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  1. Cascadian

    Available 2015 Model S 85D -- Executive Edition

    This thread is for the general discussion of the marketplace listing 2015 Model S 85D -- Executive Edition. Please add to the discussion here.
  2. 2015 Model S 85D -- Executive Edition

    For sale 2015 Model S 85D -- Executive Edition

    2015 Model S 85D with the rare Rear Executive Seating for sale as soon as we receive the just-ordered 2023 Model S Plaid -- presumably sometime in December. The Pearl White exterior got a full clear body wrap on Day One and the car has always been garaged. Only about 86K miles. Pretty much fully...
    or best offer
  3. Johnson Lee

    2016 Tesla Model S for Outdoor Enthusiasts - $53k OBO, includes Tow Hitch+Dreamcase Bed and more stuff!

    More pictures & info: tred.co/UWk2 Rare Tesla Model S 70 with Sunroof ($1,000) & Tow hitch ($1,500) installed. Selling for $53k OBO. KBB valued at $58k w/o the extra accessories. Original owner with no accidents. Mileage at 39,472 miles. VIN in the last pictures. New tires under 1,000 miles...
  4. G

    2016 Model S 75D November Build (Unicorn)

    Model S 75D For Sale. Unicorn Transferable FUSC, Free Premium Connectivity for life,FSD, MCU 2, HW3, Sunroof, Carbon Fiber Trim, Premium Upgrades Package, 21' Black Turbine Wheels. Ceramic Tint all the way around. Absolutely nothing wrong with it mechanically but a few cosmetic dings. Still...
  5. 16S90D

    Free: Sun shades for 2016 Model S (sunroof version)

    Fit 2016 (and I assume earlier) sunroof-equipped Model S. They're used, but as I recall, there aren't damaged and should work fine in your car. Free local pickup in the greater Portland area, or you pay for shipping if you want me to mail them.
  6. J

    OEM front sunshade

    Purchased sunshades for the sunroof and rear window from Tesla online store in April and car was delivered today. They come with clips but no information on how to use them. And the front shade appears significantly larger than the sunroof window. Can’t find instructions anywhere. Anyone...
  7. D

    Sunroof Vents when Opening the Door

    My sunroof has been venting automatically when I open the door. I haven't received an update in a long time so this started happening randomly between FW updates. 2017 Model S 75D, ver. 2021.24.28 If I walk up to the car, and the car detects the key fob and presents handles, the sunroof will...
  8. R

    Model S Sunroof

    I have a 2022 Model S and I want to reduce the heat in my car coming from the sunroof but I also love the view from the sunroof and don’t want it to be too dark. I was looking at ceramic tints and was wondering what level tint do you think is a good compromise between preventing heat and...
  9. B

    Dark MCU sunroof open model S 2012

    Hello TMC Is there anyone who has manually closed a sunroof in a models 2012 without damage afterward? My MCU1 is dead with the sunroof open. No luck with soft og hard reboot. Fortunately it is now summer i Denmark but TC has long waiting list and there is no one near by. The car is parked in...
  10. David29

    Inconsistent control of sunroof and AC through the App

    My car is parked in the sun in my parking lot and it is a warm day. I decided to check if my cabin overheat protection was working (I know it is set to 'on' in the car) so I opened the app. The app reported an interior temp of 117F, which concerned me because the COP is supposed to keep the...
  11. B

    Where do I best sell a Tesla Model S?

    Hi, my dad bought a new Tesla Model S 100D Sedan 4D in September 2017. He passed away half a year ago and I am wondering how I can best sell his Tesla. It is in excellent condition, has many upgrades and was $113,000 originally. Tesla is not going to buy it back, they only do trades. CarMax and...
  12. S

    Model Y - the dirty dozen

    Delivery day was last Saturday for me. Unfortunately I had to decline taking this car due to the large number and severity of some of the issues. There were over a dozen of them, some more important than others of course. Noise Insulators for A/C and Heatpump are missing and need to be...
  13. Z

    Broken sunroof, out of warranty, diy?

    Hey guys, just bought a used Tesla S 2016. The sunroof is broken, it doesn't react at all when I move it on the mcu panel. Looks like it's not even attempting to move, I cannot hear anything happening. I checked the fuse and it's ok. Is there any realy or something I should look at? Does it have...
  14. M

    2017 Model S 75D AWD for sale, FSD, new tires, premium package, smart air suspension

    2017 Tesla Model S 75D AWD Seattle, Washington Enhanced Autopilot Full Self Driving Capability Includes 400 kWh (~1000 miles) of free Supercharger credit annually. Standard Supercharger fees apply after credits are used. Smart Air Suspension Premium Upgrades...
  15. E

    What is this on the roof?

    The wife's 2015 S 70D with sunroof has 4 of these rectangle parts. One seems to be pushed in? What are they and what can be done to get the pushed one back even with the rest? Thanks!
  16. Jumper

    Am I making a bad choice?

    I have a '16 Model S coming up on end of lease. It has: Post-refresh design (i.e., no nosecone, yes bio-defense, etc.) 44k miles AP1 Free Unlimited Supercharging Sunroof (no longer a thing) Rear Jumpseats (no longer a thing, at least until Plaid variant brings them back) Cold Weather Package...
  17. Maximilien

    Do you think Tesla will bring back Sunroof option again this year 2019?

    I love the Model S and the current Raven with 345 Miles and Performance at $99K seems a good deal. I would love to turn in S75D from 2016 and purchase Model S despite there is no change in exterior , even with small tax credit $1875. I have been waiting for the refresh but I don't feel it's...
  18. S

    cheap acoustic foam sunroof (insulation) project

    Heat radiation on the noggin, was considerable, threw this cheesy foam panel up in about an hour. Will do future upgrade, with something denser, but here is link to $29 panel anyway. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0118FMJ72/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o03_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 Rushed job, used...
  19. C

    Happy Birthday to Me!

