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Charge port door not flush? Am I crazy here?

Went to a different service center this afternoon and they said it was within spec but he couldn't find the specs in his system. Walked the lot and some were flush, some were like mine. Looks like either the supplier can't get these built uniformly or the door itself is misshapen /warped. Looked at the parts pages at Tesla and it doesn't appear to be adjustable... two bolts hold it in place. Might try to remove the side trim myself and see what I can find.
Mine was terribly misaligned as well when I picked up in late December 2019 and I made a big stink about it, though the delivery folks couldn't even pretend to care less if they tried. I pretty much got the "do you want the car now or get back in the ordering queue?" shrug.
I made a mobile service appointment on the same day as delivery, and when mobile service arrived about a week later, the tech replaced the whole charge port unit in about 10-15 minutes, which solved the issue. The experience with the tech was infinitely better than the delivery experience.

did the mobile service replaced the charge port door with motor or really the whole charge port connector with cable to the battery?
Did he replaced it from the outside or also has to loose it from the inside? thank you

sc frankfurt germany said its tesla standard, they can try to fix it but can not promise to be better at the end. They wanted to have 67,50€ from me for this try.. Now I want to try this by my own... I recognized this part in epc:
MDL3Y CHARGE PORT DOOR SERVICE KIT 1448344-00-B (restricted)

I think they just replace this part... because of that they say: can be better but has not to...
It seems to clipped in and hold without screws.. because of that there is no posibility to unscrew and align it..!?

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Here is mine. It kind of bulges in the middle. The mobile guy agreed it was off and ordered new cover to replace.


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Jul 28, 2020
I know it's a little late, but still might be valuable to someone. My charge port door closed properly when I first got my Model 3, and then a few weeks ago I noticed that it was not closing all the way. The problem wound up being a bit of tree debris that gotten mashed into where the retractor brings the door down to meet the charge port. it was tough to see, but once I pulled it out, the door closed flush again.


Jun 21, 2019
Tesla has a TSB for this problem. It is SB-20-10-001, June 9, 2020 and can be read here: https://static.nhtsa.gov/odi/tsbs/2020/MC-10177029-9999.pdf.

The "spec" given in the TSB is more than 1.5mm at either the top or bottom warrants correction, overflush in the middle is not adjustable.

To find recalls and TSBs for any car, go to nhtsa.gov/recalls and enter your VIN. Click the "Learn More ->" link, scroll down to where you see "MANUFACTURER COMMUNICATIONS" and click on that. Those manufacturer communications are all the TSBs for your car.

HTH everyone in this thread.

Gap and flush tools can be bought online and at auto part stores. If searching online, try looking within an automotive body repair, trim, or upholstery category.
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The issue isn’t the door assembly, it’s the body panel. The spots on the body panel where the door assembly is attached are not to spec. Same issue with the Model Y. I have the issue on both vehicles. There is a service bulletin about it but they won’t fix it unless it’s EXTREMELY off. My theory is workers are carrying the panels using the charge port door hole as a handle and the tabs are getting bent.
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Aug 30, 2021
Took delivery of new M3LR yesterday. Only noticed this when comparing it to my mom's 2018 M3LR which is nearly flush and certainly not this. I roughly measured about 3mm of "waterfall" at the lower end, so according to that bulletin (linked earlier in this thread) Tesla might fix this? I considered attempting this myself as it seems pretty straight forward manipulation of sheet tabs, but brand new car and all I would be too nervous.
I’ve been through this twice now on MY and M3. Yours looks pretty consistent with the way both of mine look and they won’t fix it. You can kick and scream and try to force them to fiddle with it but that’s still no guarantee it will look much different. One thing I can tell you is that mine slowly became flush during the first 6 mos with no adjustments.

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