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  1. D

    Clicking sound from rear when accelerating or regen decelerating

    I've noticed in the last several months that my 2013 Tesla Model S 60 is making metallic a single click sound from the rear of the car whenever transitioning from acceleration to deceleration or vice verse. It was most noticeable when starting from a stop during the initial acceleration and the...
  2. M

    Tesla Semi Round Trip Efficiency is 95% on Mountain Passes (Napkin Physics)

    Here is more, and this is so insane that I am still looking for the flaw :-) https://kilowatt.page/tesla-semi-regen-roundtrip-efficiency-is-95-percent/ Based on the 500 mile energy graph, the Semi regen efficiency is insane. Roundtrip efficiency is ~95%, and one way is ~97%. Battery size is...
  3. M

    Tesla Semi on Steep Grades (Napkin Physics)

    With two kids successfully launched to STEM college, I am running out of high school physics problem. So I did this https://kilowatt.page/tesla-semi-vs-eisenhower-pass/ TL;DR: The Semi can keep steady speed down any interstate at any legal speed. It can also slow down the truck on that hill...
  4. dimitar.ns

    Vendor S3XY Buttons - Regenerative braking

    I would like to share more info about the Regen braking and its functionality with the S3XY Buttons. If you have any specific questions let me know, I would be happy to answer! Here's a list of a few scenarios when changing the Regen Braking with a S3XY Button can be quite useful: Heavy...
  5. Spivas

    Motors making louder noise after a lot of slow regenerative braking.

    So we live near the Smoky Mountains which is the perfect place to take the Tesla for the day. There is a motor trail (Roaring Fork Motor Nature Trail) behind the tourist trap city of Gatlinburg, TN. It's a 5.5 mile one way loop that winds drivers through the forest and I'd say has an elevation...
  6. K

    Brake rattle/bounce when engaging brake hold

    I received my car last week. Sometimes, I temporarily notice a loud rattling/bouncing noise when the brake hold is being engaged. Attached is a video of me starting from 0 km/h, and slowly creeping forward up to 1 km/h, then letting go of the gas pedal. As you can see, when I let go of the gas...
  7. T

    Why did Tesla remove option to disable regenerative braking?

    I'm asking here instead of directly to Tesla because their only Contact Us options were for solar roofs or calling a store and neither of them knows.... While test driving the Model Y I noticed the regenerative braking was pretty aggressive. I called the sales person from the car to ask if I...
  8. R

    Loud Regen Braking Noise (Cold Battery)

    Hi Everyone, I was wondering what your experiences are with regen braking noise in your Model Y? I have always felt mine was louder than normal, but now that's it's cold out, I've noticed that it produces a high pitched squealing sound when slowing down, especially at higher speeds. Since...
  9. R

    Regen Braking in cold weather.

    This is not about the option being removed in the 2021 models. I traded in a 2018 Model 3 AWD for a new 2021 Model 3 AWD and I noticed the regen breaking takes much longer to get to full strength than my old car. It also seems to be not as strong even as it warms up. I drove an hour back from...
  10. K

    2020.40.3 and Regen

    After upgrading to 2020.40.3, I feel a difference in the way regen acts. Is anyone else feeling a difference? I felt that the regen is less than I expect it to be in some situations and sometimes it starts with less regen when I lift off and then increased regen right after. I always have my SOC...
  11. S

    Use brake pedal for regen?

    Is Tesla able to make a Regen option where the default is low Regen.. then when you lightly press the brake pedal it activates some Regen (I know the brakes are hardware so it would have to activates though but for that slight amount you can press where the brakes would be barely stopping the...
  12. adayley

    The joy of a road of curves and regen braking

    Yesterday my wife and I drove to Canyon Lake. It is a reservoir about 45 miles east of Phoenix, Arizona. ECB6FFD2-CC9C-4809-A1EC-9A5B26D6059D by adayley posted Sep 24, 2020 at 9:59 AM It is such a joy to drive winding and up and down roads without the need to use the brakes!
  13. S

    Green regen on energy screen....?

