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  1. E

    Salvage Tesla General Thread

    I’ve noticed that there isn’t a general thread for Salvage and Rebuilt Teslas. So I’ve made one now, What’s your story on yours? What were the struggles of rebuilding a Tesla? I’m too broke to rebuild one myself so I don’t have any pictures Lol. But if you have rebuilt one, post pictures!🙂
  2. E

    Is there a way to claim ownership of a Tesla without having the original owner transferring ownership and I don’t have a key?

    Hi guys, so I was looking at purchasing a Salvage title Tesla Model X and I was wondering if I could get access to the car somehow if I can’t get hold of the original owner and if it doesn’t include a keycard. Is it possible or should I just avoid the ones that don’t include keys?
  3. K

    2022 M3 “Salvage”

    I bought a 2022 M3 from an auction. Title is not salvage but Tesla has salvaged in their system. No warranty. Very little body damage. Tesla won’t tell me anything else except that I need to replace the battery. $14000. When I first got the car, I was able to open the frunk with the 12v...
  4. H

    Model 3 - All wet and muddy [Salvage - Flood damaged vehicle]

    Hi team, After going through a heap of threads I have decided to post my journey. Hopefully with the help of multiple minds and experience/expertise I will succeed in the end! I acquired this 2021 Tesla Model 3 Standard range plus (single motor) here in New Zealand after a cyclone. The car was...
  5. S

    2017 Model s errors ( salvage )

    Hello , Hope you are doing well . I have these errors on my car , even though I serviced the brakes . How do I make the errors disappear ? My abs was working when I used the diagnostic tool to bleed the brakes before these errors came , but now I can’t turn it on . Also I have an air suspension...
  6. M

    2021 Model S Plaid - Salvage - NJ ($50k)

    Up for sale is my 2021 Model S Plaid. I bought it from auction as a salvage flood. It has 28 miles. I have not been able to do much with it. It came without a key. With a "jump start", the screens do power on and the 12v electronics all seem to work. The contactors on the battery do not close...
  7. K

    Salvage free unlimited supercharging account transfer

    I am the owner of a 2013 tesla model s 60 with a salvage title. This car has free unlimited supercharging but I'm not sure if SC01 or not. My problem is when I bought the car the old owner was logged in on the car. I'm afraid that if I log out of the car via factory reset I will lose the free...
  8. Not1Drop

    2015 S 85D 305k km, Fix or sell for salvage?

    A month shy of eight years and our much loved S 85D has finally had a failure that is simply too much to consider repairing.....or should we take the $19k gamble? Quickly, after it being suggested, during an unrelated service visit in January, that the rear suspension be replaced due to age and...
  9. 6

    Salvaged 2022 Doesn't go to drive

    Tesla after small crash doesn't allow to put it in D car giving errors VCFRONT_a447 VCFRONT_a192 VCFRONT_a191 RCM2_a161 RCM2_083 seatbelts are blown up , airbags are ok . Any suggestion ?Car show up state of charge . Thank you
  10. J

    Internal docs indicate Tesla to allow salvaged vehicles back on Supercharger network

    Here's hoping! See article for details
  11. C

    Rooted 2020.36.2.1 MCU1 CID Central Information Display

    Selling one Pre-Rooted 2020.36.2.1 MCU1 CID Central Information Display. Requires Model S or X (sorry, these are the only models I work with) $2,000 for complete pre-configured plug-and-play CID LCD Screen in good working condition (no goo bubbles) LTE Cellular Module with SIM Root Password...
  12. R

    Salvage Tesla Model 3 LR AWD

    Selling a wrecked Tesla Model 3 LR AWD with 67k miles. After the accident, I put a new bumper on and drove it for a month with no issues. No airbags deployed and Autopilot and FSD still function as they should. Battery was not damaged and charges as it should. Has new 18" wheels and tires with...
  13. N

    Looking to Purchase Rebuilt Model S

    Hi everyone! I am looking to purchase a rebuilt 2018 model S 75D. Car has ~30k miles on it and was recently repaired/rebuilt. There are no lights/faults indicated on the car and seems to be driving as it should and looks immaculate. The seller told me the car received suspension damage and...
  14. T

    Model 3 salvage rebuild. The HV stopped working after failed software update. I have a 2021 model 3 RWD.

