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Got crashed into whilst stationary - Advice


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Jul 12, 2012
Agreed someone is taking the pee! It’s actually my own insurance company I am dealing with as it was a hit and run. I have their registration number. The vehicle that hit me is confirmed insured. My car is not going to be a write off from my untrained eye, but who knows. Going to phone my well known insurance company now.

Pure profiteering.

Evision has short-term hire of an 3LR for 114 pounds per day, with 150 miles per day limit + 15p/mile.


Jun 25, 2020
Small piece of advice, whenever they phone you / you call them on any number that isn't the insurance companies direct claims line - always ask directly "are you an employee of whoever your insurance company is" - if the answer is anything other than "yes" - be wary of and pay attention to what you're agreeing too - especially if there stock answer is "we work with [insurance company]".

Unless they're a scam (in which case they'll outright lie) they won't lie to you but will deflect from answering the question directly or will answer it in a confusing way.
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Sep 5, 2019
The whole accident hire car market seems to be an absolute racket from what I can see. Probably part of the reason we are all paying such high premiums...
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Dec 11, 2020
Who is providing the hire car? your insurer or theirs?

If it's your insurer, £400 is likely to be an issue when the claim goes through, I can tell you from experience.
I got stiffed on exactly the same thing! Don't do it! I got took to court and they tried to make me pay!

My car was parked up at the time when someone crashed into it so completely fault free...
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Jul 5, 2020
Yes, you are right to be careful with what costs you incur for a hire car, and you insurer's appointees are not to be trusted. If at any point you are offered a car via the other parties insurance I would take it.

My Mrs got driven into and her car was a write off. Her insurer was Halifax who get Enterprise to handle all their claims, who then appointed a claims management company once the other party had accepted blame. She was told she had to sign new paperwork for the rental, and the price doubled. The other party contested it and lawyers were engaged, potentially there will be a court case if they haven't settled and we would be compelled under our rental agreement to give evidence. The other trick they played was low balling the scrap cost. The other party agreed a price for the car we felt was fair, and reduced this by what they felt was a fair scrap price. The claims management felt the scrap price was £600 lower so offered us a payment we were not happy with. We refused and after back and forth got the full payout from the other side.

The claims companies for your side are complete sharks, if we were ever unfortunate enough to have the same situation we would make sure our insurance pays out and claims that back, rather than pass it to a claims management. This makes your deposit harder to reclaim, but I'll bet it's far faster and safer for you.

Also, you can look forward to years of phone calls from whiplash lawyers as your insurance will sell on your details. I would change your phone number now.
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Nov 3, 2017
Similar to @RedUn, back in April 2018, my car was damaged whilst parked on a private car park. Fortunately I had access to CCTV which clearly showed the culprit. Mine was repaired by a recommended company and a hire car comparable to my MS (Mercedes) was hired at what I thought was an extortionate rate. The other party/their insurers challenged the rental cost and threatened me with court action. I stood firm and the day before the court hearing, scheduled for January 4th 2019 they conceded.


Oct 4, 2019
Like seagulls following a trawler.

If your insurer isn't aware of what Auxilis are doing, it sounds grossly incompetent and borderline negligent.
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Oct 8, 2019
If the other driver has confirmed insurance and you have video. There is very little to fear by authorising car hire. All these costs will be picked up by the other drivers insurance.


Feb 8, 2020
I also was almost taken to court over extortionate hire car rates "arranged" by my insurers agency who took over the repair.

The repair was to an Ampera and took a good few weeks and the hire car bill ended up over the repair cost!

As I told my insurance company, if they had given me the money I would have gone out and purchased a car for the months the hire car was on for and made a fortune when I re-sold it. You can hire a car for a week for less than one days rental.

These loss adjuster agencies are draining insurances dry and I wonder who is paying?


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May 22, 2014
It seems now that I have logged the claim with the insurance company that I have to do all the work. Hire car is included but they want me to sign forms to authorise £400 a day hire car.

When my Model X was written off a few years ago in a non fault accident my own insurance company was next to useless, they sent me a Seat Ibiza as a replacement car, and than towed the X to a repairer who called me up because they didn't know how to open the doors!!

I than went to an independent accident management company, had a brand new Model X delivered to my work address the same day, and ended up keeping it from June through to end September due to the lead time it takes to order a factory fresh X - so a Model X rental for 4 months and brand new X order, not a small claim.

The third party insurance company tried to bully me into settling the claim early in all kinds of ways. I recorded all their conversions to me on the phone and kept the letters they sent me with FALSE information on. To be 100% honest I should have sued them for harresemnt.

