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head and fog light swap?

The only things I feel like I'm missing out on are my HID headlights and fog lights w/o the tech package. I have access to "Insurance quality" salvage yard parts and have seen numerous come across my screen, so the question is:

Can I get headlights off another Tesla and plug em in?

Can I get foglights off another Tesla and plug em in?
I don't have any specific knowledge here, but the headlights are likely pretty safe. As long as the ballasts are integrated into the unit (they usually are these days), there's a high likelihood the wiring harness is identical between the two styles for cost-saving purposes. You could verify yourself pretty easily if you know someone with an HID-enabled Model S.

The fog lights are probably trickier. If you have the harnesses required (pretty likely), you might still require a software enable to have them recognized. I'm not sure the vehicle will automatically detect and enable them. The fogs may be more trouble than they're worth.
Thanks for the input so far... I do have DRLs and parking light eyebrows on my fog lights, but no fog lights.

Curiously, I've got memory seats and accent lights, and electrochromatic rear view... but no memory windows, chromatic side mirrors, and the above mentioned question.