    I purchased a 2021 model 3 with front damage. I replaced the Pyro fuse, SRS computer, seat belts and airbags. The radiator and shroud and many other parts. Last weekend I had everything working. How ever it stopped work soon after a software update try to install. It said it was unable to...
  15. A

    Is my car gonna be considered a total loss

    So I was at a red light and a drunk driver rear ended me going about 40-50 MPH. Will insurance deem this a total loss? The car is 6 months old with 10k miles
  16. R

    Salvage Model 3 airbags deployed and cannot roll car

    Hi all, I have a salvage Tesla Mode 3 Performance we’re hoping to get back on the road safely. Curtain airbags have deployed, various body damage inc. the wing mirror. We’re currently having an issue with physically moving the car in tow mode. I’m pretty sure the pyrofuse has blown, but...
  17. M

    Salvage cars: Tesla permanently disabling SC from supercharger

    Hi guys, just drawing your attention to this tweet from @wk057 "Tesla really doesn't want people with salvage cars using superchargers. Aside from legal threats in their docs, they're blocking it in more ways now. Seems even offline cars on semi-modern firmware can now have it perm disabled...
  18. 5

    Potential Salvage Model S Issues

    I currently own a 2015 P85D covered under the factory CPO warranty. So far that has been a very useful asset due to several minor issues (door handles, tie-rod, trunk latch, MCU, etc). However, a friend has a 2012 P85 that was just totaled by insurance due to a minor rear-end collision. No...
  19. IslandRoadster

    How Many Roadsters are Left?

    So we know there were roughly 1500 sold in the U.S. and another 900 or so worldwide for a total of roughly 2400, plus or minus. But how many of them have been destroyed in accidents or otherwise? Medlock and Gruber keep buying wrecked ones for the parts and Tesla buys them for trade-ins and...
  20. EVTuning

    Vendor New Youtube Channel from The Electrified Garage for DIY repairs/salvage projects

    We get a lot of inquiries on how to fix a Tesla without having to go to Tesla. We also have a lot of people trying to DIY a salvage vehicle without training or previous experience working on a Tesla. We have partnered with The Electrified Garage and Rich Rebuilds to bring a DIY Youtube Channel...
  21. S

    Electrofied Garage Equivalent in Seattle Area?

    Hello Everyone, I'm considering the purchase of a branded title M3 and I want to get my logistics of supporting that vehicle in place prior to the purchase. (Damage was cosmetic, but nonetheless branded the title). I've obviously seen the YouTube videos from Rick Rebuilds and his business...
  22. I

    Critique this salvage Model 3

    I've been looking for a used Model 3, and I have no plans to purchase a salvage car, but I am genuinely curious about this one: Rebuilt 2018 Tesla Model 3 Long Range w/ Autopilot I have read several of the salvage threads on TMC, but didn't find the answer to a couple of questions. The owner...
  23. R

    Salvage Model 3 charging problems, how to get it repaired?

    I acquired a salvage model 3 that unfortunately seems to have some electrical/battery problems. It's indicating that it's unable to charge to 100% and BMS_a064_SW_SOC_IMBALANCE. It's also in reduced power mode. Any ideas on how and where i can get that repaired (I clearly can't do it)...
  24. S

    WTB - UK el cheapo - Model S 85/90

    could be also declared cat N/D. or maybe even cat S/C if not disabled by Tesla. also, if you know of mechanic around London UK area, willing to do rebuild for ca$h, please let me know. (already checking eBay, Auto Trader, Copart, Gumtree.) thanks!
  25. S

    Clean shiny salvage Tesla, should I buy this? - Noob question

    Dear TMC, I hope y'all can lend your expertise. I am looking to buy this salvage Tesla model 3: https://www.copart.com/lot/43338679 I understand that initially the updates may not work, but that can be fixed. Also that I cannot get supercharging, which I don't need. Finally, I understand that...
  26. S

    new member from London, UK

    hi all, hoping to become owner at some point in near future. looking for London area based mechanic, skilled in rebuilding crashed Model S, please. thanks in advance!
  27. B_havens0914

