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App Connection down?

I am on 2018.2 on an almost brand new Tesla MS 100D using the updated iPhone app. I am experiencing the same problem with the app being unable to connect to the car. Both the iPhone and the car are on my home wifi network so there is zero chance of connectivity issues. IPhone app is 3.3.2 and I had problems with the earlier version of the app too.
Having the same issue and it worked fine earlier this morning. The last time this happened, it was an issue on the provider side. Mobile app connects back to Tesla's servers, and from there to the car. Could be a cloud provider issue or could be Tesla server app issue. It is not localized to the user(s). Will be interesting to see what the root cause is.
Mine is down too.

I got an email notice from TeslaFI that my car has been offline for 10 minutes at 7:28am PST which is why I tried to login on my iPhone. First attempt wanted me to enter my password but would not connect. I also got the Connection error.

TeslaFI is still showing my car as OFFLINE.

I am on still 2018.2. I also tried a power off of my car and waited 2 minutes before power on and still same problem.

I also ran openspeedtest.com on my car browser and got 4.6 down and 1.5 up. This is normal even though I have 150/150 speed and my iPhone has not problem with WiFi Speed setting in my car.
It very much appears to be Tesla’s cloud servers are down since the car has APN connectivity which means it’s not AT&T. Clearly, it’s not all of our internet connections. This really just leads to one point of failure.

Tesla’s (AWS??) cloud servers got hacked by BitCoin miners a few weeks back, perhaps something similar has happened again.
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Definitely something funky going on with their API.

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