The accident management company was fantastic, and proving you have a non fault claim I wouldn't hesitate to use them again.

The whole insurance system is screwed up, and everyone is out to screw us the customers. So do whats best for you, if you need an equivalent rental car whilst yours is been repaired don't be afraid to have one.

Remeber you have been crashed into, so why are you having to stress and put up with substandard service. If you have genuine whiplash that adds to the annoyance.
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Jan 9, 2020
I think there’s lot of good advice already but , from my experience, I support the view that you should really try to get to the ladies insurance company which should be straight forward for your insurer if you have the number plate. It should be trouble free thereafter.

Anecdotally, a car reversed into mine at my gym car park and the lady got out of the car and checked the damage she caused but then decided to drive off. I saw this on the cctv footage from the gyms own cameras but couldn’t read the number plate. It took me a few weeks to get her (long story) but when I did and called her insurance company they couldn’t have been more desperate to avoid me using my insurance company or third party claim companies. I used this to secure a new Audi R8 loan car for my 6 year old 911. I basically said - for the hassle your customer has put me through and to avoid me using my insurance co for the claim I want a decent loan car.

I’ve had a few non fault claims over the years (joy of commuting into central London?) and have always found it was smooth when the other insurance company was dealing with the claim. On one occasion when I let my company deal with the claim I had that nonsense of justifying the loan car I was given to the other parties insurance company. I told my insurance company to fill in the form for me as they arranged it - they did and that was the last I heard of it.

Somebody else in my family recently caused minor damage to our M3P and we needed to make a claim. I’ve got to say, LV= were very good and dealt with it. Due to the Tesla approved place being so far away I was just asked to take some pics so the body shop could estimate the work. Simple. i3 loan car was disappointing - not as nice to drive as I’d expected.


Nov 21, 2020
Even better, now that you've made a claim your contact details will end up with someone who wants to get you compensation for the accident that wasn't your fault.

I'm still getting calls ~5 years after my last claim.
Nah, that’s just random fishing. I get those calls from time to time, where there has been no accident (touching wood!). Doesn’t everyone? Standard response, ‘goodbye’.

Pink Duck

Jan 28, 2020
South Norfolk, UK
My own vehicle also crashed into while stationary on Saturday in a private car park. Having had the delight of Auxillis from a previous rear-end collision (day 2! Kia Sportage 4-day hire fees still not paid by 3rd party insurer 2.5 year later) opted to go with my own insurer and refuse courtesy car (home working), yet still end up being asked to get an estimate from my nearest Tesla approved repairer myself having uploaded photos and dashcam already.
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Oct 27, 2020
Nah, that’s just random fishing. I get those calls from time to time, where there has been no accident (touching wood!). Doesn’t everyone? Standard response, ‘goodbye’.

I suspect they probably are now, but both times I've had to make a claim these calls have started about a month after I contacted the insurance company when previously I had none at all.

I work on the assumption that they're paying for the call, so try to keep the line open as long as I can. If nothing else I'm preventing them calling another person.


Nov 26, 2020
It's common for repair shops and even insurance companies to sell on your details to third party companies that try and to hire you an expensive car, or offer legal services to sue the other party. GDPR should have put an end to this. The end result is more expensive car insurance for everyone.


Aug 27, 2019
North East
Quick update - still haven’t gone my car back from the repairers. 2 months have passed now and many excuses to why they can’t get the parts. It’s finally resulted in me phoning the SC and me joining up the repairer with the SC. The frustrating thing is they are Tesla certified. I have to keep reminding them to charge the car. I’m not confident this is getting done. Drive carefully guys and avoid highway maintenance vans!

Mr H

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Jan 6, 2020
Quick update - still haven’t gone my car back from the repairers. 2 months have passed now and many excuses to why they can’t get the parts. It’s finally resulted in me phoning the SC and me joining up the repairer with the SC. The frustrating thing is they are Tesla certified. I have to keep reminding them to charge the car. I’m not confident this is getting done. Drive carefully guys and avoid highway maintenance vans!
Which repairer??


Nov 13, 2019
Liverpool, UK
If this is of any consolation my 3 is in the SC for a month now waiting to be fixed for a broken front motor. From what I have seen from other posts Tesla appear to be extremely slow on moving parts around.
As for charging the car I would not have high hopes from a 3d party considering that even at SC they don't charge cars waiting for repairs. That has been my experience on all occasions so far.

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