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Sep 4, 2018
They’re still working on my car and upon asking what went wrong they don’t have an answer yet and tell me that the engineers are still working on it and that they are waiting on approval to replace the rear inverter (I’m guessing that’s the rear drive unit?) it’s almost been a week and they still don’t have an answer as to what went wrong and the service team just gives me super vague answers.

I have mixed opinions on how I should feel with this car moving forward. I want to request for another car but it doesn’t look like they’d care or do that. Atleast request free supercharging miles as a compensation? What do you guys think?
I did get a loaner Model S in the time being but I like my model 3 way better than this 2017 75D Model S.
I’ve lost all my trust from Tesla. Every time I park my car somewhere and put it in drive after I’m always scared now if it will even start back up and take me home safely and I try to stay as close to home as possible. I really hope this anxiety goes away soon but it sucks having that constant fear all the time that the car might not go into drive again and I’ll just be stranded in the middle of no where. Just feels super unreliable.
Thank you for all you guys’ support though. I hope I’m able to trust these cars again.
Terrible. Driving an unreliable car is a real strain on your mental well-being. I think, until they find out the root cause, you'll feel unsure. If it's something small, that caused a cascade of issues, like a bad 12V, then I would be okay with it, once it was ID'd and fixed. If they never truly ID the problem, then I'd want to get rid of the car. The rear inverter should be a plug and play type of fix, so replacing one shouldn't affect future reliability.

I had a 2016 Chevy Volt, and on the Volt forums there was a rash of Shift-to-park errors, which inevitably occurred on interstates. Very scary for the driver. It seemed like it happened so often that it felt like a ticking time bomb, enough so, that it helped me decide to get the Tesla. I couldn't afford to drive an unreliable car.

So far, I've owned my Model 3 for 2 and ¼ years, and I've yet to have any Tesla service. In fact, I've never talked to anyone from Tesla, since my vehicle was home delivered and my delivery agent only emailed me. Hopefully, yours will be fixed and it'll be something that gives you enough confidence that the car will be just like new.
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Aug 19, 2019
One thing I noticed when I was researching the Model 3 (and Tesla in general) is that while service centers can be a pain to deal with, slow, etc., they seem to know what they are doing and in the end, appear to do quality work. I too am hoping yours is a simple fix and once that is fixed, you'll be good to go.

Jan 26, 2020
Andrews TX
At some point, if they want to use your car to find the root cause of failure, and it takes a substantial amount of time... then they should just replace your car. That way they can dissect your (old) car and test it all they want. Otherwise they should just throw in a new drive unit and battery, or whatever it takes to get you back on the road. you shouldn’t be ”paying“ with your time for them to do engineering tests.


Feb 22, 2016
Manson, WA
then they should just replace your car.
Yeah, I don't that would every happen.
I agree it may seem that Tesla Service is slow, but from my experience, I think they genuinely want to get it right.
Sounds like you've got an equal or better loaner car, so I'd give them the time to find the root cause. If you ask for some supercharger credit that would be fair, but don't count on it.
Remember "if you want it bad, you'll get it bad"


Jan 22, 2021
Fontana, CA
Thank you everyone for your support. This is the update from SC (screenshot attached).
Hopefully they replace the rear drive unit and everything is back to normal. Still yet to find out what actually went wrong with the car. They keep saying “engineers are working on it”. Once I find out what actually went wrong after they fix it, what are some questions I can ask them to ensure my car doesn’t break down in the middle of a trip? Can I ask to be compensated for this? Maybe get the $2k acceleration boost upgrade or free supercharging? Has anyone had experience doing this?
Thank you again!


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Jan 20, 2021
los angeles
Gotta say, the service is pretty lousy at Tesla. You shouldn't be the one who needs to proactively ask when the car will be ready. Hope it'll all be sorted out for you. Wouldn't hurt to ask for freebies, you miss every shot you don't take!

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