    Hubby surprised me with an S for my birthday!!!!! How lucky can a girl get? I chose Midnight Silver, white interior, and they located one with a sun roof for me since I usually drive convertibles. Delivery this Sunday... Is it usual to not be able to sleep whilst waiting????? ;) Anyone else have...
  20. J

    Hot Glass Overhead

    Have any tall people who tinted the glass above the driver seat noticed a difference in heat reduction above your head after the tint was applied. I ask because many posts here have suggested there is no need to tint this piece of glass. I couldn't disagree more. I just sat in a new M3 at the...
  21. S

    For Sale: 2013 Model S85 with 55K miles looking for a new home

    I have a white 2013 Tesla Model S 85kW with 55,000 miles looking for a new home to be pampered. I am the original owner. She has been a lot fun to drive. The battery has been kept at about 50% most of the time to preserve battery life. She has been garage kept and scheduled maintenance with...
  22. Evanmagic

    Anyone NOT have a Sun/Glass roof? And...?

    Hi all, I'm still waiting on my order...should get the car (CPO) any day now...hopefully! Mine does NOT have a sun/glass roof, as I live in Palm Springs where I fight glass roofs most of the year. But, curious how you all feel about NOT having a sun/glass roof in this car, if you don't. Does...
  23. syzygy

    Sunroof in the Triangle area? Can I take a look?

    I am about to order a MS75D, but the Raleigh store does not have any models with sunroofs right now. If you have a newish model S with a sunroof, would you be willing to let me take a look (maybe Sunday)? I’m just trying to decide between glass roof versus sunroof. Thanks!
  24. P

    Speculation: Why No Solid Roof Spotted on RC's - Glass Roof is Also Solid Roof via Solar Sunshade

    Speculation - The glass roof... is the solid roof! Just throw a "solar sunshade" under it. Remember how Model X owners were given deploy-able sunshades? https://www.tesla.com/sites/default/files/pdfs/modelx_sunshade_installation.pdf Tesla could combine a sunshade with the same thin solar...
  25. S

    2016 Model S 70

    Let me start by saying that I love my Model S and I don't want to sell it, I need to sell it. Due to a growing family I have to get the Model X. I am the original owner and it has been babied and garage kept from day 1. I took delivery in the middle of June 2016. I put on a complete clear...
  26. P

    Price Reduced - 2014 Tesla S85 $62,900

    Priced for a quick sale. New S built and in transit. Full add located here: Price Reduced - 2014 Tesla S85 $62,900 December 2014 Tesla Model S85 $62,900 Under 24,000 miles (mostly highway) White body color, panoramic sun roof, tan leather seats, matte obeche wood décor 85 KW Battery --...
  27. P

    December 2014 Tesla Model S85 $64,900

    You can view the full details here 2014 Tesla S85 $64,900 December 2014 Tesla Model S85 $64,900 Under 24,000 miles (mostly highway) White body color, panoramic sun roof, tan leather seats, matte obeche wood décor 85 KW Battery -- Conservative Lifetime energy use of 281 KW/mile Very clean inside...
  28. Maximilien

    How often do you open sunroof (pano roof)?

    For those who opted for the sunroof, how often do you use it? I use it quite often as long as it is not raining. I hear that using it frequently cause the mechanical problem. Should I restrain myself?
  29. NicB72

    Great Service experience

    I have to give praise to Dedham, MA Tesla service department today. I woke up this morning to find a crack in the roof of my 2week old Model S. It looked like a stress fracture and it was about 8inches long starting at the join at the back of the sliding part of the roof. I called Tesla...
  30. J

    Model S 60 with autopilot for sale

    Hello everyone. I am looking to sell my White Tesla Model S 60 with Autopilot. The car has 26k miles on it and comes with free unlimited supercharging, the premium package, a sunroof, and grey leather seats. It has a very small ding on the front right door as can be seen in the photos. Message...
  31. David29

    Comment about curious change in sunroof

    My 2015 Model S has a sunroof. I had been thinking for some time that I would like to get coat hooks. EVAnnex and one or two other companies offer coat hooks that attach to the rim of the headliner opening for the sunroof. But I was a bit intimidated by the statement on EVAnnex's site that...
  32. S

    Sunroof Functionality in v8

    Just a bit of a PSA, the sunroof opening and closing is now allowed at speeds above 80mph. Not sure if anyone remembers, if you tried to open or close the sunroof above 80mph, you would receive a "sunroof position not allowed" message on the IC.
  33. David29

    Odd behavior of outside mirrors when open or close sunroof from Android app

    I was showing some family members how the Android phone app works on my Model S yesterday, and noticed that the outside rearview mirrors had opened. I had opened (vented) and closed the sunroof, flashed the lights and blown the horn. So today I did some testing. Sometimes when I close the...
  34. S

    Brown Model S 85 for Sale

    Hi All, The old man is about to put his Tesla on the market. Probably on car sales but just wondering if anyone wanted to snap it up early. Feel free to PM for more details but it's basically a; Anza Brown Sunroof Tech Pack Air Suspension Tan Leather Gloss Obeche Kms 5000ish Not practical...
  35. selsrog

    Panoramisch dak - doen of niet doen?

    Allen, sta in twijfel (niet meer voor de Model S ;-) in verband met het Panoramische dak. Mijn huidige auto heeft het: in de winter sluit ik de "zonnewering" (vaak) omwille van de kou, en in de zomer omwille van de zon (te warm). Laat de Tesla nou juist geen zonnewering hebben... In het...