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  1. W

    New Model Y roof, new wind noise

    My Model Y roof cracked and was replaced by Tesla in Peabody MA (2.5hrs from our home in Maine). Unfortunately it now makes a pronounced wind noise over 35mph, right near the driver's head (or so it seems). There's nothing visually apparent looking at the outside. I was in a VERY heavy rain...
  2. W

    Cracked roof, any chance it's covered under warranty?

    I discovered my 23 MYLR roof is cracked. Three questions: Is there any safety risk if I continue driving this for a while (see below)? Any chance this is covered under Tesla's warranty or should I just move ahead with an insurance claim with AAA? Is it important/essential to get this repaired by...
  3. Y

    Happy Solar roof solar-versary to me

    Officially 1 year in service today. This took forever to sort out and get installed. Tesla corporate is probably the worst company I've ever had to deal with. The local crew was great and if not for them, I probably would have given up and abandoned the project. Anyway, we needed a new roof...
  4. T

    Have few questions on Design phase

    hi All, I put deposit on 02/15 for Tesla Solar panels with size 5.6kW. Its still in design phase but its pain (2x back) where they cannot put all panels on my south facing roof. Their reasons is they need to wrap 3 feets surrounding all panels top, bottom, left and right. Is this rule legit? I...
  5. M

    Mounting custom 80/20 or other rigs on roof rack

    Have any of you built any 80/20 rigs or other things that you mount on the Tesla OEM Roof Rack? How do you deal with the fact that the roof bars are arched? Does anyone sell any precisely machined spacers to fit against the arch shape so I can mount a horizontal straight bar on it?
  6. D

    damaged roof - can this wait 6 weeks?

    The following damage occurred recently. Where I am located (Kelowna, BC Canada) there is no Tesla shop and only one approved Tesla glass/collision centre in town. They say it will take 4-6 weeks to get a new glass roof from Tesla. My alternative is to drive 5 hours each way to Vancouver to get...
  7. Rdr4evr69

    WTB Model S..2017 plus.. performance or P100D…Midwest

    Just sold my Tesla and I’m looking for a new one, need to be fair deal, I’m looking sub 80,000, could be convinced to go slightly over for the right car. No black and no blue. Opening roof is a plus! Shawn… 563-505-4513
  8. T

    Anyone able to get Tesla solar to install on something other than a "normal house"?

    We're building a roof over a deck that is attached to the house on one side, but supported by big posts on the other. The whole thing was designed by a structural engineer and is being built with permits that have passed the Building Dept. However, I've been told by Tesla that they have a...
  9. xkwizit

    Tesla or another Integrated Solar Roof experience?

    Hi - we are in planning stage for a custom home and every builder we have talked to is trying to talk us out of doing solar roof saying the technology is too new and not yet stable. From our respected member community, if you have a Tesla or another integrated solar roof, I will appreciate...
  10. Z

    Roof Rack. 2021 Y Used 3 months. $300 with shipping in Canada

    Hi, I dont need the roofrack.. Purchased from Tesla December 2020. Used for a few months. Minor scuffs from a single trip with a Tulis roof box. Purchased $450 + Tax... Will sell for $350 including shipping. This is for a 2021 Model Y
  11. UncaNed

    Considering a solar roof. What about snow removal?

    Is there a good way to clear snow? My region only gets snow a week or two on my solar panels, so it's not a huge concern, but still it drives me nuts, those solar panels sitting there useless under 2" of snow for a couple days at a time.
  12. jusflyguy

    2021 M3 Roof Leak?

    After the first rain in SoCal in months, I just noticed my headliner and side panels with some stains on them. I've only had the car for a month so these stains really stood out. I felt them and they felt damp. I realized that the light rain the day prior may have caused a roof leak. I took...
  13. ehacke

    Deciding on rear window tint with/without forward roof tint. Any pics/opinions?

    Getting tinted tomorrow, so probably too late for this, but any pics looking up from the inside where the rear glass is tinted but the forward roof is not? My worry is that it'll look weird that the forward roof is lighter than the rear. So I was considering just skipping the rear entirely and...
  14. M

    % UV Protection in Roof?

    Anyone know what percent UV protection the roof and rear windows provide? Just had a little battle with skin cancer from all the sun and surf and am trying to avoid having more of my face taken off me. If you can point me in the right direction that would be great. Thanks!
  15. N

    Tesla Solar and Water Leakage

    Every solar company - except Tesla - explained that the best way to install panels (for a customer who also wants to install a new flat roof) is to first tear off the old roof, then install the solar supports, then lastly install the new roof around the supports. Tesla explained they do not...
  16. sn0pea

    WTB: Telsa Model 3 Roof Rack - Los Angeles

    Would prefer a local pickup but open to shipments. Looking to buy immediately!
  17. M

    Roof Tint - Cermamic

    So I’m looking to possibly ceramic tint my roof tomorrow. Also having the front two windows and even the windshield done. I know the roof is already tinted, but can anyone give me statistics on how much sun is actually coming through the roof currently with the factory tint? I’m curious how...
  18. FrunkLover

    S Thule Roof Bars - Black

    Hi all - selling my Thule roof bars. They work great, for I believe all glass and moonroof models where the little glass door flips open on the roof. My car lived in its garage for its whole life, used bars about 1/2 the year. Thule Aeroblade Edge Flush Xl Black 7604B JY-CMT-NTN14796-7604B...
  19. besnova

    Tesla Model S Roof - Side Applique

    The driver's side/left-hand side side applique is loose and after lifting the back part of it, most of the applique just snapped off of the body. The clips that hold the applique is still connected and not adhered to the body anymore. It looks like the adhesive glue is old and dry now. I used...
  20. NCeaic

    Model Y crack in the glass roof

    I have picked up my Model Y in March and it has been sitting around with very little driving due to COVID <350mi. I have had some minor repairs and adjustment after pick up but overall super happy with the car. Last weekend I have noticed a big crack that I have in the glass roof. Now there...
  21. Seth2020

    Does Tesla roof have a special coating?