    Model 3 Message on screen

    Here is a picture I found of a model 3 long range AWD for auction. The car looks to be in perfect condition, except a possible dent near the bottom of the driver side door. I am trying to figure out what the screen says. To me, It looks like some kind of an error screen, but I am unable to read...
  28. C

    Model S P90D Damaged Salvage

    Hi all first post as this is the first Tesla I’ve bought. Just bought a P90D Model S last week and have started stripping it down when it arrived home yesterday (4/7/19). It has some front damage but fairly high up not affecting the front bumper reinforcement bar or chassis legs. Air bags...
  29. S

    Salvage Title Tesla

    Hello Im new to the forum. Although I currently don't own my own Tesla till probably this coming winter I would like to try finding a salvage Tesla, (any model or year) not to rebuild but to utilize the battery for a solar project. I currently have 10kw of solar grid tied and would love to cut...

    Pano roof brackets broken! Tesla won't repair due to salvage vehicle

    Moderator note (bmah/efusco): 3 related threads now merged Hey guys my first post here , be gentle :) bought my first Tesla Model S 2017 and opened the roof only to realise the brackets on the roof are cracked!!!! is this something im missing or a common occurrence on the model S :'( I am so...
  31. S

    Salvaged tesla update

    Hello Tesla owners I am new to this forum so greatings. I bought a salvage tesla from an auto auction in the usa ... i live in jordan ... the car was shipped here and when i received it i found out that the battery was stolen from the car... i started looking for a new battery here and i...
  32. B

    Should I buy a salvage Tesla?

    Hi guys, new here and first post. I've been considering buying a salvage repairable write off Tesla, I am fairly confident with my mechanical and electrical skills but I would love some input. Firstly parts, I've found loads of spares on eBay, however most are in US and it looks like shipping...
  33. M

    Looking to buy a Wrecked/Totaled Tesla S

    Hey everyone, I am looking for a project Tesla s. Any year. Any spec Shoot me a message or text if your looking to sell one. Mike 916-582-1990
  34. NiallDarwin

    Supercharging promised but not delivered

    Hi forum, Just over a year ago I bought a salvage Model S in Australia. Just over 3,300km (2000miles), 6 months old, right rear damage. It really didn't look much to fix so I decided to repair it and run it here in New Zealand rather than part it out. I then entered a World of Pain. I wish...
  35. O

    2015 s70 part out

    rear ended car with salvage repairable title 17000 miles folding mirrors black leather seats panoramic roof white color no premium sound base wheels all airbags are good sold the following items DU and subframe pack charger hood pass fender front bumper cover everything else is for...
  36. Gino Bernardi

    Model S 70D Totaled -- Selling whole car or parts

    We have a 70D that was deemed total loss. We have title in hand. Tesla Certified Repair shop (Gold Coast Autobody) told us the battery pack is still in working condition. I have documentation from them describing all the damages. Please make best offers. Can ship anywhere if price is right...
  37. O

    2015 70AP Parts car $12k

    17,000 miles More pics Tesla packs - Google Drive Everything but the crash damage is in excellent shape Car drives I will be keeping the battery pack And the Drive unit/subframe Charger Hv jb. With motor and pack cable If you want the car with everything $24k Im in fl shipping to...
  38. M

    Repairing a salvage Tesla Model S P85D

    So this is a first time post for me. I've read others experience with salvage Tesla's and wanted to see if the community has some input or guidance. I purchased a loaded 2014 P85D from a salvage insurance auction. The car runs and drives but has the rear smashed. I live in Orange county and...
  39. AutobahnEV

    Parting out Tesla Model S's 2012-2016

    My name is Henry and our business is Autobahn Dismantling in San Diego CA We have been a premiere Porsche/BMW dismantler since 1988 Recently we decided to add a Tesla division and I have been spearheading this venture I have 6 cars currently with more on the way, ALL PARTS from suspension to...
  40. J

    2012 Model S 85 kWh - only 27k miles (salvage/rebuilt title)

    Up for sale to the Tesla Motors Club community is my 2012 Model S 85 kWh with 27k miles - VIN - 5YJSA1CN6CFP03224. This is a non-smoking vehicle that has been kept in clean and pristine condition inside and out since I have owned it. The vehicle is located in Massachusetts and is available for...