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  1. N

    Service center not covering the loaner car rental... any idea/suggestion?

    Hi all, I was involved in a small (perhaps not so small) accident with the car on a curb and it is now required to be sent to a third party body shop. When I visited the service center (which is 100 miles away from where I live) to drop of my car, the service center arranged a rental car from...
  2. T

    Michigan Customers are Screwed!

    Hi I own a Tesla Model S since 2016. When I purchased the car, everything was hunky dory for S and X owners in Michigan since Tesla promised to send a flatbed to pick up your car and give you a loaner or send a ranger to fix your car issues. This arrangement lasted for a while but has lately...
  3. A

    Service Center and NO Loaners - Only Uber

    has anyone heard what the deal is no more loaners even with Enterprise now only $100/day Uber credits. Really buy a TESLA $100k+\- and get Uber credits really are you kidding me???? Anyone else. I’m in Los Angeles
  4. VelociRabbitt

    Questions on Efficiency

    Hello friends!! About a month ago, i purchased a CPO 2015 P85D. It's been a wild ride (Pun intended) but ultimately an enjoyable one. When i accepted delivery, there were a number of things that i had found, and was scheduled to have the car repaired at my local SC. It's important to...
  5. M

    Would You Accept a Demo/Service Loaner ?

    I just got my MVPA today for my M3 MR to be delivered this coming Tuesday. On the MVPA, under 'description of propery': New - Previous service/demo vehicle with 50 miles on the odometer. Would you accept this car for full retail price? Not sure how I feel about it. I know the not-very-kind...
  6. X

    Scratched a Model S Loaner

    I was given a Model S P85D as loaner while my Model 3 in service, I parked the car at work on the street and someone scratched the bumper and some of the paint came off.(the driver was gone, kind of hit and run) I tried to call the SC but they're closed. There is no major damages to bumper other...
  7. T

    Lack of loaner cars?

    Has anyone experienced a lack of available loaner cars at a service center when your appointment was made weeks in advance? This is the second appointment I've had to reschedule because Tesla, within the hours of the scheduled appointment, txts me saying there's no loaners available. I'm...
  8. UZJedi

    My new Model 3 has faulty battery. Needs replacement...

    Each day, since I took delivery last Wednesday, I faced my morning commute with a smile on my face and preset 80% charge in my new Model 3. As a first time Tesla owner I was thrilled to be driving my dream car. Rush hour traffic is no longer a dreaded experience when you're gliding in this magic...
  9. fasteddie7

    Can I mess up my HPWC?

    my car is in for service and I have a loaner for the night. When I got home I plugged the loaner in and the “unable to charge” close port and press the brake message popped up. It’s still charging and I need it to charge to make it back to the service center tomorrow. Can anything negative...
  10. e-FTW

    Loaner S 75, quick thoughts from an S 70 driver

    My car is at the service center for a few days. They hooked me up with one of those white Model S 75s from Enterprise. Those are newish base cars. Coming from a base Model S 70, this is an incremental upgrade, and am perfectly fine with that. I'd rather not taste the P100DL life, thank you very...
  11. Ski_

    PSA: Tesla loaner from Enterprise has cruise, but not adaptive (ACC)! Close call..

    I picked up a loaner from Tesla Service (Fremont) and I received an MS 75d (from enterprise apparently)— Awesome! I was expecting a ICE! :D So far so good— I hoped on the freeway and I found that the AP2 car did not have EAP enabled— not a big deal. It did have cruise control. I set curise...
  12. pl804

    Stuck in Service Center vortex – anyone w/ Tesla contacts that can help?

    Decided to try out Tesla's new in-house body shop, thinking it would be smoother than using Chilton + rental. Caught in the triple vortex of A New Process, Good Intentions, and Something Else I Don't Understand. Contacted PA SC, [email protected], [email protected], and exec escalation. No...
  13. S

    Tesla delaying delivery, should they provide a loaner?

    When I ordered my S and X two months ago, I informed both the DC City Center store and CA sales staff that I needed to take delivery on 21 July due to a move from Alaska to Florida with a brief stop in the DC area to visit family. Everyone informed me that this would be fine since I was...
  14. Cyclone

    Buffy, err Cyclone, The Tesla Slayer

    A bit of humor to cheer your day... Some of the area owners consider me a Tesla Slayer now given my recent track record with loaners. Back in late November, my car went in for service and I got a loaner with 21" wheels. Well, at 6 pm after work was finished, I go to leave and the loaner has a...
  15. inottawa

    Service Loaner with AP2

    So I just sent off my P85 for a 100k service inspection (more like 103k at this point), and just had a loaner dropped off. You can imagine my surprise when I received a 75D with AP2! The car is basically new with only 100kms on the ODO. After all the paperwork was signed off, I promptly hopped...
  16. R

    Has anyone purchased inventory car in last 3 months?

    I'm looking at purchasing a 90D inventory car. I understand Tesla's standard formula is 1% off per month that the car has been used + $1 per mile. Has anyone had any luck getting them to come down on this number recently? My OA told me that all prices are set in stone and nonnegotiable... True...
  17. C

    Loaner car experience at various Bay Area SCs?

    I brought my car into service for the first time today. I had done some research and thought that I might have a better chance of getting an actual Tesla loaner if I brought it to Fremont, but all I was doing was having the front license plate installed so didn't think I'd be leaving my car at...
  18. Metropolitan Detail

    Vendor There's a new Tesla Loaner car in town.

    The moment we had the opportunity to work on our first Tesla Model S, we knew this car was something special. We have now worked on hundreds of Tesla Model S' and still love the feel and drive of an electric car. There's always a special story behind a Model S and their owners, so we decided...
  19. Y

    Owners in Seattle, Bellingham, or Whidbey Island area

    I am looking for a Model S to rent for a few days in early December. Backstory: My significant other and I love Teslas and plan to own one someday. She is coming back from a long trip and I would like to surprise her by picking her up in a Tesla. I've been in the Navy for 10 years and am...
  20. gr8fullee

    Great First Service Center experience - San Rafael CA (Marin County)

    I've had my Blue Model S 85 for 1 month. I scheduled a service appointment to address a squeak in the AC when shutting off and moisture in one of the back-up lights after washing. I live 40 miles from the San Rafael Service Center so I drove myself in. First; I got to drive right by the...

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