
  33. el_tlatoani

    Changing Model S from Lease to Finance

    A little bit of background; I got a Model S back in March of 2018 in a lease for 2 years and 15k miles (30k total). Coming in to the first year and with over 13k miles, I want to see if it is possible to change it from a lease to a finance. I want to move into a new place and having lower...
  34. Y

    Who's the recipient of downpayment?

    I'm working on financing from Credit Union, so who should I pay down payment to? Tesla or Credit Union?
  35. P

    Wanneer de beste leasingrente / lease actie op een Model X?

    Afgaande op de acties die er in het verleden reeds geweest zijn, bestaat er zoiets als het ideale moment om een Tesla leasingcontract af te sluiten? Ik vind op het forum namelijk heel wat info over leasing acties de voorbije jaren, oa met rentes bij De Lage Landen aan 0.4% of 0.9% (telkens met...
  36. J

    Auto loan should be ready when you order a Tesla? What is the current best rate?

    Hi, I may order model X today or tomorrow. I am not sure when I should prepare the auto loan? Probably not needed until the delivery of the vehicle but not sure. Another question is what is the best loan rate and where I can get the best one? My quick check up was around 3~3.5%. But I heard...
  37. J

    Need to be a US-Citizen to get Loan Approved from CU's?

    Folks, i had strange experience with a Credit union regarding eligibility and i was told its the same with all Credit Unions. Does one need to be a US-Citizen to get approved for Auto-loan from CU's ? (i'm on my work visa waiting for GC. Configured 3 on 4/13 hoping to get it delivered within...
  38. MelaniainLA

    0.99% APR didn't expire on September 30, after all!

    We had been told that the 0.99% interest rate was a promotion expiring on 9/30/2017 but today (10/1/17), it remains flat. Hmmmmm... might have to order soon before the $1000 referral discount expires! Can't imagine better offers right now... PM me if you need a referral code plus my tickets...
  39. PrGrPa

    UK Tesla finance changes imminent?

    Got a neat email from Tesla today saying "Tesla’s limited time 1.5% rate on Model S and Model X vehicles is available through to the 30th September." Darn. Hope the rate isn't going up much as I was looking at getting a model S in February.

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