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  1. 9

    Acceleration of my MYLR

    I’m not sure but I feel the acceleration of my new MYLR 7 seater is way faster than claimed 4.8 sec. I’ve owned few fast cars before but MYLR is on a new level. When I punch it off the line at the red light, I’m going 80 before I can even register my speed. Did I get an extra strong example? Or...
  2. N

    Acceleration boost upgrade, no software update needed?

    This evening, I decided to take the plunge, and purchased the acceleration boost upgrade on my phone for my 2022 M3LR. For context, my vehicle sits in my apartment building’s parking garage (no Wi-Fi). When a software update is needed I typically let the car take care of itself while I’m at work...
  3. S

    Tesla Refreshed S Review

    Tesla Refreshed S Review I’ve read a lot of « fair and comprehensive » reports of the refreshed Tesla S & Plaid. To me these reports are mostly missing a key factor — FUN. Driving the updated S with yoke steering plus all the bells & whistles is freaking FUN. I haven’t enjoyed driving a car...
  4. Jett Black

    Ingenext Boost 50 / OEM Acceleration Upgrade Comparison Video

    Hello all! I am considering putting together a comparison video that pits the Ingenext Boost 50 module against the OEM Acceleration Upgrade. This would require a pretty significant time and capital investment. So, I am wondering if you all think it might provide value. Let me know what you...
  5. B

    Plaid is slow on highspeed.

    Tesla Model S Plaid is often referred to as the fastest pruduction vehicle in the world. But I doubt it Is there anybody who can do the accelaration test to 250-300km/h ? I can't seem to find the data of 0-300km/h time of Plaid. I think it's because the acceleration from 250 to 300km is slow...
  6. M

    Make the Model Y Performance ~Quicker~

    Hello all, Owner of a 2021 Model Y Performance here. I'm wondering if anyone has found out; how can the MYP be made quicker? I understand the car is blazingly quick, and many will question why more speed and rapid acceleration are needed. But, I believe the MYP should be able to outperform...
  7. D

    Tesla Plaid toying with other high performance cars on the dragstrip whilst trying not to get kicked off

    Here's the main video: I think there ***may*** come a time when watching the Plaid win all these races becomes monotonous and predictable, but today is not that day. The whole video is worth a watch, but for the impatient below, I linked just the races. For those not in the know, the ET...
  8. S

    Infotainment upgrade hurt acceleration and suspension

    Upgraded from MCU1 to MCU2 on a 2017 Model S 90D. Good news? We have Netflix and Sentry Mode! Bad news? Acceleration is slow off a traffic light stop and the smart air suspension is now bumpy and wobbly. Before the upgrade the acceleration was fast and the smart air suspension was like riding...
  9. S

    What’s this sound every time I accelerate? Service has no idea so far and says it’s not normal.

    two recordings I made :). Been driving me nuts and ruining my performance model 3 experience! it‘s super loud and it’s NOT the speed limit warning :)
  10. P

    Sound while accelerating

    I have been driving the Model 3 for about 1.5 yrs. I have recently experienced a humming sound while accelerating the car that is akin to the engines revving up before airplanes start the takeoff on a runway; the sound is way lower but is irritating. At higher speeds, I don't hear it but that...
  11. P

    Model Y LR and Performance Test-Drive Review

    I test drove the MY LR 7 Seater earlier, and now I've just finished an overnight test drive of the MYP! I drove around casually but also tried to push the car to see how it might do in more performance oriented driving, as I typically take my car to the track 1-2 times a year. My thoughts...
  12. Seth2020

    Anyone buy the $2000 Acceleration Boost for M3?

    For my 2020 AWS LR M3, my app shows me the following available upgrade Acceleration Boost $2000 Improved 0-60 mph time, 4.4s to 3.9s Have any of you purchased this? What are your thoughts on it?
  13. MichaelP90DL

    I tried "Launch Mode" for the first time today.

    I've had Tessie for 11 months. Never have I tried Launch Mode. I've done a lot of acceleration runs without it, but today was different. I printed out the instructions then drove to a lonely desert road. What follows is what I posted earlier on a local car enthusiast website: Tesla's "Ludicrous...
  14. Jomak

    I did searches, handling anyone

    I have searched for a comparison on google and here, but I am not finding my answer. Taking out the Perf M3 can anyone give me a good review/comparision of the STD v Long range handling, fun to drive, acceleration, passing power, cornering. I'd really like to know if it's worth $9k more (I'm...
  15. R

    Noise from passenger front door - like a loose nut in door

    This noise sounds like a nut that is loose in the door. I doubt there is a nut that is loose in there, but it's just to explain what it sounds like. I hear a "knock" when I accelerate or decelerate. If I accelerate/brake very slowly, the noise doesn't happen. But if I drive normally, at every...
  16. BennyMountfort

