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Can someone help diagnose this noise?

Hi all.. just in the last week my 2016 Model X has started making a weird noise like repeated dying gasps.. it seems to be coming from behind the dash on the passenger side. It kind of sounds like the aircon, except it happens with the aircon off, and no air is coming through the vents. When you put the aircon on that motor start up and works fine, so like this is a different motor somewhere..sound is quite distinct in the video.

Aside from the sound there are no obvious negative effects, everything is still working, but I feel I have a trip to the service centre in my future.

Tesla noise

If anyone has experienced similar that would be good to know.
I wonder if a cooling fan or something for the battery or invertor has failed? Aircon is off, car isnt moving. Only other motor I can think of is windscreen washers/wipers, but clearly not moving so not wipers but could be the pump. Have you lifted the frunk to see if its inside or outside the cabin?
..and the answer is.. it is the fan on the autopilot computer. Board is being replaced.

Tesla is getting grief these days for its customer service. the fact that you can’t call and talk to someone is often a pain, but we need to remember that is being driven by head office. I have worked for US multinationals for a large part of my career, while being based in australia and I know US corporate policies and procedures don’t always go down well outside of the US.. anyway, long winded way of saying Ben and the team in Alexandria (sydney) are pretty amazing, and will always get 5 stars from me.