    Hi I'm sure the answers are out there but haven't 'happened' on them yet... I was thinking the other day that regen isn't 'always' adding energy to the battery because I can't see how it would be possible without damaging the battery (like plugging in the car for 30 seconds randomly through...
  14. T

    Regen causing unintended acceleration, according to new study?

    This new scientific article, below, seems like a huge big deal. Basically it sounds as though EVs, including Teslas, may be interacting with Bosch brakes to in essence short circuit (especially when the brake lights error code is triggered) and accelerate due to loss of regen/addition of motor...
  15. P

    Uneven Re-gen Braking Feel on P3D+

    Hi all, I saw a recent post on "braking feel of the Model 3" and this is a bit on the other side of braking on the Model 3, the re-gen braking. I had two very different cars before my P3D+, a 335i and an eGolf. The regen braking on the eGolf was predictable, you could predict where it would...
  16. F

    "Regenerative braking has been improved" on "Legacy" 2015 S70D thoughts

    I thought improved regen was only going to be for Raven/M3 when I saw it somewhere in update notes on Electrek. But It seems I did get "something" on my 2015 Model S70D(Instrument cluster prompted of improved Regen). Didn't think any of us "Legacy" car owners were ever going to get anything of...
  17. B

    New Tesla MS Regen Limited

    Just got a brand new 2020 MS (long range). Regen has been limited almost all the time with the dashed yellow line on the bottom of the power graph circle. I talked to Tesla service a few times and even brought it over to the SC. We did a supercharge over there for ~15 mins and after that the...
  18. BuggDDS

    Regen make batter % go up

    Has anyone seen their battery percentage INCREASE during driving, like right after it “ticks” down, do some regen braking and then it actually ticks up, pretty cool!
  19. Spacep0d

    Brake Light: Regen Braking!

    Greetings Teslarati and fans! I know I'm kinda posting a lot lately because I'm doing a lot of research before ordering my Model 3 in February. I've noticed that with EVs in general and namely with regenerative braking, that brake light is constantly going on. Even if the car maintains a...
  20. R

    Very interesting battery observation

    I am no battery expert but I have decided to see if there is a difference in how I charge my car. All charges are done at home. Here are a few observations: 1. The left orange readings are for charging to 85-90% from about 65% over the past few weeks. Interesting to note that the...
  21. CharlieLab

    Raven regen poor in cooler weather

    I have a 2019 Raven MX performance and now the weather is getting cooler I’ve noticed regen is incredibly weak. Almost non existent with temps around 50oF. My previous MX regen was way stronger and I wouldn’t get the dashed yellow lines until temps into the 30s. Anyone seen the same issue?
  22. MichaelP90DL

    Regenerative Braking: Standard Mode Quit Working

    I have my car set to Standard for regen braking. This morning, I unplugged the cable, planted my foot on the brake, flipped into drive and took off. A surprise happened as I approached a stop sign: The car barely slowed. Hit the brake. I checked the driving screen and standard regen braking was...
  23. f205v

    Up and down the Alps

    Today I had my lunch at a very cozy place on top of an Alpine mountain. The drive there was on gentle hills till I got to the last stretch: 5,1 km (3,2miles) with a climb of 580 m (1900 feet), on average 11.3% ascent ratio. After lunch I came down by the same road. Battery was in temp, and regen...
  24. RedModel3

    Possible cause of traction loss warnings

    I've seen a lot of you have problems with loss of traction control warnings, along with loss of EAP, loss of regen, and loss of emergency braking. I've had it happen to me several times myself, and it always goes away after parking the car and letting it sit awhile. I've determined WHEN it...
  25. JPWhite

    Poor regen when reversing

    If I reverse down my driveway in my M3 the car will pickup speed. Our driveway is fairly steep. Driving forward down the drive the regen is noticeably stronger and prevents runaway. Has anyone else noticed poor regen in reverse?
  26. R

    Model 3 - 2018.42.x Regen Issues

    I'm wondering if anyone else is seeing this. On two occasions, we noticed that regen is dramatically reduced, usually above 50km/hr. This loss of regen has not been accompanied by a warning, nor associated with any of the normal situations where regen is limited (cold battery, battery too full...
  27. C