    Autopilot Acceleration too rapid

    Any advice on any settings to change? In traffic, car waits for other in front to take off. There is some delay and then it launches after the other cars and 80% of time it then needs to brake... Exactly the same in ‘Chill Mode’ almost as if it ignores on Autopilot.
  17. H

    Safe acceleration

    In the interest of doing safe & legal accelerations, I was wondering if you can ask the car to stop a hard acceleration at 5 over the speed limit. It happens so fast it would be easy to go over without a little help!
  18. Chrisizzle

    Grinding sound under acceleration while heavily loaded

    Are any other Model X owners experiencing a grinding noise under acceleration? This 2019 Model X is my second (previous was a 2016) and I am familiar with the long time shudder/clunking noise during acceleration. This is definitively not that sound. Definitely a grinding and only while the...
  19. fasteddie7

    Accelerator pressed : cruise will not brake when pedal isn’t pressed

    So here’s a new one. 2019.36.2.1 AP1 last few days has popped up a message “accelerator pressed, cruise will not brake”, which I’m used to seeing if I actually accelerate on autopilot, but this time I’m not pressing either pedal. The first time it happened, I instinctively pressed the...
  20. zhu-

    Acceleration limitations on MXM4 tires for dual motor?

    Lately I've been watching my screen during launches from a stop and noticed I'm not getting max acceleration with the bar only reaching about ~80% for the first second. Acceleration feels same as before though I haven't always been watching the screen so not sure if this is recent or not. I...
  21. Fernand

    Scary acceleration, how to reduce?

    I use NOA a lot, MadMax, very happy with it, keeps getting better. I also use AS/TACC on surface roads/streets whenever the context is right. I've gotten good at popping in and out of AS. It's great. My issue is a rather brutal acceleration style I find nerve-wracking. It's e.g. annoying in...
  22. L

    Accelaration and Sentry Mode Disabled

    Have had my M3 Dual Motor for 5 days now. There was an intervening Software update while I was out of town. Now I find thet the chill/standard options are greyed out (with the car stuck in chill mode). Additionally, sentry mode is greyed out Any suggestions on why they got disabled and how I...
  23. F

    Model 3 clicking sound near the rear wheel area

    Does anyone here a clicking sounds near the rear wheel area when accelerating or decelerating? It's not a constant clicking sound, but I do it a click when accelerating or decelerating. I heard it while driving with my windows down in a quiet neighborhood. I booked a service appointment to...
  24. J

    Insane+ on P85D

    First time poster, but big fan :) I just noticed that Insane+ was added to my MS P85D. I have not been able to find any information online about it so I reaching out the the experts here. What does Insane+ add over Insane? More power? Lower 0-60? Any specs? Thanks in advance!
  25. D

    What would you pay for more unlocked acceleration?

    Let's say Tesla can actually unlock more speed for the M3P, and likely the slower models as well. What would you pay for a .5 second faster 0-60 time? I would kill for more jerk off the line as well. Elon, are you there? Take my money! As a side note, would you give up even more range for...
  26. D

    Does anyone else feel like the first 0-10mph are limited in the M3P?

    The jerk/torque at 20-50mph is fantastic. I just love it. However, I feel like they are artificially controlling this power at 0-10mph or so. The car just doesn't jerk right off the line like I thought it would. Has anyone else noticed this?
  27. D

    Pre-Facelift 90D Performance

    Hi all - Does anyone have information about pre-facelift 2016 90D performance numbers ? I'm seeing some conflicting information about whether the acceleration and range of the 90D was always 0-60 in 4.2s and 294 miles, or if that higher performance only came into being with the mid-2016...
  28. mrfra62

    Phantom braking and phantom acceleration

    The my model x suffers from phantom breaking is obviously not an isolated incident. But has anybody experienced - what i in analogue to phantom breaking call - phantom acceleration ? When AP is engaged at some points on my route I have experienced that my model x suddenly accelerats with 10 kmh...
  29. P

    New Ownership Impressions and Advice

    I love the car, it's faster than expected. Solidly built. Intuitive, if you play with the menu screen while it's parked first. Definitely needs a home charging station installed (at least a 240V plug). Here's a detailed review after picking up the 2018 Model 3, and the first 300 miles driven...
  30. GeekLad

    0-60 Test App for the Tesla Web Browser

    I've been tinkering with a little experiment to calculate stats for 0-60, quarter mile time, and other stats via a web app used with the Tesla web browser. Because the browser API for the GPS only updates at 1Hz, the actual values need to be interpolated. I need the help of anyone and everyone...
  31. aikisteve

    Uncorked 100D beats P100D in sports mode

    To my big surprise, the uncorked 100D beats the P100D in sport mode. Would expect the same results at least. But maybe the cars are set up the same, but the weight difference plays a role... But at least I got payback as well :-D (test was done under controlled circumstances. Do not try to...
  32. ishareit

