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lowering springs

  1. codenko

    Available Tsportline Tesla Model 3 Dual Motor Long Range Lowering Springs - Orange, CA

    Like new Dual Motor Tesla Model 3 All-Wheel Drive Long Range Lowering Springs from Tsportline. Used for testing, about 300 miles on them before removed from vehicle. Lowers Model 3 25mm/1 in. Currently Backordered from Tsportline, you can get them from me today. - Linear Rate Front...
  2. S

    Why is it so hard to find lowering springs?

    Hello All, I’ve been waiting and planning to lower my LR tesla M3 and finally decided to go with the Eibach lowering springs. The website says out of stock and the only way to get info is via contact center. I’ve called and left vm multiple times with no response. I just feel it’s difficult to...
  3. S

    Lowered in snow?

    Thinking about putting Eibach lowering springs on my Tesla M3LR to reduce some of the wheel gap, however, I live in Canada (Ontario) and we often get quite a bit a snow in the winter. Has anyone experienced driving a lowered Tesla in snow? Is it manageable? Will the car lose range more quickly...
  4. A

    M3SR+ LFP lowering springs?

    I’m looking to get some lowering springs for my late 2021 M3SR+ with the LFP battery. To my understanding I need to get a set of springs specific to the M3 with the LFP battery due to the more weight it adds to the car. Anyone have any insight on this? Only looking for a mild lower, nothing...
  5. Danthebeast

    Eibach lowering springs for tesla model 3 awd long range san diego ca

    only 200 miles on them asking $250 obo, pick up only in san diego, ca
  6. A

    Eibach Springs

    So, I’m slightly confused on the topic of lowering springs.. My Tesla is a 2018 LR AWD with stock 18” Aero Rims I’m leaning towards Eibach Springs (with sway bars) over H&R Springs. Some spring manufacturers have the same springs for LR AWD & Performance AWD. Eibach has two products: Drop on...
  7. Baytomax

    WTB M3 SR+ RWD Lowering Springs

    As the title says, willing to buy lowering springs for M3 SR+ RWD. Please drop a message or send a DM on what brand springs you got. Thanks!
  8. cdub715

    FS: Eibach Pro-Kit Moderate Springs for Model 3 AWD / Performance

    Selling a set of used Eibach Pro-Kit Lowering Springs (0.9 inch drop) for AWD or Performance. Used for 6K miles, in great condition. Need to free up some space. Located in SoCal. Looking for $200 but open to offers. Thanks for looking!
  9. s88ats

    Recommendations for suspension work on TM3

    Hi All, I am looking to get some suspension work done (H&R lowering springs- thanks @Cyclone1) however with the removal of the frunk and for added peace of mind, I would think it beneficial to get the work done by someone who has worked on a Model 3 before. I've come across some threads whereby...
  10. J

    Unplugged Performance Moderate Lowering Springs

    I have a full set of unplugged performance moderate lowering springs. They were on my LRAWD 2019 model 3 for about 700 miles. It felt like a go-cart!!! Switched to mountain pass coilovers. They are in Original Box. $300. Located in San Luis Obispo. Thanks,
  11. F

    WTB: Unplugged Performance Mild Lowering Springs FOR Model 3 LR RWD

    as the title states im looking for UP mild lowering springs for my LR RWD Model 3. I'm located in Toronto, Canada so it would be nice to deal with someone local. If you're not local still message me see what we can work out.
  12. H

    FS: Unplugged Perf. Dual Rate Linear Lowering Spring Set for M3 - Dual Motor, Non Performance, Mild

    Selling my Dual Rate Lowering springs after changing over to MPP coilovers. They were used for ~1 year and have approx. 6k miles. See Unplugged Performance Dual Rate Linear Lowering Springs Tesla Model 3 for more details. $150 OBO, prefer local pickup/dropoff
  13. H

    Accelerating and decelerating thud noise

    Hey forum, Anyone experiencing an accelerating and decelerating thud noise? It's really apparent when from a stopped position, you press the gas and the car lurches forward. It sounds like something is shifting back and then shifting forward. The sound is coming from the back of the car and I...
  14. surfpilot

    Dual Rate Linear Lowering Springs from Unplugged Performance

    Just got my Dual Rate Linear Lowering Springs by Unplugged installed on my Model 3 Performance and I'm very impressed. Amazing look and handling characteristics. It’s provably firm but compliant. It feels better when making a sharp turn and feels better driving over roads that are not smooth...
  15. UnpluggedP

    Vendor Unplugged Performance - Dual Rate Linear Lowering Springs for Model Y

    Hello All! Unplugged Performance is happy to announce our unique spring sets for the Model Y! We have developed the ultimate lowering springs for Tesla Model Y. Utilizing our proprietary Dual-Rate Linear technology delivers the best performance in terms of handling, comfort, aerodynamics and...
  16. Z PYD