    I know the roof has special UV filters in it. These do not need to be an outer coating, they can be part of the glass. But we also know how the Tesla roof beads water... this is interesting 1. Does the Tesla roof have a special coating on it? 2. Does the Tesla roof require any special care...
  22. D

    Roof Bars 2020 Model S

    Just taken delivery of my new model S (Long Range) in the UK. I am trying to fit some roof bars, but neither Thule site or Yakima seem to sell bars to fit. Based on the Tesla website, i think i have a glass roof. The Tesla shop only seems to allow dispatch of the bars to the US. So my...
  23. R

    Solar Roof on Model 3?

    Hi, I am a student at the Eindhoven University of Technology and currently, I am doing my master thesis regarding the feasibility of solar roofs on Electric Vehicles. See below an impression of how this would look like on a Model 3: As I would like to gather some input from EV...
  24. J

    Rock chip on roof

    I got a rock chip on my roof, small, about the size of a dime. I'm getting conflicting information from my searches. Can I use a windshield repair guy to fill it up with resin, or is the pano roof material different? Photo's a bit dark right now. Will try tomorrow in the sunlight.
  25. D

    Height of Model 3 with roof bars?

    Would someone with a Model 3 and 18" wheels and Tesla Roof bars be able to measure and advise the height of the bars above the ground? i.e. the distance from ground to the top of the higher roof bar. Many thanks, Dave
  26. T

    Discolored roof 8 inch streak when wet, not all over

    First I want to say I LOVE my Model 3 performance. I have had it for a little over a year and have 45K miles. So I drive it everywhere!!! We recently took it in (other issues were resolved) to have the roof looked at because it looks like something was spilled on it like a streak or the UV...
  27. D

    Rain and Roof Leaks

    I have rain water coming in between the back and middle panels. Am I alone?
  28. H

    Rainbow Roof Effect Fading for Anyone Else?

    I got my Model 3 last year in October. It had a very strong rainbow roof effect when wet. However, I began to notice it fading around spring. Now it's the end of summer and my roof only shows a faint red when wet. Anyone else experience something similar?
  29. Z

    No roofs in Europe??

    So, I can write a book by now about the delivery of my Model S. Long story short: it came off the boat with a cracked roof and 3 months later it still isn't fixed. The crack is only visible from the inside and spans the entire roof. It's hard to photograph it but very visible and you can feel...
  30. GolanB

    Cargo Container - Thule, Yakima, Other?

    I went ahead and ordered the Tesla Roof Rack today, and my next order of business is to find a solid Cargo Container to mount to it. Has anyone had any luck mounting Thule, or Yakima storage containers to the roof of their Model 3 - using the Tesla Roof Rack System? - I realize that these...
  31. tfraley

    Should I be worried | Glass weather proofing

    Ok, guys, I was washing my Model3 today. Only had it 2 weeks and would like to know if it's something I should worry about. Where to two roof glasses meet there seems to be a gap around the weatherproofing You kind of could see down into it if you really look. I don't know if there is any...
  32. T


    Anyone experience any heavy hail damage on their M3? How did the glass roof hold up?
  33. T

    Roof - Windshield glass surface mismatch?

    I've had my Model 3 LR AWD only 10 days. While washing it this weekend, I noticed a bit of mismatch from windshield to roof glass. It's fine at Driver's side, but a bit pronounced at Passenger side. both images included. Anyone hear of or see something like this? i'm wondering if Tesla...
  34. F

    Roof color

    I recently had the glass roof in my Model 3 replaced. I have lately been noticing that the roof rarely looks black when looking at the car from the outside. The roof is not wet and it isn’t quite the full orange look that it has when it is wet. It just looks like it has a light orange or...
  35. phtp

    PPF on Model 3 glass roof

    I tried searching on the forum and Google but came up empty. Maybe it doesn't make sense to do, but have you or came across someone that installed PPF on the roof and rear glass on the Model 3?
  36. Raincloud

    Model X Glass Roof Crack

    So 6 weeks into ownership, my glass roof above the right passanger seat has a crack in it. It is hard to tell what happened and when, most likely something hit hard from outside. From the impact it looks likely to be a small rock or debris. Took it to the Tesla Service Center and they told me...
  37. T

    new All Glass Roof, cost to upgrade not that straight forward

    I love the Amazing design of the new all glass roof and approached my DE to upgrade my existing order (no VIN assigned yet) on a MS with old style panoramic sun roof. Guess what, the upgrade is not a simple change off paying the difference between the costs of the two options. My DE was very...
  38. H

    Is this what Tesla's Roof will look like?

    I had seen this roof on electrek.co and wondered what the chances were that this is exactly what Elon was talking about. Do you guys think this is the future Tesla Roof? Forward Labs shows how a SolarCity/Tesla roof could look better than a traditional roof while generating electricity
  39. Fabrizio

    Transparent Roadster Top

    I ordered this glass top a few weeks ago and it arrived Thursday. I couldn't wait to install it and see how it looked/fit. It is awesome! I only wish today was a typical Arizona day instead of the rain that's coming down or I would have better pictures. This is the best I could do, within my...