    0-60 in 4.3 seconds on new RWD Model S

    Waiting for get delivery of my Model S RWD 75 next week. The 0-60 specs are 4.3 seconds on this car and I was wondering if that is reasonable - given that its a RWD and might lose traction if floored. Can't wait to try it myself, but wondering if anyone who has the newer spec'ed Model S can...
  33. Haxster

    Japanese electric supercar touts 1,000 horsepower and 0-62 mph in 2 seconds

    The terms "jerk", "whiplash", and "black-out" come to mind... What the Hell Is an Aspark Owl and Why Do We Want One? | Automobile Magazine But it can't go 300 miles on a charge, carry 5 adults, and all the stuff we bring home from Costco, so I guess I'll stick with my MS...at least until the...
  34. raphy3

    How to get P85 to full power

    Hi everyone. I have a CPO 2013 P85 that I took delivery of this past Tuesday. Just putting the pedal to the floor and testing the acceleration, it definitely does not feel much faster than a regular 85. 0-60 appears to be well over 5 seconds, just by counting while watching the speed. I haven't...
  35. Haxster

    0-60 MPH in Under Two Seconds!

    Just for fun, Elon authorized a Skunkworks project to explore a supercar concept based on the Model 3. A small team in Palo Alto put together a motor-per-wheel chassis with a pair of modified high-output controllers and TWO 60 kW battery packs. Much of the interior was stripped out to save...
  36. cstromme

    Acceleration and performance of the X75D compared to a 2014 S85?

    Picking up a X75D on Saturday to replace our 2014 S85 (pre-AP, RWD), and I just now started wondering if the X75D will feel slower than our old car. 0-60 and 0-100 are listed as slower than our old car, but I also there was some issues with these numbers back in 2014 so I'm not quite sure if the...
  37. TexasTeslaRacing

    2016 MS P100D Powertools RunLog

    I don't know how many of you use the Powertools app but it's a nice app to check MAX KW and 0-60 times. Two separate logs are attached. The first run was at 80% SOC with two people in the car, level road, with max battery power on, and launch control used. Best time we could do was 3.0 0-60 and...
  38. F

    Model X 75D / 90D 0-60 mph acceleration video

    I've scoured YouTube but couldn't find a single video of the Model X 75D or X 90D accelerating from 0-60 mph / 0-100 kmh, only clips of ludicrous X P90Ds. I'm putting together an Excel chart with acceleration curves for the various models based on acceleration videos. Can someone with a X75D or...
  39. fasteddie7

    Negativity bias?

    Hi everyone! I take delivery of my model s tomorrow so I have been more aggressively combing through the forums to learn as much as I can, one thing has stood out though: I couldn't help but notice the high volume of posts with nightmarish stories. From autopilot parking crashes and spontaneous...
  40. Garlan Garner

    If you had a choice: Acceleration or Distance?

    It has been said by Mr Elon M. that there is definitely going to be a Ludicrous mode on the M3. Some have concluded in their minds that Ludicrous means sub 3 second 0-60 times. Mr. Elon M. has also said that the distance for the M3 will exceed 200 miles per charge. He has also stated in a...
  41. M

    auto-pilot malfunction (accelerated behind another car causing crash)

    I know there has been recent news this week about apparent malfunctions in auto-pilot mode. I know it's not super clear cut, but I'm wondering if anyone else has had similar experiences. My model S in auto-pilot mode actually accelerated while driving behind another car, causing a collision...
  42. RidgeRacerJM

    Model 3 Performance Speculation @ Hawthorne Event? 0-60, etc.

    To those who were at the event in Hawthorne and had the opportunity to take a ride in the Model 3, what would you say was the 0-60 for the dual motor? I also read somewhere that they (Tesla) had to utilize a Model S component to make them (Model 3 test cars) driveable, so maybe the performance...
  43. E

    85D 0-60 faster than expected

    I've been thinking nonstop about how I should've gotten the P90D instead of 85D to feel the acceleration and power, but it seems like they're more similar than I once though. 85D 0-60 has been seen to be sometimes as low as 3.85, average around 4.0. This is without rollout P90D is 3.1 with...
  44. chriSharek

    Cops don't like losing to a Model S!

    So the local TESLA STORE let me take a P85D home for my birthday since I ordered mine earlier that day. We went to the grocery store this morning and on the way home, I pull up to a light and a Deputy Sheriff pulls up next to me (pole positions and his lane ends in 1/4 mile). NOT in insane...
  45. A

    First thoughts on P85D acceleration, day 1

    I tested Insane mode this evening at the metered lights on I-280. Waited an extra amount of time to get a clear path in front of me. You know how when you go into to the ocean, and your muscles fight the surf's rhythm of pushing and pulling, towards shore and away from the shore; that even an...

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