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Clicking sound from rear when accelerating or regen decelerating

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I've noticed in the last several months that my 2013 Tesla Model S 60 is making metallic a single click sound from the rear of the car whenever transitioning from acceleration to deceleration or vice verse. It was most noticeable when starting from a stop during the initial acceleration and the initial deceleration under regen when approaching a stop sign or traffic light.

I found this old post that mentioned re-torqueing the rear axle nuts and this worked like a charm. The last post asked if the OP greased the splines of the axle before torqueing the axle nut, but there's been no response since 2019. Being a new member, I was not permitted to respond the old thread, so I decided to post my own.

Here's the link to the original thread.
Rear driveshaft hub nut torque value?

Here's the video that shows how to fix this, although for a model 3, but it's the same procedure.

Some other useful information.

Axle Nut Size - 32mm
Axle Nut Torque Spec - 180 ft/lbs (I used 190 ft/lbs for a little extra margin)
Lug Nut Size - 22mm
Lug Nut Torque Spec - 129 ft/lbs
Grease for Axle Splines - Molybdenum Disulphide (I used cheap CV Axle grease from the local parts store that has this compound in it.)

Problem appears to be solved. I will post again after a month to confirm problem has not reoccurred.
The click came back on the left side just after a few days. I'm thinking I need a new nut and washers as it is recommended to replace both after taking the nut off. However, I'm having trouble finding "genuine" Tesla parts from anywhere other than eBay. Any thoughts on trustworthy vendors for Tesla parts?
I also found this TSB which describes replacement of the rear axle nut and washers.
Hi, did you resolve the issue? I just went in and they re torque it. it is much better but when i test drove, i can still hear it couple times, although not consistent. it is not easily reproducible anymore. I am going to wait until it is more consistent before scheduling it again. Just wondering if they fix your issue.