    Pre-conditioning, regen, and cold weather

    So, I have a question. If we warm-up our car before leaving in the morning, do we still have regen? My hypothesis is no. Warming up the car will help, but regen will still be reduced even after the car/battery is/are warm. Here's my reasoning: I noticed something interesting yesterday. My...
  28. Lex

    Eliminate limited regen - improving cold weather driving

    Has this been explored previously ? Limited regen seems like such a waste of energy, when it seems it would always be needed when heat would be needed, so why not explore diverting the waste energy immediately to heat coils, maybe a "heat bottle" ? Even if it goes out as waste it helps the...
  29. rabar10

    Regen in cold weather -- any differences from S/X?

    Now that we have some Model 3 owners on the US East Coast and/or going on road-trips, and since they are also likely S or X owners, wondering if any differences have been seen in Regen behavior after the Model 3 has been cold-soaked, compared to S/X? From research here, the S/X will have zero...
  30. fasteddie7

    Stronger, more aggressive Regen?

    Over the past week or so I've noticed my Regen is a little stronger than usual. It's been really cold where I live, and after I precondition for 45 minutes or so (with the new battery warming feature) and when I leave, I still have the dotted lines for limited Regen (pic attached) but it seems...
  31. Veritas1980

    You should use your brakes

    So I just had my first service done (20.000 km) and everything was great, except for one thing. Apparently I should use my brakes more. According to the service center, using the brakes very little (what can I say, I love one pedal driving) could cause them to be worn in an unbalanced way...
  32. fasteddie7

    limited regen down a steep grade or an issue?

    This is the first time i've experienced this and i wondered if it is normal. I live near a very mountainous area. My wife, son, and myself traveled up the mountain to a nice restaurant for dinner. On the way back down, it is a relatively steep grade. I had 201 miles out of 259 on my 75D...
  33. David99

    How much energy can 'regen' capture?

    I have read and heard many different numbers about it and after owning my Tesla for more than 2 years I wanted to test it out. Here is what I found. I hope this video helps understanding regen a little.
  34. emir-t

    How can ReGen bypass the charger?

    AFAIK when regening you create AC power from the AC motor something converts it into DC and puts it back into the battery. However batteries need a charger in between to get the current and voltage they want. It also takes a while for the battery to communicate with the EVSE when charging. With...
  35. Skotty

    No Regen When Lifting Off Throttle

    So today I got in my car and was driving down the road. When I lifted my foot off the accelerator pedal, I was surprised to find that my car just coasted along, and I had to quickly press the brake pedal to slow it down. What was interesting about this is that I was driving my Ford Escape...
  36. MrJones390

    Why don't regen brakes stop the car completely?

    I haven't been able to find the answer to this. Would be nice to roll to a complete stop for true one-pedal driving. Does anyone know why we still need to use the brakes for complete stops?
  37. Yonki

    Regen FAQ?

    This seems to be the subforum where regeneration is discussed most frequently. I see anecdotes and references to people having done regen experiments, etc. Does anyone know if there is a central repository for regen information? I was initially just curious as to what % of braking energy is...
  38. R

    How does motor and regen efficiency scale with power?

    I'm curious about the scaling of efficiency of a as you increase power, volume, and mass. I've been thinking about it since Elon mentioned a Tesla truck. Trucks tend to have a significant amount of mass, and when towing or carrying a heavy payload, the mass is increased even more. But with...
  39. D

    The brake pedal

    Hi, Being lurking for a few months here. I heard a few cases when people have said that they can drive the Model S by only using the gas pedal, and I always wondered why they do not use the break pedal normally. Can't the break pedal also control regenerative breaking, or is that out of the...
  40. epley

    Charging and limiter questions

    I have 2 questions for the battery gurus. 1. Plugged in my car last night. Came out this morning to find that the car didn't charge. Only 40% on the battery, so it should have. Thoughts? 2. Today, with only about 40% battery charge, I had limitations on regen AND on max power usage. It was...