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Friday shutdown? Speculation

I'm really wondering about this Friday shutdown on the S/X line. They're making the point that they're ahead of target. And that may well be possible. But, that's exactly what would happen if they were undertaking a minor re-tooling.

Combine that with the few new bits and bobs that have popped out - new visor, new MCU - and I wonder if we're seeing the long anticipated interior upgrade.

The bit about transferring a few workers to the 3 line might be a bit of a smoke screen.

I hope so.. The day that it's announced, my order goes in.
Much as I'd appreciate an interior refresh (because I have a Model S order for May production!) I have come to think Tesla would be foolish to focus on anything that takes away from meeting Model 3 production. Their stock performance and failure to meet production targets is currently headline news.Also, considering the two days of shut down come right before the end of the quarter, it sound like a final squeeze. I'm not a finance guy, but I know enough to know that this is a critical time for Tesla.
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Seems an obvious ploy to crank out as many 3’s as possible on the last day of the quarter so they can say in their earnings call “look we achieved a rate equivalent 2500 cars a week!*”

*for one day, with a bunch of extra people on hand doing stuff manually
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