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How bad are Falcon Wing doors?

We had a lot of issues with the Falcon Wing doors on our Signature model. It's a 'bonus' to early adopters.😉 All the problems were resolved by Tesla with revised sensors, windows, and weather stripping. Even with those issues the doors were a blessing when loading grandkids into their car seats (no back bending or twisting, protection from rain and snow). We love them.

Love the FWDs and have from day one in March 2016. No real issues and far prefer them over the doors of our old minivan or the massive doors on our Q7 that can never actually be fully opened as they’re too big. The FWDs are actually WAY more functional and helpful than I anticipated.
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3 1/2 years into my X, no issues. During a summer/winter wheel swap by a ranger in Y2, Tesla had to re-align and replace the passenger FWD latch cover. But that’s it. The doors are considerably faster than motorized minivan doors. I will say that the performance of the doors improved massively after an OTA update about a month after I bought it. Heavy snow does have to be removed. All of the other issues are common with any car that has any type of doors.
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I've had 2 issues with them since 2016, neither having to do with water. One, the key fob in my pocket when I'm putting things in or taking out of the trunk results in me accidentally pushing the button and opening one - hands free. Two, one time in a parking garage with a honeycomb type roof - beam of concrete that is 2-3 feet lower than the top of the garage floor, fooled the sensors and the door tried to open into the space it thought it had up to the ceiling and caught the part that sticks down an extra 2-3 feet. Scratched the paint. For that one, I've learned, if I have to park in something like that with a bizarre roof structure, don't even open up the FW doors. Otherwise, no issues and in fact more effective in tight spaces than regular doors.
This has been an issue for me on this car generally - the fob has a TON of range - more than any car I've had with keyless access. Got an alert once the trunk was open when I had just looked at it and it was closed, had to have been at elast 100 yards.
This has been an issue for me on this car generally - the fob has a TON of range - more than any car I've had with keyless access. Got an alert once the trunk was open when I had just looked at it and it was closed, had to have been at elast 100 yards.
Tesla uses BT LE on their fobs. That has 50-100 meter range. Or as one wiki page says:

Bluetooth 4.0 range is usually of the order of 50m to 100m due to the need for the sender to conserve battery power. Where larger batteries are used or the device is indirectly powered by the mains, ranges up to hundreds of meters and in some extreme cases 1Km can be achieved.
I've never noticed any water issues with the FWD over the past 3 years. The biggest issues are things that you learn to be careful with which are not issues with manual doors (just like you would with manual doors when you don't have FWD).

1) as mentioned make sure you don't accidentally push the key fob in your pocket. It's really easy to do and when I first got it, I was closing it on accident a lot.
2) makes sure the back seat passengers are fully seated before you close the door - or you can have them close it on their own.
3) look out for yourself and others when the door isn't fully opened up due to obstruction. I've had a few times where either myself or passengers weren't looking and hit their head on the door.
1st week of ownership - opened doors inside garage and had a small buy fee scratch. Learnt my lesson to be careful.
Overall, love the doors. Haven’t had any problems and it’s super convenient to open/close umbrella when raining without soaking the inside of the car with rain water 👍
FWDs are not a problem. YouTube search “car door accidents” and see hundreds of regular doors opening on people, slamming on fingers, legs, arms, pets, you name it. Oh and of course failing to latch, seals letting in water, and stupid people backing into garages with them open, opening them in car washes, and the always funny opening into the road as a car is passing which rips them off the car. I have had FWDs for 4 years. The only thing I could complain about (not really) is that they attract a crowd when they open In any parking lot.
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5.5 years and 75k miles, and our doors are great. We use them a lot.

One of the sensor mountings came loose when the car was a year or two old, so for a little while it would sometimes think there was an obstacle and not open fully - so we'd have to hold the button down to get it to open. Mobile service fixed that quickly, and no problems since.
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2.5 years daily use, no FWD problems. There is a spot in the jamb above the rear wheel where the door has rubbed through to shiny metal, I seem to remember it always being there since new. SC said they all have that but I doubt it.
The sensors are fine, the doors have never bumped anything, I have a low garage ceiling and they open as close as they can without contact.


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I wish our MX had normal doors. The FWDs have leaked multiple times on each side. The SC replaced the seals on the left side so I hope it helps but rainy season is over.

Also there is considerable scratching type damage on the paint from them. I've put PPF on to help minimize further damage.

I try to open them as infrequently as possible and often wish I could permanently seal them.

I guess my experience is worse than most and the deteriorating external seals are the least of my gripes with FWDs.