    FS: BRAND NEW Tsportline Model 3 Lowering Springs Performance/AWD

    Selling a BRAND NEW set of Tsportline Lowering Springs for Model 3 Performance/AWD models. Brand new and never used as I'm trading in for Model Y and never got around to installing. I paid $350 + shipping. Tesla Model 3 Sport Lowering Springs Asking $300 picked up, buyer pays shipping...
  17. S

    Freshly Lowered and Spaced LR M3 Panda

    Finally got my car lowered on TS springs and blox spacers. I love the look, and it handles really well, much less slop. The drop is just perfect, as I don't get nervous over most speed bumps/driveways (Well past that stage in my life haha)... I was almost going to buy new wheels (Tsportline...
  18. Kwang0429

    Unplugged Performance Customer Service.

    I am one of the first 2000 model 3 owners and when I first got my ride, I knew that I want to lower the ride, soon after I found the moderate spring from unplugged performance and without any hesitation, I placed an order and soon had it installed. it has been a year on the new spring...
  19. K

    New Model 3 Owner

    Hi All, first time Tesla owner. Just took deliver of my Model 3 Performance and added a few customizations. The images and treads on this forum help me make my decision so thought I would return the favor. Mods: - Supper performance lowering springs 1.5” - Unplugged Performance - 3M crystalline...
  20. SSCustoms

    Vendor One-of-a-Kind Tesla Model 3

    SS Customs just finished a one-of-a-kind Color Change Vinyl Wrap on this Tesla Model 3! SS Customs Vehicle Enhancement Studio A very special client of ours was tired of losing his 2018 Tesla Model 3 at the Bay Area Tesla Supercharger Stations. He contacted us and asked how he could make his...
  21. Tezla1

    I dropped it

    What do you guys think? Unplugged Performance - Moderate Springs for my 2018 Model 3 AWD LR Installed 3 days ago at UP shop in LA. How it looks: I love the stance, the back is a bit lower than expected, but I’ll take it. Front looks just about perfect. Only one issue: have to use extreme...
  22. C

    Any luck ordering with T SportsLine? Horrible customer communication...

    Has anyone had any luck ordering from T Sportline? I placed a Model 3 lowering springs order in September. There is zero communication on product delays. I reach out every 4-6 week and they state it will be shipping within a few weeks - if you are lucky enough to get them to respond at all. Last...
  23. nikhil726

    Unplugged Performance Lowering Springs or Alcantara Headliner Kit

    I'm looking to purchase either Unplugged Performance's UP Super Performance Lowering Springs or their Coilover's. Same goes with their Alcantara Headliner Kit. Links to what I'm interested in: Unplugged Performance Dual Rate Linear Lowering Springs Tesla Model 3 Tesla Model 3 Alcantara Headliner...
  24. macgeng

    P3D+ Lowering with Unplugged Mild or TSportline Recommendation

    Would love to get feedback from P3D+ owners with either Unplugged Performance Mild or TSportline 1" lowering springs installed compared with their stock springs. Pics too, please. Thank you!
  25. Andrew

    Which Model 3 springs for a more comfortable ride?

    We have an early Model 3 (RWD, LR - delivered in January), which had an extremely rough ride quality. We had "the suspension fix" performed by Tesla back in March, but I'm still not happy with the ride quality... It's still too harsh and bumpy. I'm looking at the various spring replacement...
  26. E

    Lowering - UP Mild & Moderate

    Hi all, i'm really stuck between the UP Milds and Moderates. I really want better cornering but I am worried about ground clearance issues associated with the moderates. There have been a lot of scattered postings in various threads, but I was hoping this could be a place to share photos and...
  27. MountainPass

    Vendor Mountain Pass Performance Intro - Updates

    Hi Everyone, Sasha here from Mountain Pass Performance. If you're thinking - WHO IS THIS GUY? Please know that this is a new account that we created! You may remember us from that Tesla powered Lotus Evora that has been around the internet. This post is a little bit of an introduction to...
  28. R

    How to lower the car with standard coil suspension

    Does anyone in Hong Kong know where this can be done? I bought a set of springs from T-Sportline but unfortunately it doesn' t work very well as there is some funny sound from the springs whenever the car goes pass some big bumps on the road...
  29. TSportline

    Vendor Model S Sport Lowering Springs

    We're proud to announce another product that the Tesla community has asked for: Lowering Springs for Model S with coil suspension. Information Lowering about 1" front and rear. Improved handling and vehicle stance. Hi-tensile cold wound steel. Lighter than oe springs. Faster suspension reaction.