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It is a few weeks ago now, however, it comes to mind often.

I went to pick my partner up, from her volunteer job. Road was busy, so I had to park 50 yards away. She had not seen me, so I got out of the car and waved. She still di not see me. I walked towards her and when I was about 10 yards away, she finally saw me! (She was looking at the traffic, rather than people).

When we got back to the car 2016 S), I reached into my pocket. No key...
Looked inside. Key had fallen out of my trouser pocket and was on the seat. Reached for phone...that was plugged into the USB charge point, inside. Handles withdrawn. Partners key at home.

"Oh no...." I explained the situation.

Then I reached towards the door handle and the handle reappeared! Opened door and all well!

So, is this a miracle or business as usual and a feature of which I was/am unaware?

(Open on approach is switched off)
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I had a similar experience with the key-fob in the trunk of my Model S. The car did not respond for the first 1-2 touches. Accordingly I called the Tesla Support to see if they could assist. Just before they were going to trigger the 'unlock', the car, itself, presented handles. The app on my phone has been non-functional to unlock the car for a few months ... so I had to fall-back from plan 'a', to plan 'c'. Turns out, plan 'a', touching the handle(s) was enough... I just had to keep trying for a few minutes.
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