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For those with Ludicrous mode, how often are you in it?

I'm trying to decide between a P100D and a 100D.

Are people keeping their P100Ds in ludicrous mode or is it just a "special" thing for launches where you are showing off the car.

Or are you enjoying the extra performance like "all the time"?
I don´t own a Model S with ludicrous anymore. But when I did, some days I left it in ludi mode but mostly sport because it was already plenty fast and don´t get to punch it that often because of the speed limits. So I would say go for 100D, even tho the ludicrous is pretty nice to have but only if money is not an issue as the price difference is noticeable.
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My wife would only let me buy her insane, not ludicrous. She couldn't see the point of being able to launch faster.

She drives her Model X in insane mode 100% of the time, and she didn't even want the feature :-(

I use chill to tame down autopilot on long road trips, but otherwise drive on the fastest acceleration mode in both X's. It just is more fun, and gives you more options.

It is not clear if this is correlated with the ridiculous rate at which my wife's car eats tires.
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Whenever I get the chance to drive a P, I use ludicrous all the time. That's what it's there for, and that's what I'm paying for. It does not matter what the weather is, traction control and responsible driving takes care of that. Also, it makes sure you don't get left without options in various situations where a quick speed up helps by adding more safety margin (merges, passing, etc.).
Always ludi, when there is no snow.
When in sport It would be nice to be able to kick through to ludi if needed; like “full military power”. Most issues are avoided by braking, but fast acceleration is a great tool in some circumstances.
Always in ludicrous mode. Gentle acceleration is no easier in Sport or Chill, so I see no reason not to be in ludicrous unless a valet has the car.

The original question might also ask how often we actually use ludicrous acceleration. I do a fair bit, but almost never from a standing start. With practice you can quickly roll on power from low speed, have the accelerator briefly floored and then roll it off smoothly and hit a target speed to within an MPH or two without overshooting. Lots of fun.